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I love a little romance with my story and a little story with my romance.

The More Official Bio


Once upon a time there was a little girl who went adventuring. She traveled through dangerous lands, distant times, and the dark of space. She endured all manner of magical quests and deadly missions that revealed dark secrets that threatened worlds. She even defeated a few evil overlords and nasty villains. Later in life she settled down with her sexy husband in a little house tucked away in the haunted woods to write about the worlds she explored and the adventures she had, even if most of them are only in her head.

Most days Stephannie Beman can be found spending far too much time and possible not enough time in front of her computer drinking copious amounts of coffee, laughing and crying at the antics of her beautiful creations, and weaving tales about strong men and women who plunge head-first into adventure and whose relationships are meant to be even if they fight it. In her worlds legends walk, myths live, and love is eternal.

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The Less Official Bio

Hello, my name is Stephannie Beman.

I’m a city girl turned ranch-hand who married to a wonderful, sexy rancher and later became the mother of two adorable, rambunctious girls who share the backyard with a herd of cattle, a handful of cats, and the dog we inherited. I’m a romance writer who survives on little sleep and lots of coffee. I love to add a smidgen of naughty, a dash of dark secrets, and a pinch of forbidden love into every story I write.

My Character Profile

Name: Stephannie Beman
Nickname: Steph, StephAnne
Current Occupation: Don’t have one, although I occasionally moonlight as a writer, book cover designer, ranch hand, bookkeeper, and mom (which includes but not limited to nanny, housekeeper, cook, and chauffeur).
Arch-nemesis: not having enough hours in the day, even though there are 24
Favorite Book: Turning Point by Lisanne Norman (I’ve read it once a year since 1996)
Most used words: Awe-some-sauciness (Yeah, I know, not a real word)
Favorite Fonts: Ruthie & REBEL CAPS

Contact Me

Whether you just want to say hello, share your thoughts, or ask me a question, I’d love to hear from you!

A word of caution, please be patient with my response time as I have no secretary or assistant and have to deal with deadlines, family, writing, and ranch stuff. However, if I don’t write back after a month, I can promise that I never got the email. It could be email trouble (I’ve had some) or maybe it got accidentally swept up in a sea of spam (it happens), either way, please try again.

If you have a question, please visit the FAQ page first and see if your question has been answered. You can use the contact form at the end of this page or email me to leave me a message.

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PLEASE NOTE: I do not use material from readers in any of my books and am unable to consider suggestions you have about future books. Due to legal restrictions, I cannot accept any fan fiction, story/character ideas, or original materials sent to me. All such content will be deleted without reading. Sorry. 😦