…as Steph Beman

Steph Beman writes YA Fiction with a dollop of the Paranormal and a dash of Mystery, sometimes with her daughter.

Book #1 in the Sara Greenway Series
by Steph & Trinity Beman

Thirteen-year-old Sara is a happy, healthy girl who ends up in a hospital after being attacked by a man.  But whoever came after her isn’t done yet. They want her and they will do anything to get her, including kidnap her and bring her to a secret facility with other kids like her.  Life is about to change, and suddenly having superpowers isn’t a lot of help when you can’t decide if she will use them to save the world or just her family.

About Steph Beman

Once upon a time there was a girl who went adventuring. She traveled through dangerous lands, distant times, and the dark of space. She endured all manner of magical quests and deadly missions that revealed dark secrets that threatened worlds. She even defeated a few evil overlords and nasty villains. Later in life she settled down with her husband in a little house tucked away in the haunted woods to write about the worlds she explored and the adventures she had, even if most of them are only in her head.

Most days, Stephannie can be found spending far too much time and possible not enough time in front of her computer drinking copious amounts of coffee, laughing and crying at the antics of her beautiful creations, and weaving tales about characters who plunge head-first into adventure and mayhem.

About Trinity Beman

Trinity Beman is the other half of a mom and daughter writing team of Young Adult Fiction (Yeah, we know it’s not a genre but an age level.).  She’s a crazy cowgirl/tomboy and budding geek girl, who loves exploring and playing in nature, who drinks eggnog like it’s going out of style, and who loves mom’s coffee creamer minus the coffee, because homemade coffee creamer is just that good. After extensive begging to read her mom’s writing, her mom decided it was time they wrote a book together, ones Trinity would enjoy reading and could help write.

Most days Trinity Beman can be found in school, studying hard and playing with her friends, but on the days she doesn’t have school, she becomes a superhero. Wonder what her superpower is? It’s her imagination.

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