Þrùðr has Disappeared from the Village

Days after the Norns claimed Þrùðr to be one of the Seers of the Goddess, Þrùðr has disappeared. She showed up to the first Council meeting to decided her fate, but not the second meeting that condemned her to prove the claims of the Norns on her behalf.

Nord has demanded that the Norns and Munn produce Þrùðr, but neither has seen her in days. leaving many to wonder, where has Þrùðr gone? Did she leave before the sentencing out of fear of the outcome?


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Þrùðr’s Punishment: Not What People Expected

Þrùðr’s fate has been decided. The council has spoken. The verdict is not what Nord or the Norns would have liked, but it’s also not what they people seem to think it should be.

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If they really paid attention to the words of Councilman Markein as he handed down her sentencing and took upon himself her keeping, they would realize that her punishment is only a reprieve. She hasn’t avoided punishment.

Þrùðr must prove herself chosen of the Goddess, a true Seer of the Goddess; or the punishment she has escaped will be fall upon her, and at the head of the mob will be Nord. Unless she proves to be something other, something stronger as Councilman Markein seems to imply.

Now if they can only find Þrùðr and tell her the news. She seems to have disappeared after that first council meeting. The rumor is she’s running. I think she’s hiding and it’s not from Nord and his ilk.

Þrùðr on Trial!

Nord has contested the claim of the Norns and placed Þrùðr on trial for the desecration of the burial cave. Nord claims that Þrùðr isn’t a Seer of the Goddess and has no special abilities that should protect her from the punishment of the Tribe. Many of the Tribe members seem to agree with him. They’re calling for blood and Nord seems more than ready to give it to them.

The Norns paint another picture of events. They claim that Þrùðr has every right to be in the caves. They say that she communicated with the souls of the dead and learned the reason why so many have remained with their bodies instead of moving on as is proper. That now that their stories are known they have finally been set them free to be reborn.

Þrùðr didn’t speak in council. She allowed the Norns and those seeking her death to fight it out without a word in her own defense. One might have thought her indifferent to her fate, but there was something unnamed about her. This reporter would swear that Þrùðr is waiting. She has a plan and it involves neither of the parties fighting over her.

Norns Lay Claim to a Seer of the Goddess

Last week when I visited post-apocalyptic Earth, I was met with speculation over What the Norns Took from the Burial Cave? Rumors ranged from a dead body to a robe full of bones or possibly burial goods from the dead. No one sure what to expect from the Norns, after all they aren’t bound by the laws of shifters or humans, but by spiritual laws of the gods.

Nord confronted the Norns about their activities and what he learned shocked the Tribe. The newest member of the Tribe, Þruðr, who also warned the hunters of disaster on the hunt, seems to have to breached the caves to speak with the dead. We aren’t sure why she took such as risk since it’s an action punishable by death.

Only that Kanra, the leader of the Norns, seems to have claimed Þruðr as being under their jurisdiction. “She was called there by the spirits of the Dead to witness their lives and free them of this world for rebirth,” Kanra told us. “Her activities in the caves were of a spiritual nature. She was only following the will of Hela, Goddess of the Dead as a Seer for the Goddess. As such she is beyond Nord’s laws.”

When we asked Nord about the events, he told us, “The Norns’ think they are beyond the Laws of the Tribe. They’re protecting a child who is the foster-daughter of a friend from punishment. It can’t continue this way.”

By the Laws of the Tribe, the Norns are within their rights to claimed her as one of their own, however, Þruðr must now prove their claim on her own. Is she a Seer of the Goddess as the Norns claim? Or are they trying to protect her from punishments as Nord claims?

Disaster! 12 Die on the Hunt!

While the procurement of food for the harsh winter has been a success it is over shadowed by death. Disaster has struck the hunting party. Twenty-four hunters left the village in high-spirits, ready to face the dangers of the hunt, and return victorious. Twenty-four hunters left this village and only twelve hunters returned alive. The fateful hunt stole the lives of three young Shifters and nine Humans, Huntmaster Gyan among them.

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Eye-witnesses tell us that Shifters in the shape of wolves, fell upon the herd, forcing them into the waiting hunters. Unprepared for the stampede, those who survived were either those who remained behind to clean the animals or those who were furthest from the animals path. It seems the rumors of another pack of Shifters encroaching on our territory have been proven true.

From the reports we gathered from the returning hunters, not only has the Wolf Clan has been hit a devastating blow, but it didn’t have to happen. Sources told us that the newest member of the clan, Þruðr warned Gyan of danger, and while she could give no details on why she was against the hunt, her predictions came true. Which leads us to believe another Norn has been brought to the village and we should listen to her, or she is in league with those who seek our territory.

Þruðr to go on the Hunt. Will she make it?

The newest members of the tribe have settled into life.Despite our fears, they are showing themselves to be competent and useful members of the tribe. Munn is already making a name for himself as an artisan. His mate, Lyna, notwithstanding her advanced pregnancy is very active among the human members of the tribe, showing them how to harvest various plant matter for consumption.

Their daughter, Þruðr has made friends among many of the young men, although her presence in the village has been scarce leading up to the hunt, there are many that wonder at her skills. We’ve seen how well she does with snaring small prey, but how will she do hunting the bigger animals? Will she be able to keep up with the others?

A conversation between the Huntmasters’ was overheard and they too seem to worry about the unknown quality. As we spoke of last time (read the article here), there is some question as to her parentage. Is Þruðr more Human then Shifter or is more Shifter than Human?

While this might not matter to many, it does present a problem. Þruðr could be an asset to the hunting party or she could be liability. With so many hunters dying this year from accidents it makes us wonder if Þruðr will be another causality or if she will live to find a mate among the hunters and truly find her place among the Tribe. I guess we’ll know the answer when the hunters return.

Who is Þruðr? Human, Shifter, or Something else

The rumors are true. A family of outsiders have joined the Clan. Munn, his pregnant mate Lyna, and his daughter Þruðr. Most of us are not sure what Nord was thinking by accepting them. He says, “They bring skills and blood diversity to the clan.” But as many of us know, it means three more mouths to feed this winter.

As many of you young men are looking at toward Munn’s daughter we thought we’d refute the rumors that Lyna is Þruðr’s mother. Lyna was overheard to say that the child she carries is her first child and that Munn is the father. However, we were unable to gain any information about who Þruðr’s mother could have been.

We’ll agree that Þruðr is a fine looking woman of mating age and other than being related to chief adviser Hunn, has no blood-ties to any other family in the Tribe. But be wary, men, there is the possibility that Þruðr is a half-breed. We’re unable to authenticate or disprove the rumor that she is the shifter-human mix, only that if she is, she’s not the usual fusion of the races. One young man reported that “she has unnatural strength, even for a shifter woman in heat.”


When we tried to question the family, Munn, Lyna, and Þruðr closed up tight and refused to answer. Kitra shrugged and told us in her normal surly way to ask Hunn. “Didn’t ask, don’t care,” Tyr told us on his way to help Munn build the family’s hut. Hunn was no more talkative then the rest, which leaves us wondering, is she Human, Shifter, or something else?