Listening to my Inner Writer

You would think after twenty years of writing, I would learn this simple lesson: Listen to your Intuition, your inner writer knows what it is doing. But apparently I haven’t, or maybe I should say, that it is harder than I thought to listen to the whispering voice that is telling me that I have to do something differently with the story.

the_warlords_daughter_1_webShortly after finishing The Warlord’s Daughter in January, that small niggling that something was off in the story intensified. As I worked through the scenes of The Scout’s Captive, that feeling grew stronger. By the first week of February, the niggling that something was off had become a shout to “Stop!”

Unlike last time, where that inner voice was telling me that there was something wrong with plot of the story, this time it was making a suggestion that I completely ignored. Why? Because I’m frugal with money and I didn’t want to waste paper or ink printing off everything.

So I had this burning desire to write the next part of the story and every time I sat down to do it I totally froze up. My inner writer was refuses to let me go any farther until I paid attention to it. Which is why I took the time to print out all the books, spent the last five days not writing so I could reassess the elements and structure of my stories, and making any structural changes. I got the idea for this from Twin Creatives.

I might have lost a few days of adding new words to the books by debating the merit of every scene I’d written or that I planned to write in all five books, but in the end it was worth the time I took away from writing.

the_scouts_captive_2_webThe story structure really needed to be assessed because there were more than a few scenes that needed to be moved, added, deleted or merged. There was an entire section of scenes in books four and five that needed to be moved, merged, and deleted that made me glad that I hadn’t started writing them.

The unexpected changes that I made helped tighten and improve the story plot of each book, and reading through a hard copy of the stories also helped me understand the main plot of each book better. However, the changes to The Warlord’s Daughter shortened the books significantly, but I prefer a shorter story that moves the story along then a longer one brimming with filler scenes that don’t progress the plot. The Scout’s Captive, The Rebel Queen, and The Empty Throne gained quite a few scenes that enhance the plots of each story instead of taking away from them.

One change that I really didn’t expect was that I realization that the order of The Rebel Queen and The Empty Throne may have to be switched, but I’m going to wait until I’m a little further along before making that determination. I believe the only book that didn’t change much was The Lost Heir.

The small drawback won’t affect my goal to finish writing all five books in The Queen’s Rebellion Series this year. If anything it will help me finish them before their deadlines and get them ready to be published next year.

Wishing you all the best this February,


One Book Down, 4 Left to Go!

When I wrote the Welcome to 2017! post I mentioned that I thought that I’d have to extend The Warlord’s Daughter to 100,000 to finish the story. I figured that it would take me another week to do this, but the second I started the new scenes everything went downhill. I ran headlong into a big problem: I really wasn’t happy with the results.

Okay, so that is putting it lightly. I hated the new scenes. They felt all wrong. I think I scrapped the first scene I worked on twice, possible three times before I took a step back to really think through the scene and what I wanted it to do for the story. While outwardly, The Warlord’s Daughter seemed to need it, it really didn’t. All I really needed was to add a few lines to a scene I already had in the book and done!

The second scene I wanted to going to add was more needful, but I was having trouble with it because it’s from a secondary characters point of view and I knew it was going to open a small subplot thread that I couldn’t close without returning to the characters point of view again. The solution was once easier then I thought it would be. The scene ended up turning out better than I thought it was going to.

I scrapped the entire third scene as it would be similar to a scene I wrote for book 2.

Writing the end scene became a problem that has kept me from being done with The Warlord’s Daughter already. Strangely, the perfect solution to my problem occurred the day I watching my girls crash and burn on the sled for the umpteenth time. Not sure why watching them was necessary for my creative brain to realize that I splitting a scene in half and rewriting it a bit would work very nicely.

I finished The Warlord’s Daughter today!


This scene was one of those that makes a perfect ending. I had moved it from the front of The Scout’s Captive to end The Warlord’s Daughter a few weeks back. Now I have taken the first part of the scene and made it the end of book 1. The rest of the scene can go back to the beginning of The Scout’s Captive.

It was a simple solution with an easy fix that worked out so much better than what I had been attempting to do with the end of The Warlord’s Daughter. I couldn’t believe how much better the end of the story worked out. It tied up all the threads while not leaving the story on too big a cliffhanger (it really couldn’t be helped) or giving away the next book in the series.

So now I’m off to pick up my reward for finishing The Warlord’s Daughter ahead of schedule before starting The Scout’s Captive.

My Reward: Miracle Morning for Writers

What is that? you ask. Well, The Miracle Morning for Writers is:

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You will also learn:

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    The Miracle Morning for Writers is your key to building a writing habit that will increase both your income and the value you provide to the world.

The Covers for The Queen’s Rebellion Revealed

My girls’ school was canceled for today. Yay! Oh, Hell…

Due to my girls being home all day and hubby home by noon, I’m not really expecting to get a lot of writing down later today. So I’m writing as much as I can this morning in the hopes of finishing The Warlord’s Daughter today. I’m so close to the end and I really want to start the next book in the series.

So why am I writing a blog post? Well, I’m not. I took a small break from an hour-long writing session to look through my list of unpublished posts to make a game plan for later today and realized that I hadn’t posted my cover reveal for The Queen’s Rebellion Series before the Welcome to 2017! post where they were featured. So not cool! 😦

Now I’m only writing an introduction to this post and publishing it. So even though it’s a little late in coming, here are the covers for The Queen’s Rebellion and descriptions for the series of books based on the life and adventures of the Lady Laramina Khynal and her husband Lord Cynel Maelti.

The Warlord’s Daughter, Book 1

the_warlords_daughter_1_webWhen Warlord Darton Khynal accepted the mission to end the bandit threat and train the next recruits for the Baryano army, he accept, but his reasons have nothing to do with career advancement and everything to do with his daughter. The Lady Laramina Khynal has come of age and the power flowing through her veins is becoming stronger and harder to hide. It’s only a matter of time before she is discovered and enslaved by the Council, undoing everything Darton has done to protect her. Forced to play a dangerous game with Laramina’s future, Darton accepts the Council decreed marriage between Lord Nyden Farlon and Laramina, a union that could have terrible consequences for everyone, if he allows it to take place.

The Scout’s Captive, Book 2

the_scouts_captive_2_webCondemned to death and hunted by Baryano for being Nyfeli, Cynel joined a rebellion he didn’t believe in for three meals a day, a warm place to sleep, and a chance to survive. He become a legend among the Rebels as a lethal warrior without mercy. But the ruthless Cynel is ill-prepared for the Lady Laramina Khynal, the woman who saved his life and whose life he swore to protect, for she is far more dangerous than any foe he’s faced. She is the one woman he cannot have, and the only one he wants.

Dodging Council Soldiers scouring the land for her, Laramina must make a terrible decision. Will she let events play out and willingly go with the men who abducted her? Or will she attempt to save the ones she loves by escaping from the man she is coming to love and return to marry the disgusting Lord Nyden Farlon?

The Lost Heir, Book 3

the_lost_heir_3_webCynel has always played his part, be it servant boy, thief, warrior, scout, or killer. Now he’s being asked to play the part of Laramina’s husband or protector until the Rebel leaders are ready announce the return of the Lost Heir, the only hope they have of rallying those who hate the current state of politics to their dying cause. They will do anything to gain and hold the advantage, including end the relationship between the Lost Heir and a Nyfeli killer.

Rocked by the truth about her heritage, the Lady Laramina Khynal doesn’t want the responsibility of ruling the three races. She doesn’t want the power to start a war. She doesn’t want the man she loves to hand her over to the Kydeloi Prince she’s been promised to since she was four years old. She doesn’t want the destiny chosen for her if it means losing Cynel. But to stay together, they will risk everything and defy the most powerful people in the land.

The Empty Throne, Book 4

the_empty_throne_4_webBetrothed to a man she despises, married to a rebel she’s grown to love, and promised to a prince she’s never met, the Lady Laramina Khynal is tired of being other people’s puppet, she’s ready to make her own choices. And while falling into the hands of the Council Soldiers searching for her wasn’t the best choice, she would do it again to protect the Rebels she has come to love. She just didn’t plan on Lord Nyden Farlon presences or his demands to finish what they started so he can seal his claim to the Empty Throne.

Determined to save his wife from the clutches of the Council, Cynel and a few loyal warriors cross into Baryano territory to infiltrate the heart of the Council’s City. Their plan is simple: abduct the Lost Heir before the Council can claim control of the Empty Throne through her. But they didn’t plan on being captured by the enemy or finding a land in turmoil. They didn’t plan on Laramina.

The Rebel Queen, Book 5

the_rebel_queen_5_webThe fate of the Lady Laramina Khynal has always been precarious and uncertain, resting in the hands of those who care not for her happiness but only their own ambitions. Angry and determined to bring an end to the Council’s rule, she must decided if she will become the weapon other’s will wield or if she will take her newfound power and forge her own destiny with the man she loves.

Now I really must get back to writing this next scene. Cynel has just done something and I’m not sure that Mina will be able to forgive him so readily for it. I really need to see what comes next.

Wishing you the best weekend this week,



Author News December 2016: New Release, Writing Projects, & Blog

Man, it seems like forever since I last posted here! Only it hasn’t been because my last post was in October when I released 2 planners for writers. But I do feel like I’ve been in a bit of a blogging/writing dry spell for the last few months. Or maybe it’s closer to two years now?

Anywhoo, I hope everyone had a great November. I know it was busy around the Beman household for most of the month as I tried to work into a writing schedule again while trying to complete my Christmas shopping before December 1st, we tried to finish the small jobs around the ranch in preparation for winter, and preparing to have guests over for Thanksgiving Dinner. The only thing that I failed at was finding hubby a gift. He’s terrible to buy for because he never wants anything.

Hopefully December will be less busy and stressful, but it’s not looking good so far. Oh, well. 😀

~ What’s New? ~

I know it has been nearly two years since I had a new release around here, but don’t get too excited, unless you’re a planner addict like me, then you are welcome to squeal and jump around like a mad person. I promise I won’t judge. 😀

Okay, now that that is done I have a small confession to make: I love and I hate planners. I love the idea of having one. I love using one. I hate that very few are practical for my life. So about four years ago I started creating my own because let’s be honest there are very few planners out there that cater to writers. Some of you might remember me mentioning it in passing.

In 2015 while I was talking to my lovely friend Ruth about my planning system, the idea for creating the Project & Task Planner was born. I loved creating that planner so much that this year I created a second planner, the writer’s Notebook Planner.

2017_writers_notebook_planner 2017_task_planner

If you would like to compare the two planners, you can visit this post.

While these planners are still works-in-progress, as I’m looking for ideas to add that will make these planners even more useful for writers, they are by far the best planners I’ve ever found made. I do have plans to publish a new edition each year and possibly add a third type next year. I believe I read somewhere that planners are usually released in September, so I’m shooting for a September 1st release date. 😀

Current Work-in-Progress: The Queen’s Rebellion Series

The_Scouts_Captive_1_webimageYes, I’m still working on this series. Mostly because I decided that I really needed a break to think some things through and I’m only now getting back to writing. Well, kinda.

I decided in October that I should read through my current writing-in-progress to refresh my memory about the story before getting myself back into the writing groove. The idea was that I needed to stretch my creative writing muscles and worked out the kinks.

The_Rebels_Bride_2_webimageAround book two, I stumbled upon a huge plot hole, and I do mean a really big plot hole. It only got worse the further I got in the story. I finally had to stop reading, and even though I knew that I should rethink the series, I took the easy why out and made a quick patch.

Only the patch didn’t hold. Actually, none of my attempts to patch the hole held for long. Some even opened up more plot holes. Talk about frustrating.

After wasting two months of my time, I’m doing what I should have done from the start: rework the series from the ground up.

The_Warriors_Lady_3_webimageSo this month is going to be a hosh-posh of re-planning the series and story plots for each book, adding a fourth book, changing Mina’s character arc, getting rid of a few characters I really don’t need, combining a few characters into one, adding a few characters I hadn’t planned on, writing any missing scenes, removing scenes that don’t work anymore, and revising the scenes I have written but no longer work properly for The Queen’s Rebellion Series.

Wow! That sounds like I am going to be doing a whole Hell of a lot of work. But I’m not, not really. Well, I guess I’m doing a lot of busy work for this series but it will be worth it in the end. At least it damn well better be worth it.  😀

Wishing you all the best,


Finished The Scout’s Captive & Website Update

It’s nice to be able to write The End on The Scout’s Captive. This book took me far longer to finish then usual. Mainly because of health issues in the family and recently my own. Hopefully,  I can return to my daily writing habit soon.

Since I’m still working on getting this website back up, I decided not to start the edits on this book until I’m done writing the entire series, that way I can edit it all at once, add the foreshadowing, and not feel trapped by an event in the timeline because one of the books is already published.


Disclaimer: These snippets are unedited and might be entirely different in the final version.

Cynel’s large hands closed around her tiny waist, lifting her with an easy that always surprised her despite his obvious size and strength, and gently set her on the ground. “We can’t join the others until we know it’s safe to do so.”

His hands didn’t move for several, long minutes, and Mina tried to convince herself to not see more into the gesture then there was. Like he probably didn’t want her to fall after so long riding a horse and have to pick her up. He hadn’t shown an ounce of interest in her since that night. Not that he’d had the chance, if she was being honest.

“As long as I’m with you it won’t be safe. My father won’t stop looking for me.”

“He will. Eventually he’ll realize there is no way to save you.”

She blushed and pulled away, embarrassed by her reaction to him. “You don’t know my father.” She leaned against a nearby boulder, wondering if her wobbly legs would embarrass her and give out. “He’s stubborn and has an army at his disposal. You made a mistake when you took the Border Lord’s daughter.”

“But it was the Border Lord’s daughter that I wanted.”

~ Website Update ~

I have half of the book pages up with links to where you can buy them, the excerpts for the books, and most of the vital pages done. I hope to have the rest done before next week so people can at least find them. There is still a lot of work to go on this site, but with some client work coming up I might have to be put the rest on hold until November. Or not. 😀