Children of Khaos Series is not Bulfinch’s Mythology

For those of you who have read My Lord Hades, Persephone, and/or Love is Blind, you’ll begin to see that these books don’t follow the mythology to a ” T.”  Now I’ve had some complaints on “why don’t  I follow the mythology we all learned in school” or “how could I blatantly destroy the meaning of the myth”  and there is one very big answer to that.

Because I’m not rewriting Bulfinch’s mythology.

For those who wish to accuse me of not doing my research while I write these stories, please don’t read the series. It will end in you cursing my name and writing hate email because it is so far from the mythology as to be a different story altogether. And I’ll be forced to give you this history lesson.

Most of the Greek and Roman gods and goddesses come from a far older archetype. Many of their stories might have survived, but for the most part, the mythology reflects the time period in which it was written.

Bulfinch is a Christianized version of the mythology. Some of the stories don’t even match the ones that Homer, the Iliad,  and the Odyssey tell. And there are scholars and stories far older than those well know stories and storytellers.

So I’m sorry to all of you who picked up my books thinking that they would be a rewrite of Bulfinch’s mythology, only to find that I’d royally screwed up the story by not having Hades be a cold, heartless, arrogant ass. That I gave Persephone more of a personality and a backbone. That Persephone fell in love with Hades and wanted to be with him. That Aphrodite doesn’t always think of sex and herself. That I didn’t return Persephone to her mother. That Hades wasn’t the first ruler of the Underworld. Etc., etc., etc.

Yep! Children of Khaos Series sure as Hell isn’t Bulfinch’s Mythology.

Where has the Iron Queen been these past 3 years? Why isn’t she ruling her kingdom?

Few know that the Iron Queen hasn’t been sitting on her throne these past few years, even fewer know where she has disappeared to or why.Rumors run from being in hiding from Coronus to taking a vacation with her lover to recovering from Coronus’ attack to being held prisoner by her mother.

Regardless of her whereabouts, Mount Olympus is now a buzz with news of her. Zeus has commanded her mother to produce her daughter at the upcoming party to celebrate the Olympians victory, where he will bestow upon his allies their rewards.

While digging around, this reporter found that the Iron Queen disappeared around the same time that Coronus was brought home from Tartarus with his power drained and his skin nearly burned from his body, and no answers as to what happened.

Speculation has placed the Iron Queen as being responsible, but no one is talking, so it can’t be confirmed. Doesn’t keep people from talking or rumors flying. Seems that Iron Queen is on the auction block of marriage and the gods are already vying to have her.

Coronus to be Judged! What will Zeus do to his Father?

With the end of the war, it is time for the sentencing of the prisoners. Rumor has it that Coronus was found on the battlefield with his guts torn from his bloody body. A few days healing and he was ready to come before King Zeus for sentencing with the other severely wounded prisoners.

The turn out for the event was spectacular as Gods, Goddesses, and allies hurt by Coronus’ rule arrived at the palace on Mount Othyrs to hear the final say of their new King. Many of the prisoners begged for forgiveness which was granted, but not in a way they expected. No freedom shall be found for the war criminals. They will pay for their crimes.

The last to appear was Coronus. Though slow-moving and in obvious pain, he was shackled like the criminal he was. Brought before his own throne and made to kneel before his son. We thought he might get off lightly as it is his son sitting upon the throne. But the ramifications of his sentencing can not be full understood.

Coronus was stripped of his power, his rank, and sentence to reside in Tartarus until such time as he has paid for his crimes and released by its ruler. Who knows when that shall be as the Ruler of the Underworld, the feared Iron Queen, is strangely missing from her throne these past three years.

The War is Over! The Olympians Win!

The battle that started earlier this morning is over. The War is over! The Olympians have won!

Coronus and his minions have been captured, and while it might have been a shock days ago, now it seems inevitable. Already I hear the doubters rebuking others, “How could they doubt the might of the Olympians?” Funny isn’t it, since our hero is neither Olympian nor really an ally, but a vengeful prisoner of Coronus.

When we first saw Hades, he was a half-starved, abused man who barely capable of holding his own body up let only bring the defeat of the Titans. Well I guess we were wrong. Hades proved himself more vicious than his enemy today.

In one day Hades has had his revenge against his ancient foe. The black armored warrior we saw in the midst of the battle was none other than Hades himself, dressed in his old armor and carrying his famed sword that he stole from the armory of Mount Othyrs. How he slipped into Coronus’ lair and preformed his acts of sabotage shall forever remain a mystery.

Hades was the only one left standing on the battlefield to greet the new king of the Olympians Zeus. Rumor says Zeus asked him to join in the round-up of the prisoners and Hades refused before he disappeared. Makes me wonder where he went? How about you?

Two Unknown Warriors Take the Field

Not sure where Lord Hades was before the battle or even when the battle started. As the armies of the Olympians and Titans clash on the field of battle, two strange warriors appeared in the heart of the battle. They wore armor black as night, that seemed to subdue the very light  around. Their wicked swords, the jagged blades red with blood, carved a path through any that stood in their way.

The largest of the two seemed more intent on striking down any Titan or possible ally. The smaller of the two didn’t seem to care, anyone within reach was fair game. Was the first the famed Hades?

It was impossible to tell, though whoever the warrior was, he fought with terrible grace and deadly aim. Anyone who came before him fell. If this warrior is Hades, it’s no wonder Coronus wanted him to remain in Tartarus, because watching this battle, I have no doubts that the Olympians will win.

Olympians and Titans to meet on the Battlefield

The Olympian forces are marching on the Titans this morning in a concentrated attack, though most of the army doesn’t seem as enthusiastic as their leaders that the plan will work in their favor. A plan was put forth by Hades himself in War council last night.

While spirits are high with Ares, Fear, and Terror who just want to fight. Those whose fates rest with the outcome of this battle are uncommonly pessimistic.  For the lowly warrior there seems to be some confusion as to what is to happen and their role in the events. “We’re going to have some great advantage over the Titans, but I have yet to hear what that advantage is suppose to be,” a source told this reporter.

Zeus doesn’t seem to be telling anyone anything more then we’re to fight the enemy today and we will win. Not sure if that is because he doesn’t know or because he fears a spy in our midst.

The battle lines have been drawn. The army’s are facing each other. And Hades has yet to make an appearance this morning. Even as I watch, the armies attack each other, so evenly matched that I wonder who will win the battlefield this day.

What did the Norns Take from the Burial Cave?

Last night, an eyewitness saw the Norns leaving the burial cave with what looked like a body, but was it? Was it a dead body? Was it a robe full of bones? Or was it something else?

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The popular theory seems to be that the Norns are robbing from the dead. Such an act would be punishable by death in order to appease the offended spirits. “We can’t have the angered spirits seeking retribution on the whole Tribe for the actions of three women,” the Shaman told this reporter.

Another popular belief is that the Norns haven’t actually removed anything from the cave that belonged there. That the body like shape they were seen dragging into their home was actually a living being. But who would be foolish enough to trepass into the land of the dead and anger the spirits or bring down a death sentence upon their head.

Clan Leader Nord was overheard saying, “The Norns have been too long held unaccountable for their actions. Removing a body from the caves would be unforgivable, regardless of whether it was living or dead. It living that person should be brought to justice. If dead the very act is disrespectful will be punished.”

So what exactly did the Norns take from the caves? All we have is speculation.