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I’ve paused in the writing of Death’s Lover to do something I should have done before I started to write. First, was to schedule some blog posts for the rest of month so I can better focus. Second, to update my series folder or as many call it, the Series Bible. And third, was to outline the book.

Although, to be fair I’m not really sure the problem with me writing the book has anything to do with the lack of planning. I think it has more to do with me wanting to move on to another series. However, I have no intention of starting a new series until the two current series are done. That means three more novels for Children of Khaos Series and at least four more for the Descendants of Edyn Series. At a later date I might add more books to them but as I see it right now they’ll each be about 6 books to tie up lose ends. Although I’m starting to rethink Loving Khyrsolia’s placement in the Descendants of Edyn Series. I might have to remove it and make it a trilogy again. Huummm…

Until I figure it out, I thought I’d give you another story snippet from Death’s Lover.

Death's Lover, Children of Khaos Series, Stephannie Beman, fantasy romance, based on greek mythology


She turned toward the woman’s voice, smiling as young Fyla waddled up to her, holding onto her giant belly. “What can I do for you, Fyla?”

“Is it true? Can you see death coming?”

Lilith blinked, swallowed her fear and feigned surprised. “What do you speak of?”

“Everyone is talking about the man in your home now with Andral. He’s come to buy you. Says he talked to a priest who said you had the sight. That you could see death coming. Is it true? Could you have saved my Jyrel?”

Looking into Fyal’s bright, accusing eyes, Lilith knew the shadow of doubt had been cast over her. No matter what she said now, the village had already decided she could.

The events of her childhood would be replayed. Their fear would turn to anger with every death. They would soon blame her, until they decided that they couldn’t trust her and that her curse would be better gone from the village. They would either exile her or kill her. She didn’t want that. “I’ve never seen Death, Fyal.”

While the distinction between seeing the aura of death around someone and seeing the Spirits of Death was insignificant to most, they were very different to her. Death was a creature she never wanted to see.

She touched the pregnant woman’s arm. “I couldn’t have saved Jyrel.” Which wasn’t a lie. First, she wasn’t there. Second, his choice of that afternoon had saved one destined for death and stolen his life instead. There was nothing she could have done.

There you are, hope you enjoy! 😀

{Story Teaser} Searching for the Dead

I’m once again working on my WIP Death’s Lover. It took me a bit to work through the first chapters. My once-upon-a-time first four chapters are now chapters four through eight and I’m going back to insert chapters 1 through 3. As I have very little to say today, I thought a teaser from the manuscript would be fun. Enjoy.


Death’s Lover
by Stephannie Beman

Stepping over the woman’s body, he moved swiftly through the fire blackened village, searching for the souls of the dead. Only he found nothing. Not a single soul remained.

Usually he found them sitting beside their bodies in a state of confusion as they tried to piece together what had happened and what they were to do next. Sometimes larger groups huddled together, a form of comfort from their mortal lives. They sought the familiar.

But there were no souls here for him to collect, only the ghosts of memories burned into the very ground he walked. Images that haunted his vision. Children playing in the streets, chasing each other and shouting their victory. The giggling groups of young women watching the young men strut and demonstrate their prowess as providers. The stolen kisses of soon-to-be lovers. Mothers cuddling their babes, smiling at the antics of the young. The elders reminiscing of their youth, when everything was different and life was better.  There was even the occasional tender moment between mates who’d aged together, loved and bore the hardships of life. The celebration of the tribe with the birth of a child and the group mourning at the passing of a loved one.

Death's Lover, Children of Khaos Series, Stephannie Beman, fantasy romance, based on greek mythologyTheir whole lives and their horrible screaming deaths played out before him like a gruesome play that Ares’ might convince the Muses to do.

These people were farmers, tilling the ground for food and raising wild beasts for meat. They weren’t warriors. They had no weapons to defend themselves except the knives they butchered their livestock with and the scythe they used to cut their harvest. They hadn’t a chance against the force that sweep through their village.

He witnessed the tortures of the men sliced to pieces and the raping of the women until the fight left their eyes. He watched the killers bathe in the blood of the dead and dying. He watched them perform unspeakable acts upon their victims that would probably impress the ever bloodthirsty Furies and his daughters, the Keres.

He became their witness.

And when the killers finally met him, he would make sure there was special place in Tartarus waiting. They would soon know the pain and suffering they inflicted upon others. They would understand fear.

The Mythology and the Fiction

When reading mythology one must be aware of the difference that can be found in the telling of each story. Many of the basic themes are repeated, but details and story lines vary noticeably from teller to teller, ethnographic region to ethnographic region, and century to century.

Think of it this way, myths are stories that have been told and retold for centuries. No one wrote them down until about 800 BCE. That’s a very long time to be sharing stories.

But these variations do make it easier for a writer to find some aspects that deviate from the recognizable myth. I took advantage of these differences when I constructed the Children of Khaos Universe because I didn’t want it to be this predictable story that we all learned in school. I wanted it to be familiar but different. So I twisted mythology to fit the world I created.

Hades’ Lovers

Besides his many fans, the mythology speaks of two lovers of Hades: Menthe and Leuce.

Hades lover Menthe

In mythology, Menthe was the lover of Hades before he took Persephone as his wife. It is said in one myth that Persephone turned her into a mint plant out of jealousy. In another myth, Menthe protested loudly being put aside. She claimed that she was more beautiful than Persephone, and that Hades would return to her and banish Persephone from his halls. Out of anger Demeter turned her into a mint plant.

I changed her mythology in the Children of Khaos Universe to be a woman that Hades once loved

Hades lover Leuce

Both were mythical nymphs with basically the same story. Hades loved them, Menthe was changed into a mint plant by Persephone when she caught her and Leuce was made into a white poplar by Hades after she died. So I took creative license in changing their stories. Menthe became a love interest before Hades and Persephone get together that he almost kills with a passionate kiss. I made Luece his half-sister by Horkus. Then I tried to explain away the whole divergence from mythology by having the Olympians confusing the stories of Leuce and Menthe. Guess it might have confused everyone else.

Death’s Lover Playlist

I love creating playlists for my books. Each one has it’s own set of music. There is a hopog of songs this time.From anime to rock, from alternative to instrumental, from pop to vocal, from oldies to religious, and from country to gothic.

3Doors Down
The All-American Rejects
Avenged Sevenfold
Blue October
E Nomine
Five Finger Death Punch
Hollywood Undead

And a few single songs from various artists that are instrumental and vocal, a country song or three, something that sounds like an opera

Random thoughts about Loving the Goddess of Love

I’m having one of those sleepless nights where the problems of my story are rattling around in my head and my thought process is going around in circles screaming “Work damn you! Work!”

I’m pretty sure a shower was in order. Some of my best AHA! moments come to me while I’m taking a  shower, the others are inspired by sex. I know why Loving the Goddess of Love has been so hard for me to editing. I know why the story just isn’t right.

There wasn’t just a AHA! moment, but a nice hand to forehead DUH! moment tonight as several problems came to me.

1) Hephaestus is nothing more than a prop for the story. He has no growth. He does little for the story. Ares has more depth for all his annoying traits. (Sorry, Hephaestus, but it’s true.)

2) Aphrodite is so conflicted it makes my ass ache. One minute she’s setting the page on fire, the next she’s cold as ice. One moment she’s chasing Hephaestus with all the motivation of a stalker, the next she wants nothing to do with him. She’s like a teenager in a 600+ year old body.

3) No clear path of where the story is going. It’s a collection of scenes all geared to explain why Aphrodite was so sad in My Lord Hades, but never really tells much of a story. No one grows as a god/goddess. They just sorta are.

4) I did not make this a stand-alone novel which really pisses me off, because the Children of Khaos Series is a true Series. There is no order. There is plot arc that reaches through all the books to bring them together. Really the only thing they have in common is the setting and the characters.

So this weekend I’m hoping to sit down and destroy all my hard work in an attempt to save the story, though I’m starting to wonder if it wouldn’t be easier to just rewrite it all.

Murphy’s law has struck again. What can go wrong, has gone wrong, and will continue to go wrong until I fix it. Ick, what a fucking pain in my ass.