Mother’s Days Gift Ideas from my Shop!

I always find it hard to pick a gift for my mom for Mother’s Day. I never know if I should do something practical or a little more whimsical. For me, I like a little of both, something practical I can use that is also a little whimsical. Today, I thought I would share a small selection of my favorite gift ideas from my shop for Mother’s Day!

Why am I doing this now when Mother’s Day isn’t until May 9th? Well it is for those who would like custom order or personalize an order. There are several products that I carry in the shop that can be made-to-order or personalized, and some of those items take some time to get the materials and create.

Click the links at the end of each category to see even more items in that category, or just hop over to my shop to see everything.

Bookmarks for the mom who loves to read

Click to see even more bookmarks in my shop!

Clothing & Jewelry

I’m a big fan of shawls, shrugs, scarves, hats / hoods, and embroidered jewelry, and my shop is starting to show this obsession.

Click to see even more hats, scarves, and shawls in my shop!
Or contact me for a custom order to fit your mom’s taste!

Home Décor

Click to see even more home décor in my shop!

Tea Towels

Hand embroidered tea towels are one of my mom’s favorites. She likes the cute pictures in the corners that make a dish drying towel more fun. This was one of those things that I learned from hubby’s grandma when I first moved to Wyoming and something that I still love doing.

Click to see even more tea towels in my shop!
Or contact me for a custom order to fit your mom’s décor!

Patterns for the do-it-herself mom

Click to see even more sewing, crochet, and cross stitch patterns in my shop!

Happy Shopping!

Stephannie Beman