Yes, I Changed Greek Mythology to Write the Children of Khaos Series

If you pick up a copy of any of the Children of Khaos Series, you will notice that I changed some of the Greek/Roman mythology, even mixed it up a bit, and took great creative license. I did this for several reasons.

First, it’s fiction and the great thing about fiction is that I can royally screw it up and change anything I want to fit the story line I want to tell. I’m not saying that is what I did, only that I can. 😀

Second, the Children of Khaos Series is based on Greek, Roman, and even the older Etruscan mythologies. What that means is that I scoured old texts and well as modern for tidbits of knowledge that would allow me to change the story. Then I used creative license to change what absolutely didn’t work for me.

The big examples and my third reason is that Greek and Roman mythology is filled with rape and incest, which wasn’t considered wrong and more often than not the victim was punished for it. History shows that in the time that many of these myths came along, the royal families intermarried because they believed it keep the blood pure. Many birth defects were the result.

Now I’m not interested in writing incest or rape fantasies. I’ll leave such subjects to others who prefer to write about them. And while rape or incest may show up in my books, I never go into great descriptions of the act and use it to provide depth to the character and the world they live in.

I started each book in this series by resurrecting some of the old, old stories that weren’t so popular with the Greek and Roman’s version of how the world of Gods and mythical beings worked. In there I found stories that mentioned: Persephone being the first ruler of the Underworld and creator of mankind, Hades being a demon (spirit) of oaths and dealer of oath breaker who later became Persephone’s consort, Aphrodite being a more benevolent goddess of love and ruler of gardens who was devoted to her husband, and then there was the triple goddesses: Kora (maiden and Spring), Demeter (mother, Summer and Fall), and Persephone (crone, death, and winter).

Much of my research comes from but also from the writings of ancient Greek and Roman Storytellers and historical data on the mythology of ancient people.

You will find the Story Notes and behind-the-scenes material for the Children of Khaos Universe on this page.  Warning: possible spoilers!


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