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November 15

Updates have been started to many sections of this website. Some may notice that several pages have disappeared. I finished the editing of An Angel in Tarturs and got it back from my editor, this will be republished with Loving the Goddess of Love that I will be working on once I have my custom orders finished from my shop. Read the full update here =>

22 July 2019

Added 5 finished, hand-stitched Bookmarks up for sale in my shops. The Birthday Bookmarks will be made as people order them since they only take me a few days to work up and send out.

16 July 2019

Added the Cat Eyes Bookmark to my shop today. I love the look of those beautiful eyes.

25 April 2019

I opened my Etsy shop doors today. I will be selling printables, vintage items, and handcrafted goods.

Death's Lover, book #2 in the Chilren of Khaos: The Originals

13 April 2018

Death’s Lover, book #2 in the Children of Khaos: The Originals Series is official live in a few different places: SmashwordsBarnes & NobleiBooksKoboAmazon USAmazon UKAmazon AU, and Amazon CA . It will awhile before the print book is uploaded and ready for proofing as I still have a way to go on the rewrites of the The Dark God.

My Lord Hades, author Stephannie Beman, book #1 in the Children of Khaos: The Originals series

21 March 2018

Unofficial, My Lord Hades is now live at a few different places. You can buy book 1 of The Originals: Children of Khaos Series in eBook at SmashwordsBarnes & NobleiBooksKobo,  Scribd, Amazon USAmazon UKAmazon AU, & Amazon CA.

8 MAR 2018

My Lord Hades, author Stephannie Beman
April 2018 (republished)

After a lot of consideration, I decided to republish My Lord Hades and publish The Rebellion: Children of Khaos Series that expanded upon the retelling of the Persephone and Hades Myth. My Lord Hades is officially set for a republishing date of April 15th.

I’ve also decided to drop “Steph Beman” as the author name for my YA books since YA is still in the Urban Fantasy and Fantasy that I write, just for a younger audience. So after a lot of thinking about it, I decided to publish everything under Stephannie Beman. There are still some details to figure out, but I still have time before I publish the first YA book.

Because there are so many changes going on, I did a quick update of my website today. I hope it makes it easier for everyone to find stuff.


Life is full of all the little things we love and I wanted a website where I could share my love of reading, handcrafted creation and design, fiction writing and publishing, and graphic design. I look forward to meeting another friend along this journey called life!


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