February 2015 Update

Welcome to the month of lovers! I was hoping to have a Valentine short to share with ya’ll this month, but with everything going on, it wasn’t going to happen. So instead I’ll stick with an update of what’s happening.


Closing the Cover Design Business?

As much as I thought I was going to do this, I’ve decided to not. At least not completely. What I am doing is going on an extended vacation from book cover design for a few months. When I return, I’m going to take stock of what I’m able to do, and then I’ll revamp how I do this business to fit my needs at this point in my life, because despite how I’ve been doing it the last 2 years, it’s not something that will work this year. Or possible in the coming year.


Working on my Pen Name

I’m still debating the pros and cons of sharing my pen name, and making a place on this website for my alter-ego for those interested to find. There are a few reasons I haven’t, and really the only reason I’m mentioning it, is I’ll be busy finishing one short story and writing the second in February. Once out of the way, I’ll return my full focus on…


The Queen’s Rebellion Trilogy

The_Scouts_Captive_1_webimage The_Rebels_Bride_2_webimage The_Warriors_Lady_3_webimage

This series is the next on my to-do list. I’m going to restart the writing of The Rebel’s Bride this month. I am hoping to get some more written on this story, if not finished by the end of February. The Warrior’s Lady is next and near the mid point of the story already. I’m not sure if they will be out this year or if I’ll put them off until next year and just spend this year writing as much as I can to be published next year.

Once I finish the writing of the last two books in the series, I’ll be starting the edits of The Scout’s Captive. This book has been written and done since the end of December, now it just needs to be editing. Something I hope to start this month. I already know of one scene that will need to be changed in the end and one that I’m debating removing altogether. But I’ll wait until I’m editing to decide if I really should.


 Hope you all have a…

Valentine's Day, Man with a rose

December 2014 Update

I can’t believe it’s December already. Where did the year go.

Working Notes, Writing UpdatesI feel like I accomplished nothing I wanted to do while still accomplished a ton of stuff. I’d like to do better this year and focus more on my dreams. Which means I’ll be focusing more on my writing and publishing of books and less on book cover design and stressing over social media. If you have noticed by now, I’m not very active on social media and it doesn’t make me happy to be there, so I’m dropping it faster than a bad habit.

Anyhoo, I’ve reviewed my business goals for 2014, decided what I could do differently, and modified some of my 2015 business goals to better reflect my dreams. This means I’m focusing more on writing those books everyone keeps asking me about. If you want to know more about what goals I’ve made, you can visit My Goals page.

Wishing you all a happy holiday season,

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2014 Free Fiction Posts Done!


The Free Fiction posts for Loving the Goddess of Love are now done. They will remain up until some time in January 2015.

Working on The Queen’s

Rebellion Trilogy

Since I decided to make the single story into a three part series in September, I’ve been working on the outlining and writing of the entire trilogy. The Queen’s Rebellion Trilogy is a historical paranormal romance series that covers the war between angeloi (angels) and demonii (demons) and is a small part of a larger paranormal romance series. The main series is the Edyn Series and it’s related to the Sci-Fi Romance Descendants of Edyn series

Writing The Scout’s Captive


I’ve made some changes to this cover, I should have it soon.

As there were some major changes to the trilogy’s timeline of events, I’m currently going through the rewrites of book 1 in The Queen’s Rebellion Trilogy. I’m filling out and making background changes to old scenes, and adding new scenes.

While I thought The Scout’s Captive was going to be a novella, I hit the 40,000 word mark and I’m not quite at the end of the book. It’s looking to be more of a short novel of 50,000 or more. I still hope to have this out by January 2015, but it might be closer to February 2015 depending on my editor’s schedule at the time I finish.

Book Premise:

She’s the daughter of a lowly Border Lord, no one special, except the truth of who she really is could start a war…
Ordered by the Council to marry Lord Bych Ganjol, one of the contenders for the Angeloi throne, Lady Laramina Farlon is about to get everything she thinks she wants in life. A home of her own, a husband, and eventually children she can love. That is until she meets her betrothed, and all thoughts of a happily-ever-after are dashed. Trapped by a Council sanctioned betrothal she cannot refuse, Laramina is about to marry a man she could never love out of duty to her people, and because to refuse is a death sentence to all she loves.

The day the Council seized power, he lost everything he loved and he became a hunted man with a price on his head, but he will not die without a fight…
Condemned to death by Angeloi Law for being Nyfeli, Cynel joined a rebellion he didn’t believe in for three meals a day, a warm place to sleep, and a chance to survive long enough to extract his revenge on the Angeloi who destroyed his life. He’s had to be more ruthless, efficient, and lethal then his enemy. It’s why his leaders chose him to lead the mission to stop the wedding of Lord Bych to the Lady Laramina. It should have been simple, but Cynel is ill-prepared for the Lady who’s far more dangerous than any foe he’s faced, a Lady capable of thawing his frozen heart.

Outlining The Rebel’s Bride


This cover is in-progress and should be ready by January 2015.

I’m in the last stages of planning this book and as soon as I finish The Scout’s Captive and send it to my editor to look over, I will fill in any needed information on my outline and start writing book 2 of The Queen’s Rebellion Trilogy.

This book is the continuation of Laramina and Cynel’s romance and I’m hoping to make this book the same length as the last one. 😀

The plan is to start this book in December and release it a month after book 1, so either in February or March 2015.

Book Premise:

Promised to a man she doesn’t know and falling in love with the one she cannot keep, Laramina must find her place in her new world…
Kidnapped from her home by Rebels seeking to use her for their own ends, the Lady Laramina Farlon isn’t sure what to think of the changes happening in her life. She could love the man she married, if Cynel would allow it, but he’s made it clear that she belongs to another and he will not take another man’s woman. She must decide if she will allow others to dictate her fate and become the weapon they want, or if she will take her new found freedom and decide her own fate.

Married to a woman he cannot touch, Cynel’s desire for Laramina is undeniable…
Everyone knows Nyfeli warriors are picky about who they chose for mates because they mate for life. It’s why Cynel’s leaders chose to guard the Rebellion’s key to toppling an Empire. They knew he would never bed Laramina, and when the time came for the marriage to be absolved, it would be done without difficulty. Only there’s a problem. Her presence is a temptation that sets his body afire and the most innocent touch of her hand burns away his control.

Planning The Warrior’s Lady


I don’t have a cover for this Fantasy Romance yet, but it’s coming.

This is book 3 of The Queen’s Rebellion Trilogy and the end of the trilogy. It’s already planned for the most part and after I finish The Rebel’s Bride I’ll put the finishing touches on the outline before I write it.

I plan to start this book in January and release it around March or April 2015.

Book Premise:

Destiny has caught up to her, and it’s not the one she wants…
Betrothed to a man she hated, given to a rebel she’s grown to love, and promised to a prince she’s never met, Mina’s fate has always rested in the hands of those who care not for her happiness only their own ambitions, and she’s tired of being their puppet. She will make her own choices, and while falling into the hands of angeloi soldiers searching for her might not be her best plan, it will protect those she loves. Until she learns King Bych Ganjol plans to finish what they started and seal his claim to the angeloi throne.

He will do anything to keep her, even defy a King…
Cynel will do everything in his power to protect the only woman he could every love, even if it means facing the pain of his past and defying the next ruler of the angeloi and demonii throne. Even if it means crossing into angeloi territory and allowing himself to be captured by the enemy who would kill him for what he is. Even if it means losing her to her destiny.

Death’s Lover is here!

Hey, I actually have a book out on time! LOL

It’s ebook release day for Fantasy Romance book, Death’s Lover, Book #3 in the Children of Khaos Series. You can purchase it at: Amazon US ~ Amazon UK ~ Barnes & Noble ~ Smashwords ~ Kobo


A chance meeting changed the course of their lives…

Thanatos is no stranger to death. He’s seen every possible way there was to die. He’s lived with it day after day, century upon century, collecting the souls of dead mortals and taking them to the Underworld for judgment. An endless routine of tiresome duty and resounding loneliness that echoed in his heart, until she came into his life…

A second meeting will change their hearts and souls…

Saved by a stranger, Lilith never forgot the mysterious man who gave her the chance to blossom into the strong woman with a spirit of fire and a heart of ice, anymore than she can the lessons of the past. She must hide her secrets deep and never get close to anyone. Sex is merely a means to an end, and pleasure isn’t something to share with a lover, until he came back into her life…

What happens next will change the Underworld….

Lilith’s ability to see a person’s death has attracted the attention of the warlord, Adman, and seals her fate. He will do anything, kill anyone, to possess her talent. And the only one standing between him and Lilith is Death himself. Thanatos will break every ancient law, and even a few newer ones, to save her, and in the end it might cost them both their lives.

Click to read an excerpt from the story.

The Stagecoach Bride Now in Print!

Book Description: Lillian Christian believed she left her troubles behind when she headed west to be the mail-order bride of Mr. Charles Gray. But her troubles are just beginning. Taken from the Stagecoach by a group of outlaws looking for Mr. Gray’s intended, she finds not everything is as it seems and no one is safe.

A simple rancher who just wants to be left alone, Mic, leader of the Nichols’ Boys Gang, is forced into the life of an outlaw and the distasteful act of kidnapping a woman. But he won’t let his honor stand in the way of protecting his family or helping the innocent woman’s whose life he’s destroyed. He’ll do what he has to to fix the mistakes of his past, and hopeful he’ll be the only one to pay the price.

Purchase The Stagecoach Bride eBook for $3.99 at Amazon US, Smashwords, Amazon UK, Barnes & Noble or in Print at Amazon US, Amazon UK, or Createspace

Excerpt from:
The Stagecoach Bride
by Ruth Ann Nordin and Stephannie Beman

Lillian stirred from her slumber, aware that she was no longer chilly. In fact, she was very warm. And more than that, she felt protected. For a moment, she truly felt safe.

She shifted, expecting to feel the grass beneath her hand, but her fingers brushed worn cotton. Through her sleepy haze, she opened her eyes. The first thing she noticed was the fire nearby, its flames lapping lazily in the still night. She turned her gaze to the sky and noticed a few clouds, one of which partially obstructed the view of the quarter moon.

The second thing she noticed was the duster draped over her. The third thing she noticed was that she was curled up against Mic’s side.

Mic was dozing against the saddle, his arm resting at his side with his gun in hand, and his other arm was wrapped around her shoulders. That wasn’t so bad. It wasn’t ideal, but it wasn’t bad either considering how close she’d been to him on the saddle.

What was bad, however, was the fact that her leg was draped over Mic’s leg in the most impure manner. If someone were to find them, they’d assume she was ready to…to…

Well, she hadn’t done anything with a man beyond dancing at a party, so she really didn’t know what she looked like she was doing. All she knew was that it was highly inappropriate.

Trying not to wake Mic, lest he discover her grievous behavior, she gingerly rose up on her arm, not minding where she placed her hand when she tried to roll away from him. Her hand just so happened to land below his belt, right on an unfamiliar bulge between his legs. She shrieked and quickly removed her hand from him.

“Get a handful?” he asked, his eyes just peeking out from below the brim of his hat and a sly smile spreading across his lips.

She shrieked again and tried to get away from him, but her foot caught on the bottom of her skirt and she fell against his chest, her body seeming to press more fully over his than before. Oh, the indignity of it all!

Mic grunted, his hands resting on her waist. “I’m not sure who needs protection from who, Uzizitka.”

“Unhand me at once,” she demanded, wiggling in an effort to loosen her skirt from his legs.

He released his hold on her and placed his hands above his head in a sign of surrender. Without his support, she fell back over him with a yelp of surprise. She scrambled to get off of him, her hands all over the place, touching places she had no business touching, as if she were a lady of ill repute.

Her cheeks grew even warmer when she saw him look away from her, laughter softly escaping from his lips. “It’s not funny!” She finally stood and brushed her skirt and shirtwaist in an attempt to hold onto what little dignity she had left. Her chin rose in the air. “I assure you that I’m not that kind of woman. You,” she cleared her throat and lifted her chin, her eyes keeping track of his expression, “you surprised me, that’s all.”

“Imagine his surprise,” Wade said from across the camp, standing from the fallen log. “I brought breakfast.”

Red spread across Mic’s cheeks and he had to clear his throat several times before he turned his gaze to Wade. “I’m shocked you even thought of it.”

Lillian gasped and picked the duster off the ground and covered herself, ignoring the fact that she was already fully clothed. “We were doing nothing wrong.”

Wade burst out laughing. “Darlin’, from where I was sitting, you had your hands all over my brother. If this territory was as civilized as where you come from, I’d have to insist you marry my brother for taking advantage of him.” He squatted down beside the fire, stoking the coals and adding a few more pieces. “You’re lucky us Neanderthals aren’t that civilized yet.”

Her entire face flushed with embarrassment. “B-but I didn’t realize I was with him.” She pointed toward the spot where she’d fallen asleep. “Last I remember, I was clear over there. Then I-I woke up a-and was there.” She motioned to Mic. “He carried me over here, by this fire. Without me knowing.”

Wade glanced at Mic’s flushed face and grinned even wider. “For shame, Mic. How could you be so mean as to move this poor girl out of the cold, cougar-infested forest and beside the warm fire? And then be a gentleman by giving her your coat and allowing her to take liberties with your person?”

Mic glared at Wade. “You’re not going to shut up about this, are you?”

“Not on your life. It’s payback for all the times you teased me about. . .” Wade’s face fell. “Never mind. Come eat.”

Copyright 2014 by Ruth Ann Nordin & Stephannie Beman

Purchase The Stagecoach Bride eBook for $3.99 at Amazon US, Smashwords, Amazon UK, Barnes & Noble or in Print at Amazon US, Amazon UK, or Createspace

Final Update of 2013 & What I’m Working On

Since I’m a very Introverted personality who has trouble enough interacting with people for more than an hour a day, and can’t handle more than one person at any given time, I usually save my human interactions for my family and people who contact me. That said, social networking has never been on the top of priority list. As of today, Pinterest has become my social networking place of choice. I love the visuals and pinning storyboards of my books and office wants. Twitter is my second choice, though I usually only go there for business related fun.

Why am I mentioning it? Not sure. Just figured that I would for any who hang out there and what to connect. Just because I’m an introvert, doesn’t mean that I don’t want to be friends with people. I love people! 😀

Now on to the updates…

Disruption to my Schedule

Which is causing some troubles in its own right. I’m at my most creative in the morning hours, so writing and blogging is done at this time. Cover designs are usually done in the early afternoon, with administrative and business tasks, household chores, and cooking in the afternoon/evening time.

Winter time is also very hard for me to keep to this schedule because Hubby works swing shift for the Department of Transportation. This means that every month for 7 months my schedule revolves around his.  One month his goes to work in the early morning hours and is back by noon. The next month he’s gone by noon until late in the evening hours.

This wouldn’t affect me so much if there wasn’t kids and a ranch to care for too. I made a deal with my girls this year not to work during the hours that they are home. So if I have the energy to work in the evenings it’s after they go to bed. The 3 to 4 months of summer isn’t much better as the kids are home from school. So most of my work gets smashed into 2 months of the year. The rest is spread out to when I can get to it the rest of the year. Not ideal, but it’s what I have to work with. LOL

{Work-in-Progress} Death’s Lover

I know that I said that this story would be late coming and that I’ll most likely miss my deadline. I might have lied. But it wasn’t intentional. I promise.

In November, the writing of the book stopped because there was a minor problem that was bothering me and I needed to think it through. I figured out the problem and returned to writing only to find a major problem with the relationship plot that caused me to grind to a screeching halt.

Not sure why it took almost two weeks to figure it out, I’m blaming imagination/creative fatigue and a change in my routine. I needed a break from writing to read and store up more of the creative juices my brain requires.

Anyhoo, I figured out the problems with the hero’s motivation for something he’s doing, and the problem with the relationship that has to be fixed, thanks to the first scene I ever wrote in the book and that got regulated back to chapter 6 or 7. Now I’m hoping to catch up on lost time and finish the story.


Is the first book in a series that I worked on with a relative of mine years ago and which I’ve been editing on and off for about 5 years now. Since the job of making it print worthy has fallen to me, I’ve decided to use a hack and burn method. It needs a lot of work.

Not with the story itself, but with the head hopping and repeat rehashing of events. The book is 245 8.5×11 pages or about 500+ pages in a normal paperback size. There are things that could be cut out completely or reduced to a few sentences without ruining the story. This is my editing project for the next few months and I hope to have the book cover posted next month.

The Raven King

This book has been placed on hold for the time being. The reason is that I can’t decide if I should make it part of its own series or stick it into the Descendants of Edyn Series. I’m leaning toward making it its own series of books, most likely a trilogy. If this is the case I want to plan out the next books and have a general plan of where the books are going. I might also be changing the title of the book and make The Raven King the series title.

Loving Khyrsolia

Loving Khyrsolia, Descendants of Edyn Series, Stephannie Beman, fantasy romance

I’ve put a lot of thought into this and I’m going to be moving this book back into its own series. The Shaa’Madr Trilogy will be about Khyrsolia and Tyr. It will share more about the events that begun to form in the first book and will focus on the couple and their relationship.

There is so much more to the story behind this book and it really doesn’t fit into what I want to make the Descendants of Edyn Series. The Shaa’Madr is more of a Fantasy Romance where the Descendants of Edyn is more of a Science Fiction Romance.

The Rancher’s Wife

This is the book 2 in the Wild Hearts Series, the historical western romance that I’m co-authoring with Ruth Ann Nordin. This story focuses more on Mic’s sister Abby from The Stagecoach Bride and what happens to her after the siblings were separated. Ruth and I will start writing this book in January, when I hope to be done with Death’s Lover.  I’ve worked up a mockup of this book cover and hope to have the final version of it up in the next few months.

Christmas Sale on my ebooks

I want to thank everyone who has bought the books on sale. You guys are awesome! For those who haven’t bought them and wish to, do so now. Here’s the link to the post about the books on sale. I only put books on sale when there is a new release or when I remember during the Christmas holiday. 😀

Best wishes to you all! Have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! Talk to you next year,