Children of Khaos: The Rebellion

Story Notes: This is the page where I will be adding behind-the-scenes material on the Children of Khaos Universe.  Warning: possible spoilers!

Children of Khaos: The Rebellion Trilogy is a fantasy series with a hint of romance that is based on mythology of Hades and Persephone. from the War between the Titans and the Olympians straddles the line between Greek, Roman, and Etruscan mythologies. It follows the lives of the gods, the demons, and the hapless humans that get in their way. Each book tells the story of a new couple who reaches their happily-ever-after, with a self-contained romance and plot.

The Warrior’s Rebellion (Book #1)

The Dark God (Book #2)

The Iron Queen (Book #3)

A message from Stephannie about the Series:

I’ve always been fascinated by Greek, Roman, and the even older Etruscan mythologies since I was first introduced to them as a child. Everything I learned, from the books I read to the exhibits I visited, revealed the many layers to the myths. I loved the idea that there was more to this world than can been seen by the naked eye and more than can be imagined in our limited philosophies.

When I started writing the Children of Khaos Series knowing I was going to reinvent the mythologies I love rather than retell them. I wanted to bring to life a different feature of the story and look deeper to find the source of those stories. For me, they became more than a backdrop to people long gone, they became window into the understanding a souls of the culture. I took several liberties with the creation of the series to show the mythologies in a different light. I didn’t want it to be this predictable story that we all learned in school. I wanted it to be familiar but different. So I twisted mythology to fit the world I created.

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