Stephannie Beman’s Handmade Shop

Hey, Sweet Peas, welcome to my handmade shop! I handcraft a wide range of goods inspired by the beauty and quality of the homesteading spirit, that is very much apart of my life here on the Ranch, with a sometimes modern twist. I do my best to use quality materials, and I’m constantly on the lookout for new heirlooms to design and make. But my home is only so big and there are so many things I can create before it starts pouring out of the closets. Which is why I decided to share some of my creations with the world. Please shop and enjoy!

Light Woodland Shawl Pattern (Printable PDF) $4.95

Printable Password Tracker (PDF) $2.95

Project Planner Insert (Printable PDF) $5.95

Blank Printable Weekly Planner Inserts (PDF) $4.95

Printable Waiting On Tracker Planner Insert (PDF) $2.95

Crocheted Cotton Table Placemat (PDF Pattern) $3.95

2019 Writer’s Planner Bound Planner $13.99 or Printable PDF Planner $8.99

Thank You!

I greatly appreciate all orders, both large and small, and while I use other stores like LULU for my printed planners and my newly opened Etsy Shop to sell many of my items, if you are more comfortable buying directly from me please contact me via email.

If you are interested in a product not listed here or a custom order (for example: wanting a different color or a pattern in a different fiber), I sometimes take custom orders if I have the space in my schedule and I would love to discuss your request with you. Contact me through either email me or use my contact form.

If you are looking for fun handmade gifts to make, I write about some of my favorite ideas on Handcrafted Projects, and I sell some of my patterns on my Handmade Shop and my newly opened Etsy store.

Items Coming Soon

While my news may not be frequent, each one is mindfully written to entertain or share information on what I'm working on, new releases and upcoming projects, behind the scenes looks at the projects you love, and a reading list of books I would recommend. Enter your email address and click subscribe. I'm looking forward to meeting another friend along this journey called life!

Let's talk!

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