Welcome to the Wild Hearts Series!

There’s nothing easy about living out West. The women are strong and the men hard. We live day by day, and when the going gets tough, we get tougher. Or we die.

No one will chase us from out ranches, not even the cattle barons who think they own the territory. When push comes to shove, we will be the last man standing. Even if we have to turn outlaw to protect what is ours.

Meet the cowboys & the women who love them…

Wild Hearts is a co-authored series of books written by Ruth Ann Nordin and Stephannie Beman, Historical Western Romance that follows the journey of the Nichols-Lewis’ Family during the 1868 Range Wars of Wyoming as they struggle against those who would take their land, their livelihood, and even their lives.

The chronological order of the Wild Hearts Series is…

#1 – The Stagecoach Bride
#2 – The Rancher’s Wife (Upcoming)
#3 – The Outlaw’s Woman (Upcoming)



Wild Hearts FAQs

Q: When will the 2nd book in the Wild Hearts Series be released and why is it taking so long?

The Rancher’s Wife, the 2nd book in the Wild Hearts Series, is on hold until I can get the to series. My co-author and I had to do some rewriting beforehand, we both moved houses in 2015, I’ve had some health issues and had took care of hubby’s grandma that have slowed progress, and in 2016 Ruth decided that she’s no longer interested in writing the series. I have a few books in the queue before I can get to it.