Who is Þruðr? Human, Shifter, or Something else

The rumors are true. A family of outsiders have joined the Clan. Munn, his pregnant mate Lyna, and his daughter Þruðr. Most of us are not sure what Nord was thinking by accepting them. He says, “They bring skills and blood diversity to the clan.” But as many of us know, it means three more mouths to feed this winter.

As many of you young men are looking at toward Munn’s daughter we thought we’d refute the rumors that Lyna is Þruðr’s mother. Lyna was overheard to say that the child she carries is her first child and that Munn is the father. However, we were unable to gain any information about who Þruðr’s mother could have been.

We’ll agree that Þruðr is a fine looking woman of mating age and other than being related to chief adviser Hunn, has no blood-ties to any other family in the Tribe. But be wary, men, there is the possibility that Þruðr is a half-breed. We’re unable to authenticate or disprove the rumor that she is the shifter-human mix, only that if she is, she’s not the usual fusion of the races. One young man reported that “she has unnatural strength, even for a shifter woman in heat.”


When we tried to question the family, Munn, Lyna, and Þruðr closed up tight and refused to answer. Kitra shrugged and told us in her normal surly way to ask Hunn. “Didn’t ask, don’t care,” Tyr told us on his way to help Munn build the family’s hut. Hunn was no more talkative then the rest, which leaves us wondering, is she Human, Shifter, or something else?

Character Interview ~ Oinn

Welcome to that time of the month—no, not that time of the month—the time of the month were the dimensional boundaries of the universe are twisted to allow a character from a book free to walk among us for a time. Today we have Oinn from Once a Valkyrja of the Forever Loved Trilogy. Now Oinn is a human in post-apocalyptic Earth. Humans are a rarity in this world dominated by Shifters and a few other creatures we consider myth. He is Tyr’s friend and Jyria’s secret lover-

Tor: Not that much of a secret. Everyone knows they’re–

Stephannie glares at Tor: You weren’t invited.

Tor smiles: I know, but I was hoping to start where we ended last time.

Stephannie pointedly ignores him and turns to Oinn with a smile: Thanks for coming, Oinn. Could you tell me a little about yourself?

Oinn shrugs: Sure. I’m human. I’m poor. I love a Shifter that could kill me when she’s in heat. And I’m hoping that everything in this story turns out better than the ending is looking right now.

Stephannie: Ooo-kay. So how long have you been a friend of Tyr’s?

Oinn: About five years.

Tor: It would have been sooner if Hunn hadn’t been such a—

Stephannie: Watch your language!

Tor: Why? You don’t.

Stephannie: Tell me a little about your friendship with Tyr, Oinn?

Tor chuckles in the corner.

Oinn shrugs: We’re close. He helps me out with things and I help him out. We look out for each other.

Tor: Wow, when did you get so talkative! Ask him about Jyria, Steph.

Stephannie: You. Sit in that corner and not another word from you.

Tor, looking not so contrite, slinks over to the corner of the room: Damn, mothers are the same in every culture.

Oinn is chortling: Serves you right. You know better that to tease a female.

Tor: But they’re more fun when you tease them. You should try it some time with Jyria, I’m sure she’d…

Stephannie winces at all the imagined things he might say: Please don’t say it, Tor. Thanks for coming, Oinn. And everything will turn out okay for all.

Oinn and Tor look at each other and laugh. Stephannie sends them back into their book. It would be too annoying to keep them here. 😀

Character Interview ~ Tor

Welcome to that time of the month—no, not that time of the month—the time of the month were the dimensional boundaries of the universe are twisted to allow a character from a book free to walk among us for a time. Today we have Tor from Once a Valkyrja: Forever Loved Trilogy. Now Tor is a friend of the hero Tyr and a wolf shifter—

Who’s charming and dashing and—

And talks too much?

Do not. I just have more to say than the common person. Besides, without me the story wouldn’t move forward–

How so?

Well…I…There’s that scene where I tell Munn that everyone knows about Tyr and Hunn…or the time I tell Tyr and Markein that the whole village knows—

*innocently* And they couldn’t have done that without you?

*Tor finally realizes I’m teasing him and glares, though not successfully*

So how would you describe your relationship with Tyr and Þruðr?

Nonsexual. Tyr’s been my best friend since he saved me from certain death at the hands of Kale. That shifter was a bear and he was ready to tear me apart for looking at his girl. It didn’t matter that I hadn’t touched her. *catches my doubtful look* I swear I didn’t touch her. I mean who would with a monster of a shifter looming over her. Did you know that Tyr isn’t an ordinary Shifter? I’m not sure what he is, but I know he’s not normal, because he was able to throw Kale off me before the man beat me to death. And there was something strange about him, but by the time I blinked whatever it was disappeared.

I’d hate to mess with Tyr, regardless of his size and our friendship, if I started sniffing around Þruðr, he’d kill me. That boy is absolutely head over heels in love with that girl. I don’t care how much he protests it. He’d kill the man who looked at her wrong.

Besides have you seen her father? Munn’s a giant next to Kale. I thought Hunn was a big man, but Munn…How do you think Munn and Lyna…you know? *makes a gesture that has me raising my eyebrows*

I’m sure I don’t know—

 Of course you do! You’re like a voyeur. You watch that act and write all the sex stuff down. Are you a polygamist…bigamist by chance? Because you know, you…me…uh huh

Okay, that’s all we have time for right now. Come again next week when I interview someone else. *discreetly waves a hand and a vortex opens behind Tor* Anyone else!

Oh come one, you know you want too! *Tor shouts as he’s sucked back into the dimensional vortex that brought Tor into this world sucks him back into this world*

Interview with Þrúðr (finally)

Yay! This week Þrúðr finally agreed to let me interview her for this blog. She is the heroine for Once a Valkyrja. I’ve been harping on her, and all the other characters, for nearly a month now. She agreed once and kept backing out. Or refusing to answer the questions.

So why now, Þrúðr?

*gives me the evil eye* Maybe because I’m tired of you acting like a nagging fish wife. Or could be that you threatened to make up things if I did?

Did not! *Present her with my best shocked face* I didn’t threaten. I implied I would make something up. What did you expect from a writer?

Honestly? To write the truth.

That’s journalism, sweety. Writer’s of novels lie in a truthful way.

*shrugs with tinkle in her eye (At least I hope that’s a tinkle in her eyes, because either she’s smiling and hiding it, or she’s going to kill me 😀 )* Now ask your questions so I can return to Tyr.

How is it going between the two of you?

Surprisingly nice once he got over his hang-ups. What is it with you humans?

What do you mean?

*rolls eyes* You have to overcomplicate and think through everything. Sex is sex. Love is love. It’s not that hard. You either mate for sex or for love. What in Hel does the rest matter?

Umm…Why do I feel like I’m the one being interviewed? We’re here to talk about your story, not the nuances of human nature. After all, Tyr isn’t human.

Correct. He’s a human-shifter-Valkyrja hybrid. My mother would be proud.

And your father?

Thor? It’s a good thing he’s dead. Loving Tīwaz over the dwarf he picked out to be my husband, nearly led to blows. Mating with Tyr would have sent him into apoplectic seizers. He tends to over-react.

Wait! What dwarf? You never told me about a dwarf!

*smiles* There has to be some surprises left for you, or you’d be bored writing.

Sometimes I hate you. *laughing*

No you don’t. Well I’m heading out. See you.

Bye. Come again.


A Conversation with Tyr

A few days ago I had a conversation with Tyr out by the wood pile and thought I’d give everyone an example of this conversation as I remember it. I’m sure his viewpoint is different.

Tyr: You’re doing it all wrong.

Stephannie: Hey, who’s the writer here? (split a log) ME! This is the way it needs to be.

Tyr: But you’re skipping ahead. You need to write the next dozen scenes from the outline.

Stephannie: They’re not necessary. (split another log) It’s all filler.

Tyr: They’re important to the plot, the romance between Pruðr and me can wait. The killer must see Pruðr as a threat or the end you envision wont work.

Stephannie: Tell me, O knowledgeable one, why doesn’t he see her as a threat right now. She thwarted his plan, even if people died.

Tyr, shaking his head: Don’t be silly. She didn’t really thwart his plan. No one listened and people died, that was what he wanted. She hasn’t really done anything to ruin his plans. Those three scenes you wrote won’t work yet.

Stephannie: Urgh! (split another log) You’re impossible! (and another one) It will work!

Tyr, smug: Besides, he wants her. Remember the scene at the lake. This subplot needs to be explored a little bit more. And how about Hunn? Where does his subplot come in, if you remove the scene where it comes into play–

Stephannie, mumbling: Arrogant bastard!

Pruðr: He’s right and you know it.

And he was. Why did I bring this up? I did it my way. It didn’t work. I’m trying it his way.

Why didn’t I do it his way to begin with? I’m annoyed by people, real or imagined, that tell me what to do. So there! 😛