NEW RELEASE! 2019 Writer’s Planner

It’s that time again! Yay!

Wondering what the Hell I’m talking about. Well it’s the time of year where I release next years planner!

Cover Image Designed by Stephannie Beman with Cover Image by Sadudee Sittichoke from

Well, I’m actually a little late announcing the release of my 2019 Writer’s Planner. Even though I uploaded it at the end of September and created a page for it, after four failed attempts to write this post and finally deciding to delete it in a not so adult fit of anger, I decided to grow up a bit and stop procrastinating. Besides, it’s snowing today and I have no excuse not to write this post now. LOL

First off, for those who know they want the planner but aren’t interested in the rest of the post, you may Purchase the 2019 Writer’s Planner at LULU for $13.99. For those who want to know if they can purchase it at Amazon, the answer is no for various reasons. Maybe one day.

Sidenote: While this planner was created for writers, it can actually be used for anyone who plans their projects and activities more by week than day.

Next, let me introduce you to the 2019 Writer’s Planner which is a yearly and weekly planner that allows you to see what appointments you have for the week, keep track of those pesky tasks that you need to make sure you have done daily, and make a to-do list of projects and/or tasks you need to work on but have no specific time or day when it needs to get it done. There are also several sections for projects that you maybe working on at any given moment.

Peek inside the 2019 Writer’s Planner:
Yearly Planning Sheet where you can have a yearly overview of the projects you plan to accomplish for the year

Yearly To-Do List for things you plan to accomplish for the year. There is also one near the back to help with next years planning.

2019-At-A-Glance gives you a place to record birthdays, appointments, upcoming projects, client work, or deadlines.

Monthly Calendars with projects & Goals sheet to record information, plan projects, or write down projects and goals you want to complete that month.

Weekly Calendars with sections for appointments, weekly tracker for goals or word counts, and the week’s projects and goals you want to accomplish.

Project Planner for brainstorming and planning your writing projects, writing lists, and more.

Waiting For section to track of the purchases or submissions you are waiting on.

And there you go, the 2019 Writer’s Planner.

Purchase the 2019 Writer’s Planner at LULU
for $13.99

2019 Writer’s Planner Product Details

Author: Stephannie Beman
Published: September 14, 2018
Language: English
Pages: 198
Binding: Coil
Interior Ink: Black & White
Weight: 1.36 lbs.
Dimensions (inches): 8.5 wide x 11 tall

{WIP} A Tale of 2 Light Houses

Last year, we took a vacation to visit my Grandma’s house in Washington after we finished haying. We had a wonderful time exploring the forests, beaches, and small towns around the area.

While there, my grandma took us to a little tourist trap town on the coast, I can’t even remember the name now. But what I do remember is the yarn and needlecraft store we ran across. Now, if you don’t know this about me, I’m an avid crafter on top of being a writer, and this was a store that I refused to bypass by without going inside. As hubby and girls found a rock store a few doors down, I basically had all the time I wanted to explore inside.

Jennings Yarn and Needlecraft is a unique yarn shop specializing in quality natural fibers and designer yarns.  Our yarn collection features wool, cashmere, alpaca, mohair, angora, silk and cotton, along with many novelty yarns.  We feature yarns from Trendsetter Yarns, Prism, Lang, Berroco, Malabrigo, Lana Grossa, and Noro, to name a few.

We also carry cross stitch and needlepoint from Dimensions, DMC, Elizabeth Bradley, Thea Gouverneur, Stitch n Zip, Textile Heritage and others.

Once inside, I really didn’t want to leave. It’s been a very long time since I was in a craft store with shelves upon shelves of my preferred crafting mediums. Fabric, thread, and patterns for cross-stitching and embroidering, and yarns and various tools for crocheting.

Now it was almost as hard not to buy a carload of materials for all the different projects I suddenly wanted to do as it is for me to go into a bookstore and not come out with more books then I could possible read in a year.

Now, I did restrain myself from going on a shopping spree, but only because I had a choice between bringing home our girls or a crafting stash that I couldn’t possible finish in my lifetime. I chose to bring home our girls because they are irreplaceable.

If I do decide in the future that I want to purchase anything from Jenning’s Yarn and Needlecrafts I can always order it over the phone as they don’t have an online shop. Or I could purchase it online from the several retailers who do have online shops.

I did, however, splurge on two counted cross-stitch kits of lighthouses for the bathroom. I did one several years ago that I gave to my mom that has the same look to it and that I still have the pattern to so I plan to stitch it up again. I started the first on around the first of December and I finished the second one around the end of June this year.

Here’s what they look like without the frame.

I did buy a double frame from Walmart during our monthly trip there that I thought would compliment the design,  but since I now plan to add the third lighthouse to the series, I’m going to take it back and get the three single frames. At least that is the plan at the moment. It’s prone to change if I find something better. 😀

When I get them framed and hung, I will post a picture of the finished project.

I wish you all the very best in August,

Stephannie Beman


Baby Beanie Yarn (Let the Fun Begin)

Two weeks ago I mentioned raiding the yarn store, and yes, I’m still imagining smelly, fur clad Vikings parking their longboats outside the doors of the craft store and rushing through the store with their swords and axes drawn, and all the customers screaming terror. I just hope they don’t set the place on fire before they leave. I’m kinda a fan of Herrschners and Joann’s (outside links). I’d hate not to have either because of a bunch of pillaging Vikings. LOL

Anyways, last week the box of yarn for the infant beanies arrived in the mail. Eeekk!

yarn for baby beanies

Aren’t they beautiful colors for baby hats? The only colors missing are the light and medium mauve yarn Miss T has taken for the girl hats she wanted to make, and the mango and gold yarn Miss K took to make some hats of her own.

Sorry, for those who don’t understand my excitement. Just imagine getting a box of things you really like. It could be books, clothes, stationary, shoes, etc. For me, I’ve always gotten excited when I receive books, crafts, office supplies, or a new laptop in the mail. I know it sounds weird, and possibly some of you are thinking “How sad”, but these are things I buy that take me to my happy place, but they aren’t the only way I get there.  😀

Yes, I just went there. Sorry. 😦 Not! 🙂

Anyhoo, going back to why I just splurged on a ton of yarn. My eldest daughter, Miss T, has a community project assignment for school coming up, and she decided she either  wanted to donate baby beanies for the hospital or sell beanies to earn money for the food bank. Now, while I love her ambition, doing both is a big job so I had to curb her just a tiny bit and told her to choose one project. And if she still feels like doing the other later I would be more than happy to let her.

She decided to make baby beanies for the hospital, which was probably inspired by the birth of her niece, Miss N, a few months back, and told me that she had a few stipulations to go along with that choice. Alright, let the negotiations begin! Mwhahaha….

Stipulation #1: I was in no way allowed to help her with the project. She had to do it herself, because if I helped it would be cheating.

No cheating? Hey, I can respect that! Stipulation accepted.

Stipulation #2: She wanted to use my  Boye Knitting Looms (outside link) they bought me for Christmas rather then use her limited skills at crocheting because it would be easier and she could make more hats.

I’m sure the hospital will not turn down more hats for babies. I also agree that using the loom knit would be easier than crocheting beanies, because loom knitting is far easier for her to work in the round then if I taught her to crochet in the round with her limited knowledge. She’s still a beginner. Stipulation accepted.

Boye Knitting Looms

These are the knitting looms I’m using.

Stipulation #3: She wanted to pay for the yarn herself. She would do extra chores to help pay for it sooner.

More chores? Cleaner house? I have no problem with that. Stipulation accepted!

Stipulation #4: She did not want that scratchy yarn I use (She’s talking about the Super Saver Red Heart Yarn I used for some lap blankets.), because she didn’t think that babies would like it against their skin. She wanted the soft yarn I used for the Heart Scarf and her Beanies.

I whole heartedly agree! And this is the reason that I had to get more yarn. The yarn I have is already slotted for other projects and some of it–like the Lion Brand Treasures Yarn I used for the Ocean Waves Scarf which is a blend of 70% acrylic and 30% wool–is not suitable for baby beanies. Stipulation accepted.

Negotiation ended.

Well, dammit. I was really looking forward to debating the merits of her taking full responsibility for her community service project, but since I agreed to all her stipulations, I guess I don’t have to. Oh well, maybe on her next  great idea I’ll have the chance to work on my negating skills, until then I better get back to work on my next crocheting project. I think you guys are going to love it. 😀

Wishing you all the best,

Stephannie Beman

Yarn Raids & Beanie Maddness

Just typing that title makes me think if Vikings raiding a village. Only without the awesome longboats, swords and axes, screaming terror of the villagers, or pretty fire. Damn! Where’s all the fun in raiding without all that? LOL

Anywhoo, today I raided the my favorite Online craft store (outside link), in order to take advantage of their sales price and my 10% off coupon. Only after did I realize that at the rate I’m going lately, I will soon be that Lady. Not the crazy cat lady, although I’ve been working on that one for years. My barn cats just don’t stick around long enough to become a large herd. I’m talking about the crazy yarn lady.

Not sure if you ever met one, but you would remember if you had. She’s the one with yarn squeezed into every nook and cranny of her home. She’s the one who has to pull out her yarn stash anytime someone compliments her on her latest project and tell the unsuspecting victim…er, guest about all the other projects she has planned. She’s one whose yarn stash fill an entire room (outside link) and whose kids can be found napping on it. She’s the one who has it displayed in some creative way, like in a hutch with glass doors (outside link).

So I haven’t quite earned the Crazy Yarn Lady title, but I’m working on it, and today’s raid brings me one step closer. Mwhahahaha!

Here’s my current yarn stash dumped into a pile on the bed. Isn’t it beautiful?

Really though, today’s raid on the craft store had little to do with me or my crafting obsession of late. Actually, very little of what I bought will go toward any of my future projects.

Has anyone else noticed how complicated school has gotten compared to when we were in school, or is it just me? I know someone out there is wondering how buying yarn and school relate? Stick with me for a minute and this whole post will make perfect sense. I think?

I’ve noticed that as my oldest daughter moves up the grades, I find myself running more and more to the store for things like gym clothes and shoes with white soles, notebooks, school supplies I didn’t have to buy before, tri-fold presentation boards (twice, because the first one was too small), nice clothes for choir/band that she will never wear again, the occasional poster board, and today it was yarn.

I bought a massive amount of yarn in all these beautiful colors because my eldest has to do some service project for her community (more details are supposed to be coming my way soon from the teacher) and the project my daughter decided would be the best to do was…. *drum roll* loom knitted baby beanies for the local hospital.

After speaking with her teacher yesterday to make sure she was good with the project, I bought enough yarn to keep my daughters and me busy for a few months at least. 😀

So what inspired my daughter to create beanies?

Well it all started when I pulled out the knitting loom they bought me for Christmas and decided to practice the different knitting stitches in the book they got me. I choose the simplest item I could think of to create, the beanie.

I used some leftover yarn from projects that were done in the past and tried out each size loom. These were my first tries. My favorite stitch is the red one.

Small Child Beanie, Baby Beanie, and Adult Beanie

Small Child (top left), Baby (bottom left), and Adult (right)

My daughter loved them so much that she had me make her one in her school colors and then decided that she wanted to learn how to make them. As much as she has been enjoying crocheting things lately, I think she finds Loom Knitting easier and I don’t blame her one bit. It is easy.

My Eldest Daughter wanted to show off the loom knitted hat I made her. I don’t believe she’s taken it off since Monday.

The yarn should arrive next week and I’ll post pictures of all the lovely colors we picked for the babies when it gets here.

Wishing you all the very Best!

Stephannie Beman

Show & Tell: A few Scarves

I love scarves in the winter. I love designing them. I love making them. I love giving them as gifts to people I think would appreciate them. And when the situation calls for it, I to love to wear them.

Sadly, the situation to wear my crocheted and knitted scarves doesn’t come around very often. As warm as they are to use when I feed the cows here on the Ranch, I’m not a fan of having the hay stalks and seeds in the yarn. It’s far too scratchy and hard to get the hay out of the fibers. But when I thought I might open a Handmade Shop to support my crafting hobby, I went out to buy some lovely yarn to make some beautiful scarves out of and created a Pinterest board of Crochet Stitches that I loved and wanted to use in some projects.

I’ve been really busy learning some new crochet stitches for the past few weeks and I thought I would share some of the projects I used them on and the finishing touches I’ve done to some of the projects I’ve been working on.

Lacy Pink Scarf/Wrap

This project was inspired by the Coraline in Miden Cozy oversized Cowl Wrap (you can find the Free Pattern at And while I loved the chunkiness of their yarn choice, I decided to go with a soft yarn I had lying around.

Crocheted Lacy Pink Infinity Cowl

I wanted something light and airy for those cool days and this works so well for that. Another difference between my design and the one at is that I didn’t want this to be just an infinity scarf. I wanted something that could work beautifully as a wrap/shawl and this worked perfectly for my needs. The black ribbon adds a nice touch to a simple scarf/wrap.


My Heart Infinity Scarf

Those who read my first post of 2018 might recognize my next finished project. For this lovely bright pink yarn, I knew that I wanted a heart design worked into the scarf. I tried a few but in the long run My Heart Infinity Scarf was inspired by a design that I think might be a curtain (outside link).

Ocean Waves Infinity Scarf

I  bought several skeins of gorgeous yarn on sale a couple of weeks ago that I thought would work up beautifully into scarves. This was the first time that I worked with an acrylic/wool yarn blend and I found that I love the drape and warmth of this scarf.

Ocean Waves Infinity Scarf

I knew from the moment that I saw this yarn that it reminded me of the ocean and I wanted to do some thing that looked like waves. I had more than a dozen false starts with different patterns and probably drove my hubby crazy each time I pulled out the stitches. I finally chose the stitch pattern that I found here and just modified it to suit my needs. I’m really happy with the end results even if it took me three weeks to figure out and finish. 😀

I’m really proud of how these three scarves turned out and looking forward to making some more later this season.

Wishing you all the very best in 2018!

Stephannie Beman

Changes & my Focus for 2018

Hello and welcome to the New Year!

Happy New Year!

I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday. I know mine was. I spent a few hours each day reading with my girls, writing a book with my eldest daughter, playing games with my lovely family, watching TV with hubby, and creating several handcrafted items to stock my handcrafted shop (more about this later).

Now that the new year is finally here, I’m both excited and a little apprehensive. I’m excited because so many things in my life have changed and there is more that I plan to change before I’m done. I’m excited because in many ways I’m starting over and doing something new, which is also why I’m apprehensive. Doing something new can be scary, especially for someone who wants everything to work out perfectly the first time around, and starting over doesn’t mean that it will work any better this time around then it did the last time. I’m apprehensive because I don’t want to repeat the mistakes of the past, and because as much as I love a challenge and taking risks, I don’t want to fail.

Yes, I know that failure is full of opportunities to learn, to move forward, to start over, and to make changes, but it can be a painful process.

I spent most of 2017 re-evaluating of my life and my writing career. And I’ve finally had to admit to myself that I failed at my writing career, and that I failed spectacularly well.


I was once told hat I’m a doggedly determined person, and at the time I thought that was a good thing and it can be. But I’ve also come to realize that being doggedly determined can be a bad thing. In the situation I found myself in, it was a really bad thing because I pushed forward well past the point that I should have quit, when most people do quit.

The last few years writing has become a daily struggle and more times than not I failed at the goals I gave myself, not because I couldn’t reach them, but because something in me resisted. It wasn’t until recently that I realized that I’d become so focused on my writing career that I never stopped to ask myself if I wanted the life that I was creating for myself? I never stopped to ask myself if I was enjoying what I was doing and how I was doing it? I never stopped to ask myself if I still loved writing?

The answer to those questions is no, no, and sort of.

Everything I’ve done since I published that first book 8 years ago has brought me to this point. And it was time that I took a long, hard look at the life I had created and change what I didn’t like about it.

What I realized this years was I hate my writing career. I hate all the little things I’ve done to gain even a small measure of success. I hate what I’ve had to sacrifice because I thought it would make me successful. I hate that somewhere along the way I’ve lost sight of all my other dreams. I hate that I lost that spark that started me writing in the first place.

Now don’t panic, for those who love my writing, I’m not quitting altogether. Not writing is not an option for me. You see, writing is in my blood. Even when I try to take a break from it, it creeps into my subconscious mind and eventually my fingers will itch to write. If this year has taught me anything, it’s that even contemplating not writing doesn’t feel right.

What I should have quit is how I went about creating my writing career. What I should have quit was the thinking that writing had to be everything for me. Writing isn’t the only thing I love.

So now I’m doing what I should have done years ago. I’m taking a break from writing and doing something else. I’m giving myself that time to healing the damage done to my poor writer-self so when the time is right I can rebuild a writing career that I can be proud to claim as mine. A career that I can manage with everything going on in my life. A career that allows me to to do all the things I love while still spending time with my family. Because nothing is more important to me then my hubby and daughters.

Note: Two articles had a big impact on my decision about my writing this year: Business Musings: Burn Out & the Indie Writer (outside link) and Business Musings: Quitting (outside link ). Both were written by Kristine Kathryn Rusch and I’d like to thank her for all the articles she writes as they are always helpful, even if I don’t realize it until 7 years later (I’m talking about another article by her that I read years ago and which finally made sense to me now but I was unable to find to post here.).  While they are written for authors, some of the points she makes in the articles can relate to anyone in any career. At least my 11-year-old daughter seemed to think so when I read it to her.

My Year in Review

Much of what I did this year is balanced with living my life, spending time with my family (this has become my #1 priority), and working with Hubby on the Ranch (this is my #2 priority in life). So while it might appear that I’m not getting a lot done during the months, there is a lot of personal stuff going on behind the scenes that isn’t mentioned here.

January – June: Writing

I wish I could say that I got more accomplished in this six month period, but my writing took a sharp downward decline around February and by June it had gotten so bad that I finally stopped writing anything. I can honestly say that everything I tried writing this year stalled out within a few days and nothing went as planned.

July – August: Woodworking + Crocheting

I spent much of the Summer assessing my writing career and realizing just how much I hated it. Since I’m not one to sit still, I threw myself into other projects I’ve neglected over the years, mostly craft items.

This year I decided to return to wood working. This is something I’ve been teaching myself every Summer for the last 2 years. This year I cut several wooden disks from a large cedar branch that we cut away from the house. The wood grain was so beautiful that I wanted to make several coasters from the wood.

During the drying process, the wood split, ruining any chance of using it the way I wanted to. I guess I’m going to have to do a little more research on drying wood so that I can try again on the next branch that we have to cut down.

Rather then toss the wooden pieces, I pulled out my Dremel tool and created several pieces of jewelry. It wasn’t just fun but I learned a lot about shaping the wood. At this time the pieces are unfinished. I plan to make a trip to a friend’s house to use his belt sander and find the best way to treat the wood.

I wish the red grain of the cedar came out better in the picture so you could see the rich red and red-purple of the cedar. Maybe once I varnish them it will help, or maybe I should have brought them outside to photography in natural light. 😀

My other project was crocheted covers for the back and arms of our new couch. This is practice for an afghan that I will shortly be making for Hubby. He loved the pattern. 😀

September: Craft Shop + Book Cover Design

I was also contacted by two lovely authors that I’ve worked with in the past (Ruth Ann Nordin and Janet Syas Nitsick (outside links)) and asked if I could design their book covers. I believe they turned out beautifully. What do you think?

After a suggestion from a friend that I should start selling my excess handcrafted items, due to this tendency I have to love an idea so much that I create it without thought to what I’m going to do with it when I’m done (like with the scrubby dishcloths that I created. I’m pretty sure that it would take me years to use the ones I made), I have been looking into opening a small online shop.

I started by doing a little research on how to sell crafts, where to sell them, and creating a website for my shop. What I found was oodles of information on running a craft business, but very little about the hobby crafter who just wants to sell a few things. As much as I love creating things, I really don’t want to run a craft business. For the foreseeable future, running any business is off the table.

October: Websites & a New Planner

I started creating a website for my book cover design services, as this was something I have been thinking of returning to for months. But it didn’t take me long to realize that I was falling into an old trap of mine. If the past has taught me anything, it’s that I can’t manage several websites and blogs along with everything else in my life. It only leads to stress and burnout.

Since the book cover design and handmade crafts would be hobbies and not businesses, they don’t need different websites. So I scrapped all the websites and placed all three of my loves in one place. I guess if someone has a problem with how I’m doing this, it’s not my problem.

I also released my new planner for 2018, about a month later than planned. The 2018 Writer’s Planner is a different take on planners and is more for the weekly planner then the daily planner. You can read more about this planner here (opens in a new window).

November: Gathering Crafts

After scouring the house for the craft projects that I’ve created over the years and haven’t used, I came up with a good-sized pile. It kinda surprised me at how many things I had lying around the house and didn’t know it.

I tried my hand at crocheted placemats for the craft shop in November, but loved them so much I decided to keep them. The left one belongs to my oldest daughter, the right one to my hubby, the middle one was mine, and the orange one for my youngest is in the wash. I have plans to make more of the tan ones because I love the look of them.

I made a few craft purchases this month, added a few more projects to work on, and started creating more items. By the time this posts I hope to have a few more items on my list.

December: Sold Out & Writing Again

I contemplated opening the Handcraft Shop for Christmas, but tossed the idea out because I’m nowhere close to ready and  a friend (the same one who suggested the store in the first place) ask me what I had for handcrafted gifts for Christmas. I gave her my inventory list and she bought almost all of it. The only item she didn’t want was the Lacy Pink Infinity Wrap, and only because it was pink and her relative doesn’t like pink.

Crocheted Lacy Pink Infinity Wrap


About the end of December, I was came to a few conclusions: 1) if I do open a handcrafted shop it will be to support my crafting habit, but it’s not looking promising, 2) while I felt the writing itch again, it couldn’t sustain my interest for long, and 3) I need time to find my passion again and heal from creative burn out.

Things I’m Focusing On for 2018

Crochet Scarves & Hoods

I have a few skeins of yarn that I bought years ago for a baby blanket that I never made because relatives sent me more blankets than I could possibly use or store. I boxed the yarn away and waited until I found a project to use them with. The other day I pulled them out and decided that a heart pattern would work with the hot pink yarn.

This is my current work-in-progress, a heart infinity scarf.

I also bought several skeins of gorgeous yarn on sale a couple of weeks ago that I thought would work up beautifully into scarves and hoods. The hardest part will be picking out the right pattern for each color. 😀

Status: In-Progress

Scrubby Washcloths

These cloths are of my only design and at 4″x4″ they are perfect for my smaller hands (I wear kid’s large or women’s small gloves). I love these cloths and I have requests for more. I guess I’m not the only one who isn’t a fan of huge washcloths for dish washing.

Since all the 10 sets I made are now gone (either given as gifts or sold) and I still have some leftover cotton and scrubby yarn, I plan to make some more and sell them in sets of 3. My grandma is a big fan of using these on her skin. She loves the feel of her skin after using one. Silky smooth. 😀

Come in three colors or a set of three. One side is soft and the other side is scrubby.

Status: Waiting to be done

Beanies for Babies/Kids & Cocoons for Infants

My girls bought me a loom set for Christmas and I’ve been trying my hand at loom knitting. Something I’ve wanted to try again for years. With the birth of a second grandbaby, I want to make beanies and cocoons for the little ones.

Status: In-Progress.

Website + Blog

There are some more things I need to fix on this website and pages that need to be posted or created, although not right at this moment. I’m also looking into how I want to do the blog, because while I’m no longer writing this blog for business, I really don’t want to abandon it. So I’m rethinking my focus and what I’ll be writing about here. I guess you could say that I won’t be abandoning writing at all.

Status: Research and development stage

Book Design Services & Returning Clients

I have a few more to-dos on my list, but for the most part I’m ready to start working on book designs again. While I’ve been looking into some places to post my services, I think for the time being I’ll just stick to posting them on my website and  working with returning clients.

Sometime this year, I will be designing the covers for two different returning client of mine. The first wants to redo her older book covers and have new covers created for her books coming out. The second wants to redo the cover and formatting for an older book and possibly a new one.

Status: Mostly in-progress, but some things are on hold until I have further details

Writing the Sara Greenway Book (Series)

As my oldest daughter has been asking me to write a book for her for the last two years now, I’m going to try to focus on writing this book/series. This is a story that we’ve been working on together and that I’m writing under a “pen name” because of the stuff I mentioned in this post.

Okay, so it’s not really a pen name. I decided that rather than writing under pen names (it goes back to what I can and can’t manage), I’m going to use a shorter version of Stephannie. So my YA books will go under Steph Beman and everything else will go under Stephannie Beman.

Since most kids I know aren’t interested in reading huge tomes, despite what the publishers put onto shelves, I promised my daughter that we would keep each book around 30,000 words. I’m not sure at this point how many books will be in the series and when I will actually get them done, but they are on my list of things to focus on.

Status: In-progress

Children of Khaos Series

While I’ve been debating a complete overhaul of the series and the possibility of more stories under this series, in the end I decided not to. Mostly because it will create significant changes that will anger the readers who love them the way they are. And yes, I’m talking to you mom. 😀

As My Lord Hades and Death’s Lover are basically ready and other then being proofread for mistakes, haven’t changed, they will be the first ones I release. Loving the Goddess of Love needs a little more work. I will be adding a few extra scenes before sending it to my favorite proofreader, change the title, and update the cover before I send it out.

After that, the plan is to write Beloved Kora to end the series. I know there are a lot of people who loved this series, but I don’t have the passion to write any more on it for the time being.

Status: In-Progress

2019 Planners

Sometime this year I will publish two blank planners that can be bought anytime during the year and be used throughout the year. I will no longer make the dated ones as I’m spending too much time doing it without enough reward for the effort.

Status: Haven’t started yet


I know that this looks like a huge list, but some things are already in-progress, others are almost done, a few haven’t even been started but they’re smaller projects that I can stick into the nooks and crannies of my day, and some aren’t too important to finish. Also I work in waves. Most of my writing and design work is done during the winter months while most of the crafting is done turning the warm months.

Thank you all for your patience. I love you guys.

Wishing you all the best this year,