Children of Khaos Mythology

In the beginning there was nothing more than Khaos, the primordial nothingness from which all the immortals sprang. Neither male nor female, Khaos gave birth to many sons and daughters, the Earth, the Sky, the Underworld and all the daemons and gods who walked the land.

Of all the generations Khaos birthed, the Titans and the Olympians were the only ones whose desire for power and freedom drove them to war. Uranus was the first, a dictator who forced his son Coronus, King of the Titans, to steal his father’s place in a bid to save his mother. But absolute power corrupted Coronus, and yet it wasn’t until an Oracle predicted Coronus’ downfall at the hands of one of his sons that Coronus turned on his family.

Imprisoning his sons and daughters, as well as any who threatened his throne, Coronus ruled the world with an iron fist. Until his wife, Rhea, seeing a way to free herself and her children, tricked her husband and hid some of her offspring throughout the world. Their son Zeus, was the first who set out to overthrow his father, but Zeus had no real desire to see the mortals, gods, monsters, and demons lived side by side live in harmony, or at least try to.

You will find the Story Notes and behind-the-scenes material for the Children of Khaos Universe on this page.  Warning: possible spoilers!


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