Blind Love

Cover Coming Soon

Cover for Blind Love Coming Soon


From the second she saw Hades, she believed herself in love. But when all Tarma’s attempts to seduce him end in failure, she seeks the help of the Goddess of Love. But Tarma will soon learn how blind her love has been when Aphrodite gives her what she truly desires.

Author: Stephannie Beman
Series: Children of Khaos: The Rebellion
Genre: Romance, Fantasy
Ages: 18+
Publication Year: Coming Soon
Length: Short Story

Stephannie’s Notes:

The inspiration for Love is Blind came from two different places. First, I had a deleted scene from My Lord Hades that I loved but had no use for in the book. Second, a few authors and I were putting together an anthology of short stories with the theme “love is blind.” My contribution to the anthology was a rewrite of the deleted scene from the point of view of the nymph. I thought that it would be perfect since the nymph believes she is in love with Hades after seeing him from a far and ignores her true love for another.

Once I rewrote the scene from the nymph Tarma’s point of view, I added a few more scenes to the story to length it and give it more context, including a scene that later made its way in Loving the Goddess of Love and a love scene between the nymph and her true love.

Life being what it is, the anthology was placed on the back burner and then abandoned. However, the story stuck with me and I decided to publish it as a sample story for My Lord Hades.

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