Graphic Design Services

Hello! My name is Stephannie Beman, and I’m a coffee-loving graphic designer whose goal is to create simple, yet eye-catching designs at a price you can afford because I know how hard it is starting out in business.

For the past 7 years, I’ve worked mostly in book cover creation for indie authors and publishers, but I love working with all sorts of projects. I’ve dabbled extensively with printable planners and work sheets, business cards, website headers and book banners, business logos, promotional material, and web graphics. I even got the chance to create a indie movie poster once.

Now, my design style is not everyone’s cup-of-tea, but I promise that if you hire me for your project I will do my best to create a design you will love and I won’t stop until I get there.

I would love to help you on your journey!

Custom eBook Cover Design

I’m a firm believer in simplicity. The best way to sell books is to create a cover that evokes an emotional response that draws a reader in, not recreate a particular scene from the book. You have two seconds to catch the attention of a potential reader with a thumbnail sized cover, and if all they see of your incredibly detailed scene is a blotch, they will move on. If you want to grab a reader’s attention, this is best done through simplicity.

Custom eBook Covers 1 image 2 images 3 images 4 images 5+ images
eBook Cover only $85.99 $105.99 $125.99 $145.99 $165+

General Information about eBook Cover Design

As eBook cover designs are not designed for book printing and do not include bleed or safety margins. Changes based on new layout requests can cause redesign and incur additional fees. A Spine + Back Cover Add On is available for all eBooks.

Completed eBook cover design files are created with industry standard book cover dimensions. They are designed as high resolution 6×9 inch files (1800 x 2700 pixels). Smaller files (200×300 thumbnail & 853×1280) are included as a courtesy for online promotional use. Edits to courtesy files are not included. If you need a size other than 6×9, please request the custom size prior to ordering, this includes reference book sizing for non-fiction. Many reference books have the book cover dimension of 6.75×9 inches or 2025×2700 pixels. Special size requests made after the design work has started may incur additional fees.

Spine + Back Cover Design

I can create a Createspace-ready paperback spread for your eBook cover. Please note that their are some limitations to what I can do and I will let you know if it will be possible before I take the job. I can usually do that. Please note, if you already have the front cover for your book and all you need is the back and spine designed, that if the image is too small, I won’t be able to enlarge it. It creates fuzzy, pixellated front covers. If your cover was made to be an eBook cover, they aren’t always at the correct dpi and they won’t always work.

Text Only Spine + Back Cover Spine + Back Cover w/Images
$49.99 $75.99

General Information about Spine + Back Cover Design

For non-fiction book cover design I might need significant direction in order to create the cover design due to the expertise of the subject matter and/or personal nature of the book. I do not need a copy of the book in full or part to begin design.

Print designs are created and precisely sized using the PDF print template provided by your printer. The completed print cover design files are provided as a flattened PDF print ready file and in JPG format for online promotion. Ebook cover files for new designs are created from the front of the print design. The size of the eBook file is determined by the size of the print template. For example: A 5.25×8 print book cover will have a 5.25×8 eBook design. Common fiction print book cover dimension trim sizes include 5×8, 5.25×8, 5.5×8.5, and 6×9.

Interior Book Design

  • eBook Formatting in 1 format = $3 for 1,000 words
  • Print Book Formatting in 1 format = $3 for 1,000 words
  • Additional eBook/Book Format (PDF, MOBI, EPUB) = $25 each format
  • Image Placement = $2 per image
  • Table Placement = $3 per image
  • Custom Title Page = $10+ (Designed to match your cover and include title, author name, graphics and more!)
  • Custom Chapter Headers = $3+ ea

General Information about Interior Book Design

If any problems occur due to a formatting problem, I will fix it. If there is anything weird with the formatting of the Word document you send me which causes me to have to strip all the formatting and start over, there could be additional charges. I can usually tell if something is wrong pretty quickly, so that can be discussed at the time.

Other Design Services

You can add as many of following services to your order as you need. If your project isn’t on the list, just let me know what extras you need and we can discuss the project and rates to create it.

Custom Graphic Design Project = starting at $25.99 and up

Audiobook Cover Add On = $45.99 (Based on your design & only for covers I design.)

Promotional Add Ons

  • Mini Social Media Banner = $35.99 (1 social media banner and 1 avatar)
  • Over-Sized Social Media Banner = $125.99 (4 social media banners and 4 avatars based on a single design and resized for each social media avenue)
  • Website Banner = $35.99
  • Bookmark Design (1 side only) = $45.99
  • Bookmark Design (both sides) = $ 85.99
  • Business Card (1 side only) = $35.99
  • Business Card (both sides) = $65.99

Upload Assistance = $40.99 for each place (If you’d like me to upload your files to your printer or other distribution channels I can do that. Please provide login information and book details. If you aren’t sure what you need, please ask so I can provide the information for you.)

Layered PSD of cover is $150 (For those who want the book cover files in layers so that they can revise as they need to. By paying this, I’m giving you the rights to modify my design as you see fit.

If you are interested in a service not listed here, please email me to discuss it.

General Information about the Designs

Design Limitations: I do not work with offer illustration based designs, designs with cartooning/caricature or designs with a clip-art focus. Designs with sensitive material, language or those that are too religious or political in nature may be declined.

Stock Photos: You will need to provide the images for your cover design. I am willing to help you look for the best image for your cover design. I do this for several reasons you can find in this article, which also has a list of stock photography sites I would recommend.

Mock-Ups: In the interest of working as efficiently as possible, I’ve moved away from creating mock-ups using low-resolution “comp” images and now try to work with licensed images from the start if at all possible. If you plan to license stock images from a site like or, please be aware that any changes I make to a “comp” image will need to be replicated later for the full-resolution/licensed version.

Revisions: I am always happy to make adjustments to your cover; however, I may ask for an additional $20/hr revision fee if your volume of revision requests is particularly substantial.

Printing: I recommend Amazon’s incredibly popular print-on-demand service for print books. I have also used Lulu and have very limited experience with formatting paperback covers for Ingram. I do not create hardcover spreads at this time.

Payment Option: I use PayPal, which can also process any credit cards, or check. I currently require 100% of the payment upfront. I will issue refunds (if needed or requested) on a case-by-case basis.

Money Back Guarantee: If for some reason you end up not using the design I’ve made then the refund is available. 100% of the amount and no kill-fees. However, you will not be able to use the design I created and I will be within my rights to sale the design to another author.

Editable Design Files: Finished files are flattened and are not editable. If editable files are required, please contact me prior to ordering. You will need PSD (Source) Files. These files are not included with the cost of your cover. If the licensing restrictions of the images used in your design permit it, you may be able to purchase the PSD file for an additional fee.

Rights: You do not have the rights to draft covers or sample designs provided before selection of the final design.

Credit: While a credit line on your Copyright page (ex: Book Cover Design by Stephannie Beman at is appreciated, it isn’t required!

Thank you for looking into my services for your Design needs. I love to show off my work! I reserve the right to use approved designs in my portfolios.