Are you the best person to write your story idea?

I decided to emerge from my NaNoMo cave to rant. The above was a question I came across while reading my emails today. It was one of those thought provoking blog posts that makes you think, what the hell are people thinking?

Are you the best person to write the story idea that came to you? Umm…duh…of course you are! The idea came to you, not someone else.

I’ve heard this question applied to non-fiction before and its usually meant to ask if a visitor to France is really the best person to write a travel guide of the country. But I have never heard it applied to fiction, or in this case fantasy.

How can you be an expert of dragon slaying or otherworld kingdoms? Would it be smart to be a serial killer just to write it realistically? Or build a time machine so you could write a true historical?

If you don’t think that’s what it means when applied to fiction, than let me tell you what I first thought when I read the question. If you don’t write the story who will? No two stories are exactly alike. Even with the same historical or mythical characters someone is going to see a different twist to the story, or a different aspect of the same character.

Take for example my novel My Lord Hades, I looked into other books that told the same myth as I did. I found most books that painted Hades as an evil god, like in the Disney movie, Hercules, or a sadistic god who is into bondage and dominace of Persephone. My Hades was a tortured soul trying looking for love and not thinking he’d ever find it. And when he did, he was willing to let her go if that was her wish. I’ve never read another book like it, and if I hadn’t written it, it is unlikely I ever would. The same can be said of all books.

Does this mean you should write a story and try to sell it? I don’t know. That’s up to you. If you craft the best story you can and share it with the world, monetary payment is sometimes part of the process.
That really depends on you and your goals.

So what do you think about the question “Are you the best person to write your story idea?”