The Dark God

In a world where Gods rule and Demons are feared, Hades, the most notorious Phlegethon demon-god to roam the ancient world, has been betrayed…

Once more betrayed by those he’s served, battle-weary Hades claims Tartarus and the Underworld, putting his plan to ruin Zeus, King of the Olympians, into action. But when his mother returns with news about Persephone’s impending marriage to Helios, Hades knows he needs to change his plans to save the woman he has grown to care about before she’s destroyed by the cruelty of the Olympians.

Furious at the high-handed demand that she marry a god she despises with all her heart, and yet can’t remember why, Persephone uses magic she can’t control in a bid for freedom against those who would control her future and seeks sanctuary with Hades. But not all is what it seems.

Note: This is a retelling of My Lord Hades and covers the second third of the book, however, there are new scenes added, other scenes have been removed, and some of the plotline have been altered to fit a different vision for the book.

Author: Stephannie Beman
Series: Children of Khaos: The Rebellion
Genre: Romantic Fantasy
Ages: 18+
Publication Year:
Length: Novel

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