What I’m Working on in May 2017

Decided it was about time for an update on what I’m doing. As I mentioned in my last post about Changes on the Writing Front, I’m changing my writing genres from the more romantic to paranormal YA fiction. Part of my reasoning is that my eldest daughter has been begging me to write books she can read and write with her mama and I can’t say no to my beautiful baby girl.

Book #1 that I’m Working On: Cassandra

So this May I’m working on my first YA series. I don’t have a title or series name yet, so for the moment, my working title is Cassandra #1. The book got off to a rocky start, but mostly because I had an idea for one type of story and my characters refused to cooperate. Once I turned over control to them, they let me know the story they wanted me to tell and it is far better than the one I was going to write.

The Cassandra’s Series will be a YA Urban Fantasy series about a seventeen year old girl named Cassandra Martin whose entire life changes in the blink of an eye. Now she had to learn to deal with the incident that stole her memories and has left her with the ability to see the dead. But it doesn’t end there.

She’s being stalked by a dead man who wants her help, a homeless man with creepy eyes, and a mysterious boy who says he wants to help her but she isn’t sure can trust. And then there is the questions. What happened to her the night she disappeared? How did she lose her memories? And is fate about to play out the same way the second time around?

Hopefully, I’ll have a title for the series and book #1 before the end of the month, or before it’s ready to publish. I’m looking toward a Fall release, but a lot will rest on how the writing and editing goes, and how busy the Summer is around the Ranch. I want to write the best book I can before I publish it. 😀

Book #2 that I’m Working On: Sara

This is actually in the planning stage rather than the writing stage. I promised my oldest daughter that we’ll start working on it in June when the girls are out of school because she wants to co-write it with me.

Right now I’m calling it Sara. It’s another YA Fantasy about a young girl whose life changes when she gets superpowers and must decide if she will use them to save the world or just her family.

So there’s the stories I’m working on in a nutshell. I better go, there is a bathroom that needs re-caulking and hubby has decided that he needs the expert’s help. 😀

Wishing y’all the best this May!