June 2019 Reading List + What I’m Currently Reading

Hey, Sweet Peas! I thought I would share some of the books I enjoyed reading last month with all my blog friends, fellow readers, and writers. So here we go!

Please Note: All pictures of books and links come from their respective author or publisher websites when possible. Otherwise, I have linked them to Amazon.

Books I Read in May & June

I did a lot of reading in May and June, removing a big chunk from my TBR pile, however, I didn’t like all the books I read, so I thought I would share only the links to the stories I did enjoy reading. While I read mostly romance and erotic romance:


I also started a series by my friend Ruth Ann Nordin that I’ve been wanting to read for a long while. I really enjoyed the Marriage by Scandal Series and I’m looking forward to reading the rest of the series in July:

And I read a Non-Fiction that I’ve actually read three or five times before and an Urban Fantasy that shockingly didn’t have a romantic plot line, although I thoroughly enjoyed the smart ass character:

Books I’m Currently Reading

I was halfway through the third book in the Marriage by Scandal Series by Ruth Ann Nordin when my dad got sick and I had to put it aside for awhile.  I’m hoping to pick it back up in July and finish it now that everything is slowing down around the ranch. At least until Haying comes around.

I’m also reading the Right-Brain Business Plan for the second time since I bought it. Last time I used it to create my writing and book designing business plans. I’m going through it again to work on a creative business plan for my Shop and Books. I probably should have done that before I opened the shop but I really didn’t think about it.

And yes, I am still writing. 😀

So, what books are you reading? Or would you suggest to others?

Wishing you all the best,

Stephannie Beman

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