Hades is Free! Does this Mean the End of the War, or a Start of a New One?

Hades is free of Tartarus and many are wondering, will this war really over. It is well-known the hatred this daemon-god holds for the Titans, Coronus in particular. Which makes us wonder if this war will really end.

We were unable to question Hades, but a source let it slip that Zeus has promised Hades a kingdom free of the Olympian King Zeus and a daughter of Zeus’ to seal the deal is he ends this war within the day. Who shall be the sacrificial lamb to the promise Zeus made? Athena? Artemis? Missing Persephone? One of the Graces or the Muses?

Will having a daughter of Zeus’ and a kingdom be enough for Hades? Will he truly end this war between Olympians and Titian? Or will he renege on the deal to have his revenge?

Stephannie Beman, Kyala, and Ares Talk it Out

Well Mary has answered Kyala’s letter. In a surprising twist of events, we had our author Stephannie Beman, Kyala the tree nymph, and the God of War Ares,  all show up to talk it out. Here is what was said:

Stephannie: LOL Thank you, Mary! Both Kyala and Ares do need to get some hobbies.

Ares: I had a hobby, you stole her from me.

Stephannie: Aphrodite isn’t a hobby. She’s a woman and she’s totally in love with Hephaestus.

Ares: Only because you made her that way. In the mythologies she was my woman.

Stephannie: Which ones? Because there are a few and in those few, yes you ended up with Aphrodite after you cuckold her husband and he divorced her. In other mythologies, she didn’t end up with either of you. I took creative license when creating my worlds, that’s why it’s called fiction.

Kyala: Well, I don’t care about that, I want to hear from Dave. He’s the one that started the Characters for a Better Treatment Union. He should be talking, not his woman. *pouts* Besides, I found some more characters who want to join.

Stephannie: Like who?

Kyala: Kara, Morpheus, the Furies, Hermes, Apollo, Hera, Coronus–

Stephannie: Wait! Coronus? What were you doing in Tartarus, Kyala? Does Hades and Persephone know you where there?

Kyala: Umm…No. They were busy.

Stephannie: What else have you been doing?

Kyala: *shrugs* Trying to help Dave find characters for his Union. I contacted a few other characters from other authors. I also tried to find Dave to ask him about it.

Stephannie: Kyala!

Kyala: *crosses arms in front of her chest* Well unless Dave says he’s not doing it after all, I’m not stopping. And even then….

Stephannie: Don’t threaten me, Kyala, or I’ll give you to Ares.

Ares: You wouldn’t!

Stay tuned to see if Dave or Mary have a comeback.

Mary Larsons responds to Kyala’s Letter

Kyala seems to have written a letter to Dave Larson and added fuel to the flames that she might just have the hots for Dave Larson.

Dearest Dave,

How could you be so mean to me? I’m supporting your cause for Characters for better Treatment Union. I’m supporting your boycott of Ruth.You are right, everyone should boycott her books. Look at the misery she causes.

And what is wrong with the way I dress? Not only am I wearing more than most people do in 2012, but I’m also wearing more clothes than most people wear in my own time. But for you I’d be willing to wear those ridiculous, cumbersome dresses Mary and the others wear.


We learned from Ruth Ann Nordin’s blog that Ares, the God of War has also tried to join this Union for the Better Treatment of Characters. He wrote:

D, I heard from my girl Ky-what’s-her-name the you made a Characters for the Better Treatment Union. I want in, man. My author stole my girl and gave her to my ugly brother. Then she twisted Aphie’s mind into thinking she was better off with him and not me! Then when I finally come to terms with that and start liking another girl, she goes and gives her to Hades! Stephannie is twisted, she needs to be stopped!

Mary, not Dave responded to Kyala’s last letter and she told the author Ruth in an Interview that Dave was bored and looking for something to do. That characters such as Kyala and Ares should bug their own author and not Ruth.

She also went on record as saying that the immortal gods need to “take up a hobby to occupy them so they aren’t bored enough to try to join unions.  Then we can all let this matter drop and go back to our stories.”

I’m with Mary on that one guys, the Union for the Treatment of Better Characters is a lost cause. All complaints you might have, can be sent to Stephannie Beman, I’m sure she’ll listen.


Has the Nymph Kyala really fallen for a human?

In a strange turn of events yesterday, the forest nymph Kyala, daughter of Zeus and Mala, seems to have fallen in love with a lowly mortal. A human farmer no less, from a place called Nebraska circa 1899.

Could a relationship such as this really last?

“For about as long as he’s young,” her father Zeus was overheard to say. “She’ll tire of him when he ages.”

“I’d give it about a day,” a friend of Kyala told us. “She has the attention span of a gnat and the sex drive to match her father.

We went to Kyala’s home but she was unavailable for an interview. Her neighbor says she left in a huff for places unknown. Though it has been said that she visited a few disgruntled gods and goddess before disappearing.

Unlike many of the nymph’s running around the world, Kyala isn’t a powerless nymph, she’s immortal and has inherited some of her fathers gifts, including the tenacious ability to get the person they want. If Kyala has truly set her sights on the mortal Dave Larson, may the gods help him, because unless she’s distracted by another, she will have him.

Hades Released from Tartarus!

The news is spreading like wildfire through the camp this morning, Zeus has released no other than the infamous Hades. Imprisoned for the last 1,000 years by Coronus for reason unknown the common consensus seems to be that this isn’t good.

Most of us weren’t even a twinkle in our mother’s eye when Hades was captured by the Titans and imprisoned in Tartarus. Most of the rumors behind the reasons have been lost to time. But we do know the stories of Hades. Whether they are true or false, only a handful can say and they don’t seem to be speaking.

The most popular stories our mothers used to frighten us with, told of a dangerous daemon-god that wreak havoc across the land. That spit in the face of Coronus. That almost killed his wife in a jealous rage. Is this the true face of Hades? Or is the one that I’ve been seeing around the camp?

The daemon-god I was raised to fear would have sliced Ares to ribbons in the Fighter’s Arena. He would have slaughtered the servant that spilled stew in his lap. He would have stepped on the nymph that fell before him, not pick her up and set her on her feet. He would have rutted with the nymphs throwing themselves at him, or hiding in his bed. But to the best of our knowledge, Hades has kept to himself and taken no woman.

So who is Hades?

Could one God End the War? Eris thinks so

The war between Titan’s and Olympians has been raging for ten long years and while that might not seem a long time for many immortal beings, those of us who are mere mortals are suffering. So when word starts buzzing around Zeus’ war encampment that there might be a possible end in sight, we had to investigate.

Seems Eris knows of warrior with the skills necessary to end this war, and Rhea has made an appearance in the camp to help Eris plead her case before Zeus. This in itself seems strange since the two goddesses are usually at odds with each other, but even stranger is that no one seems to know the identity of this god.

We know that he reside in the Underworld and has for the past 1,000 years. We know that he is imprisoned in Tartarus. We know that he is a political prisoner of Coronus. However, we have yet to hear the identity of this man, or god. What were his crimes? Why has Coronus imprisoned him? And if Zeus goes to the Underworld to rescue him, what will he bring back with him, if he returns at all?

Who will be Queen of the Gods? Demeter or Hera?

Zeus threw the party of the century yesterday with smashing success. Not only did all the gods attend, but so did most of Zeus’ allies for the past ten years.  It wasn’t without its problems though.

There seemed to be a spat between Hera and Demeter over who will be Zeus Queen. Hera told us “Zeus promised the position! I bore him his first son and two children since. My right to be his bride is stronger than Demeter’s flimsy claim. She can’t even prove if her daughter is truly Zeus’.”

We tried to ask Zeus about it, but urge business kept him from saying much of anything. What we did catch seemed to be him threatening to castrate one of the gods and nail him to a tree for all eternity. We’re not sure as to who he meant, just glad to have escaped with our hides intact.

When Demeter was asked about it, she briskly told us, “Zeus promised the position to me as my daughter is his first-born. Besides Hera is too temperamental to be a good queen. He needs someone more level-head and down to earth.”

The common consensus among the gods doesn’t seem to be so clear-cut. 40% believe that Demeter will be queen. The other 40% believe that Hera is too determined not to be queen. While the rest of the 20% of the gods really couldn’t care less. One queen would be the same as another, and neither of the prime candidates can compare to Rhea, who was well-known as a benevolent if somewhat meddlesome Queen.