An Article About Balancing your Social Media Efforts

I’m one of those people who are out of balance in the social media forum. Maybe I’m not utilizing them very well, but then again I think it’s a nearly impossible task without repeating over and over again the same message and run the risk of being removed from our readers/followers media streams. No one likes spam and when you use the micromedia forum, that about what you have to be to stay on top.

I joined Twitter, Digg, Stumbleupon, LinkedIn, Tumblr and Facebook because I was told by other writers that these were the places to market and promote on. I had to have these accounts because it would help me succeed. I’ve since removed my accounts from all places except Facebook and Twitter, neither of which I update all that often, usually because I forget or I’m really busy with my other efforts, like writing and publishing a book.

I found this article Expand Your Social Media Mix: Twitter Alone is Not Enough by Jeremiah Owyang who briefly mentions that all our efforts maybe out of balance if we only use micromedia places like overloaded Twitter to market instead of focusing our efforts on things that should be longer lasting, higher impact, and larger form content. These would be better places to focus our efforts (ie writing new books, blogging, and/or article writing) and balance it with the micromedia of our choice. And lastly he calls for a Mindset Change and a way to rebalance your social media mix. This leads me to the second article.

Why 150 Followers Is All You Really Need  isn’t the original article I found, but I like it just the same. The gist of the article talks about devoting  most of your time to creating a backlist of books, then to your blog, and lastly choose one social networking site and utilize it to the best of your ability. If that site is Twitter, then focus on following the rules of Twitterverse. If it’s Goodreads, make sure you participate in an acceptable way. Facebook the same, etc.

Spreading yourself all over the different networking sites means that you’re less effective in your message and connecting with people. The article went on to say that we can only have meaningful relationships with about 150 people, not sure how true that is, but I know from experience that having a relationship with more than 20 starts getting hard for me.

What do you think about your social media efforts?  Do you have any articles that you would like to share on social media?

Author Branding? What is that?

I know the ends and out of creative writing, I taught it to teenagers for about three summers, but when it comes marketing and promoting a book, it’s all Latin to me. So the last few weeks I’ve been focusing my studies on book marketing and promoting in an effort sale more books and in the case of the last 7 days give that book away.

Last week I came across author and book branding. It’s not a new concept to me, but it’s not something I thought of before. In the ranching business, branding is placing your mark upon the animals you raise. This lets others know that the animal that might find its way through the fence into other ranchers pasture or onto the road, who exactly owns that animal.

Author and book branding is the same concept. But with a few differences. One you’re not using a branding iron to burn the brand into flesh. You are creating brand, a set of words or a concept to brand you as an author or placing your mark upon your books. So what are the other differences?

In short, author branding is you. It’s who you are as an author and your presentation of what you write. It’s the type of books you write.

For the next two days I’ll be talking about Author Branding. If you have any questions about this that you would like me to cover, just let me know below or email me at See you tomorrow.

Using Free Reads to Promote Your Novels

I am a big fan of free read, not just because I’m frugal with money, but because I hate to invest a lot of money on an author whose writing style I can’t stand. When buying the book of an unknown author online, it’s even more important that I know that I’m going to like them.

An excerpt of the novel can help sell the book, but a short story or novella showcasing a writers ability to keep the plot moving to the end is even better in my mind. However, if you plan on following this route to promoting your books, please, please, please, post your best work so you don’t scare away potential customers. I don’t know how many short stories and novellas I read this last week and am completely turned off reading any of those authors. Very few were due to mislabeled their story genres that I wasn’t interested in.

I was wondering how everyone else felt about using free reads to promote their work?