What I’m Working On Right Now!

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  • Welcome to 2017! 2 January 2017 12:03 am
    I hope your holiday break was as fun and productive as mine. I spent most of my free time working on finishing The Warlord’s Daughter (both productive and fun), putting together puzzles with my girls (possibly not so productive but it was really fun), working on my latest stitching project (more meditative), and spending quality … Continue reading Welcome to 2017!
    Stephannie Beman

~ Upcoming Projects ~

Below are various stories I’m currently working on as time permits, letting simmer in my brain for a bit, or will be work on sometime in the future. Please be warned, this section is fluid and in no particular order. The stories listed here may be change, discarded, or re-named if the story or plot doesn’t work out. Any release dates or cover designs are subject to change.

Escaping Hell: Book 1 of the Hell’s Gate Series (Urban Fantasy)

Unleashing Hell: Book 2 of the Hell’s Gate Series (Urban Fantasy)

Saving Hell: Book 3 of the Hell’s Gate Series (Urban Fantasy)

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