My Printable Project Planner

I got so excited, that I ended up releasing my Printable Project Planner a week early. My bad. *hangs head in shame, but can’t hide the small smile*

Ok, so I’m not sorry! I’m having a lot of fun creating printable planner inserts that I can customize to fit my needs…and yours.

Yep! I admit that I love my simple, blank printable planner inserts over using the store bought ones or even the pre-dated 2019 Planner that I created. What can I say, I found printing out what I need for that month, week, or day while skipping the rest better fits my needs and lifestyle.

So without further ado, I present you with the Project Planner…

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What Customers have to say:

“It’s a great tool. I’ve been using these planners for three years now, and it’s helped me stay organized. I’ve also enjoyed the fact that I can track down my progress, so on days where I feel like I haven’t done much, I can look over the planner and see how much I’ve accomplished over the year. It keeps me motivated.

“I still have the ones I used for the past couple of years. It’s nice to go over them from time to time and see what I’ve done. After a while, I’ve noticed how I can best pace out my projects because I can see where the project started and where it ended. It helps me plan out future projects since I have a better idea of my natural work schedule.

“I didn’t even realize how much writing down what I was doing each day helped me stay on top of things and figure out my own pattern for working on books.”

~Ruth Ann Nordin

Buy the Project Planner (Printable PDF) for $4.95 at ETSY now!

Wishing you all the best,
Stephannie Beman


I have a small favor to ask…

Today I sent out an email to my mailing list ask them to do me a small favor. And I promised it was a very small one. It’s the same favor I want to ask all those interested to do for me now. So here we go!

In 2018, I decided to refocus my life to better reflected who I am. As life is full of all the little things we love, I wanted a place where I could share my love of reading, writing, book design, and handmade crafting. I decided to do this on my website. As all things in life worth doing are, it’s still a work in progress, so don’t judge me to harshly. 😀

As part of those changes, and here is where the small favor I’m asking for comes into play, I’m asking all those interested to sign up for my mailing list. I’ve several lists (6 to be exact) that I would hate for you to miss out because I haven’t been vocal about their existence.

What you will find on my mailing list depends on the list(s) you signed up for, I promise that each email delivered to your inbox is mindfully written to entertain or share information with you about:

  • For those who subscribed to a Book List or several, you will not only get updates on what book project I’m working on, new book releases and pre-orders, but also a heads up on special offers and coupons for books.
  • For those who joined The Reading List, you will receive a monthly list of books I’ve read or would recommend to others. Because who doesn’t love sharing the books they enjoyed with others.
  • And for those who signed up for Stephannie Beman Handmade: These emails may not be as frequent, but they will have inspiration behind the item, what I’m working on, new handmade items for sale, and special offers on handmade crafts.

Please Don’t Miss Out!

Death’s Lover is Now Available!

Book #2 of the Children of Khaos: The Originals, Death’s Lover is finally back in digital!

Now for those who just want to read your copy, feel free to ignore the rest of this post and buy Death’s Lover at: SmashwordsBarnes & NobleiBooksKobo, Scribd, Amazon USAmazon UKAmazon AU, and Amazon CA.

For those of you who want to know why the book is published a month earlier than I told everyone it would be, about the book, and read an excerpt of the story, keep reading.

Okay, so Death’s Lover has been published a whole month earlier then planned and there is a very good reason for that. When I started to get it ready for publishing, I set it up with some new distributors as a pre-order, and then I went in to update at the old book distributors I decided to use again. Only after I had input the new information, uploaded the new cover, and replaced the book document, did I realize that by updating it rather than creating a new book that I couldn’t place it up as a pre-order.

Since there are readers who have already bought it, I decided to laugh it off as learning moment and move on to the next story.

Not sure if you want to buy Death’s Lover, well let me tell you what the book is about:

Saved by a stranger, Lilith was given another chance at life. But when her ability to see a person’s death attracts the attention of the warlord Adman, her fate is sealed. Adman will do anything, kill anyone, to possess her talent. And the only one standing between him and Lilith is Death himself.

Thanatos is no stranger to death. He’s seen every possible way there was to die. When he crosses paths with Lilith, he finally sees an end to the tiresome duty of collecting the souls of dead mortals and taking them to the Underworld for judgment. But to save her, Thanatos will be forced to break every ancient law, and even a few newer ones, and in the end it might cost them both their lives.

And if you’re still unsure, have a small taste from the book:

“Don’t insult me!” Nadral shouted. “I could easily get twice as much for her!”

She reached for the latch.

“It’s all you’ll get from me,” a man growled, and the voice chilled her to her soul.

She snatched her hand back, ready to run. She needed to hide before they saw her. But it was already too late.

The door swung open, and a large man stood in the doorway, staring down at her. He hadn’t changed in five years. He was still a handsome man. His frame was fit and lean, clothed in supple leathers. His body was strong and taller than most men. Her fingers itched to release his long, sandy blond hair from its tie and run her hands through the silky length. It was his only outward show of vanity. Many of the warriors in the ranks of his army cut their hair short. But he refused after she’d once admired the color and mentioned loving longer hair on her men.

Her body warmed at the memory of long nights in his bed. Sex with Adman had been adventurous and beyond pleasant.

“Lilith?” he breathed, stepping closer to her. His brown eyes warmed, and the backs of his fingers brushed lightly against her cheek. A gesture that was both tender and possessive. “Kar’ela par’ja.

Lover of my heart.

Her heart flipped in her chest at his words and for one moment she deluded herself into thinking that he meant it. This was the man who’d come to take her from this life of slavery. She could be his again. She could be free of Nadral. All she had to do was betray everything she believed and held dear. She’d have to go with a murderer of innocent people.

“She’s mine,” Nadral snarled, grabbing her arm.

His punishing grip twisted her arm, and tears sprang to her eyes. He jerked her to his side, and she stumbled, nearly falling to her knees before regaining her feet. She dared a glance at Adman beneath her lowered eyelashes, and fear rose to swallow her whole.

His youthful face, innocent in appearance, could not hide the coldness of his soul. His look said it all. He would have her. He would destroy everything to possess her. And he would kill anyone standing between him and what he wanted.

She laid a calming hand on his arm. “Nadral, please—”

His hand struck her cheek, silencing her warning. “This is between men!” He shoved her through the doorway and she fell to her knees.

Buy Death’s Lover at:

Smashwords ~ Barnes & Noble ~ iBooks ~ Kobo ~ Scribd ~ Amazon US ~ Amazon UK ~ Amazon AU ~ Amazon CA

Or read the first 5 chapters of Death’s Lover: 

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My Lord Hades is Now Available!

Well, it’s finally back in print! Or is that digital? I guess since there is only a digital copy at this time it would be, My Lord Hades is back in digital! Woohoo!

Now that that is figured out, My Lord Hades is book 1 of Children of Khaos: The Originals and it was ready to return to the world a little earlier than I planned.

For those who just want to read your copy now, feel free to ignore the rest of this email and buy My Lord Hades in ebook at Smashwords,  Barnes & NobleiBooksKoboScribdAmazon USAmazon UKAmazon AUAmazon CA. For those who would like to know more, keep reading.

My Lord Hades, author Stephannie Beman

Book Cover Design by Stephannie Beman

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Reviving the Children of Khaos Series

Yep! I’m bringing the Children of Khaos Series to life in a way that I didn’t really plan on.

Children of Khaos Series, Series Banner

Early last year, I was ready to throw the series into a drawer and start over with my writing in every way possible. By December 2017, I realized that the series deserved more respect then that. And, there are a few fans who have written me letters asking where My Lord Hades went and when is it coming back.

(I will email those who have been asking me about the book when I republish it.)

I want to take a moment to thank all those who have send emails of encouragement. You guys are the greatest! You’ve also inspired me to not only bring the Children of Khaos Series back, but write another book in the series.

But that isn’t all. I also plan to add more books.

Why did I decide to do this after swearing to never write another Children of Khaos book? Well, it wasn’t just because there are readers out their wanting more stories.

As I was working on my plans to resurrect a few books and breathe fresh air into others, I made the mistake  of starting with Death’s Lover. Even though it is the third book in the series, it had the least amount of work that needed to be done as it was the first that I had edited by one of the best editors I’ve worked with.

Reading Death’s Lover made me fall in love with the series all over again. I will confess that it is my favorite book in the entire series and it really made me want to bring the other two books up to the same level.  Plus I found a ton of teasers for future books hidden inside its pages that only add fuel to the creative fire.

That means I needed to add a few more to-dos to my ever growing to-do list. Over the next few weeks I’m going to:

  • Finish my read through of My Lord Hades (Lauralynn Elliot edited this book last year for me and I went through the edits at the time, but still felt something was a little off.). I will be tweaking some of the scenes for better clarity and removing a few that don’t need to be there.
  • Work on the rewrites of Loving the Goddess of Love and send it to my favorite editor to clean up. This book will not only gain several new scenes, but will also get a new book cover and title. I was never a fan of the original title and have wanted to change it for years now but I really didn’t have an idea what to name it. Now I do. And no I’m not going to share it with y’all yet.
  • Make notes for more stories while reading through the books, including scenes and notes for Beloved Kora.
  • Put together the front and back matter for this series so that it has an uniformed look.
  • Redo the interior formatting of Death’s LoverMy Lord Hades, and Loving the Goddess of Love, because for some reason the formatting for My Lord Hades is a little wonky.
  • Plan and design the look I want for the Children of Khaos book covers and redo all the covers. Some are getting a complete makeover, while others more of a upgrade.

I’m not sure how long this will take me, but they are near the top of my to-do list for my writing just below actually writing book #1 of the Sara Greenway Series.

Wishing you all the best!

Stephannie Beman

2018 Writer’s Planner

Over the years, I’ve been a writer, a publisher, a freelance book designer, a business woman, a rancher, and a wife and mother. Sometimes I’ve done all those jobs at the same time. Other times it was only been a handful of them. During that time I’ve used dozens of pre-printed planners, searching for the one planner that could help me keep my chaotic schedule in order. But no mass-produced planner could fit my lifestyle. It was only when I made my own planner that I found one that fit my needs at any giving time.

As the years progressed, my planner creating journey generated interest from other writers who loved the idea behind my writer focused planners and wanted a copy for themselves. At first I gave them a file to print, but after a request for a spiral bound planner, I decided to launch my first printed planner for writers. The 2016 Writer’s Planner was launched. While it wasn’t as successful as I would have hoped, I will never see it as a failure. It is my sincerest hope that you will be able to make this planner work for you.

Not the usual type of planner, the 2018 Writer’s Planner was created by a writer for other writers, but it can be used by anyone who plans their weeks around projects more than appointments. It is a yearly and weekly planner that allows you to see what appointments you have for the week, keep track of those pesky tasks that you need to make sure you have done daily, and make a to-do list of projects and/or tasks you need to work on but have no specific time or day when it needs to get it done. There are also several sections for projects that you maybe working on at any given moment.

After a few tweaks to last year’s pages and adding a few others, I’m ready to send the 2018 Writer’s Planner out into the world. Regardless of how you use this planner, I hope you find it a useful tool and wish you all every success in the coming year!

Inside you’ll find:

  • Plan Ahead Section with a yearly overview, birthdays and anniversaries calendar.
  • To-Do List for things you need to do this year & next year.
  • Weekly Calendar Section for appointments, weekly projects and tasks.
  • Contacts Section to keep track of the name, address, phone numbers, email addresses, and notes about the person.
  • Online Tools Section to keep track of websites, usernames, and passwords.
  • Notes and Plans Section for Gift List, Project Planning & brainstorming, notes & ideas, and sketches.

Purchase at Lulu for $13.99

Pages in the 2018 Writer’s Planner


Product Details

Author: Stephannie Beman
Published: October 18, 2017
Language: English
Pages: 192
Binding: Coil
Interior Ink: Black & white
Weight: 1.33 lbs.
Dimensions (inches): 8.5 wide x 11 tall

NEW RELEASE! Two 2017 Planners Designed with Writer’s in Mind

Last year, I released the 2016 Task & Project Planner and now I’m really, really excited to announce the unveiling of the 2017 Task & Project Planner and the 2017 Writer’s Notebook Planner, but only because of a very dear friend of mine really loved last years planner made the request that I create a new one for this coming year. I didn’t just create one, I created two.

The 2017 Project & Task Planner is both a yearly and weekly planner that allows you to see what appointments you have for the week, keep track of those pesky tasks that you need to make sure you have done daily, and make a to-do list of projects and tasks you need to work on but have no specific time or day when they need to be done. (This Planner is perfect for the more task oriented writer who doesn’t have a lot of events or appointments to track.)

While the 2017 Writer’s Notebook Planner was specifically designed for writers to help you track your time, pursue your goals, plan your projects, record your ideas, and live your life! (This Planner is better for the writer who wants to track their projects, goals, and what they do daily.)

And here they are! Aren’t they lovely? 😀


Here’s the covers for 2017 Task & Project Planner (left) and 2017 Writer’s Notebook Planner (right) that I designed. Yes, they’re a little girly.

I know there is someone out there wondering why two planners?

Well the short version is: I wanted something different.

The longer version: I’m a planner addict who really, really wants to find a planner that fit my needs because my planning style has always been more task oriented without set deadlines then task oriented with set deadlines. I’m one of those people who wants to make a meal plans for the month or even a week but can’t stick with it because I don’t feel like eating or cooking the meal I thought I was going to make that day. I plan my days according to how I feel that day.

So in my quest to find a planner that doesn’t drive me crazy I’ve bought, printed off, and even created several different types of planners to no avail. Then I stumbled onto the Bullet Journal and it really worked for me. If you don’t know what I’m talking about when I say Bullet Journal, you can learn more about it at (a blog that I’ve never personally read but was created by the guy behind the system), or check out Tiny Ray of Sunshine to read her thorough guide to the Bullet Journal system (this one I have read and liked), or look at some images on Google or on my Bullet Journal & Planners Pinterest Board to get the idea (all outside links).

The 2016 Task & Project Planner was created because I wanted a printable planner using one of my favorite bullet journal layouts. When I told my really great friend and fellow writer (who I mentioned above) what I was doing, she really wanted one, so I had LULU print it and sold it for as cheap as LULU would allow me to because I wanted fellow writers to be able to afford something that could help them. I also gave it away as a free printable for anyone who wanted to try it and do the printing themselves.

When my friend asked me last month if I would have another planner for this year, I jumped at the chance to improve the 2016 Task & Project Planner. The 2017 Task & Project Planner is done in the same style as last year with a few added bonuses. The 2017 Writer’s Notebook Planner is a whole new design I created with another bullet journal layout that I love. I really want to see which one works best with my planning style or if I’ll be going back to the bullet journal system in 2018.

Now that you have the background story behind these planners, let me tell you a bit about them. I’ve taken some pictures to help you see what these planners are offering you too!

Inside the 2017 Task & Project Planner

This planner is coil bound and printed on white, letter size paper. The format is a one page weekly spread that covers January – December 2017. At the behest of my friend, I added a few things in this planner from last year and then a few more things she didn’t ask for because I thought it would make it more useful. So let’s have a look inside, shall we?


Purchase at LULU

The Plan Ahead Section has:

  • Birthday & Anniversaries calendar is a basic month by month spread for you to write down all those Birthdays and Anniversaries of friends and family all in one place.
  • Gift Lists is basically a notes page to write down gift ideas for yourself or the other people in you life.
  • Things I Need To Do This Year is another lined page where you can list all the things you want to do in the year that don’t really have a place on your calendar yet.
  • 2017-at-a-Glance is a yearly overview where you can pre-plan your projects, write down events and appointments, list your set deadlines and plan your projects backward, or track your work flow in a Gantt-like styled Chart (for an idea of what I’m talking about you can check out the Work Flow Chart section of Jessica Chung’s article).
  • Things I Need to Do Next Year is where you can write down anything you need to remember to do next year.

The 2017-at-a-Glance page gives you a full view of your year at-a-glance! I once used these to track book cover designs I needed to do for clients, my writing deadlines, and even days I wrote.

The 2017 Calendar Section has:

  • Monthly Goals & Projects is a divided line page for each month where you can list out all the things you want to do during the month.
  • The Weekly Spread is divided into three sections. At the top you have a place for Appointments. The next area is a Daily Project & Task Tracker for you to track things you do everyday but don’t really want to have to write them out each day. The bottom section is where you list all your Weekly Projects & Tasks for the week that don’t have any specific day that they need to be done on. If I need to get it done at a certain time I might write the due date beside the task.

Here’s what the weekly spread looks like.

My Writing Projects

  • My Projects for this Year is a place to write down all the projects you want to do in the year.
  • My 2017 Writing Tracker was something I added this year. I use it to keep track of the days I write or meet my word count.
  • Project Planner is where you can plan your projects. There is even an extra page for notes.
  • Project Plans is several blank sheets of paper where you can brainstorm your projects.
  • My Projects for Next Year is where you can list out project ideas for next year as they come to you. I use sticky notes in this section too.

Both the Projects for This Year and the Projects for Next Year have the same layout with a different title.  I use sticky notes in both of these calendars because my plans frequently change.


The Writing Tracker (left) and the first page of the Project Planning sheets (right).

Lists, Notes, & Inspiration Section

  • Online Tools is a table where you can write down the website, username, and passwords for all you online stuff. I use abbreviations and hints for most of mine. Just enough to remind me and not enough to give someone free access if I ever lost my planner.
  • Waiting On is another new page for this year. These pages give you a place to track what has been ordered but is pending fulfillment and delivery, that email you sent and are waiting for a response from, support from services, letters from pen pals, giveaways, blog comments, or anything else you can think of.
  • Notes & Ideas is lined paper for writing notes.
  • Mind Mapping & Sketches is blank paper for sketching and mind-mapping.


Contacts Section

  • Contacts is the place for names, addresses, phone numbers, email address, and notes about the person.

The 196 page, 2017 Task and Project Planner can be Purchase at Lulu for $13.99

(I won’t be offering the 2017 Task & Project Planner as a FREE printable on this site this year; however, if you want to make a request for a PDF to do your own printing, please email me and I’ll send you a FREE copy.)

Inside the 2017 Writer’s Notebook Planner

New this year, the 2017 Writer’s Notebook Planner was my attempt to try something different with some of the layouts. This planner is coil bound and printed on white, letter size paper. The format is a two page weekly spread that covers January – December 2017. Inside you will find…


Purchase at Lulu

Trackers Section

The tracker section is a way to eliminate having repetitive tasks filling up your weekly pages and give you an overview of the year. However, the goal is not to accomplish all the tasks every day, but rather to track your activity throughout the month or year for the things that matter most to you. It’s a great tool for self-assessment and reflection.

  • The Writing Tracker is a yearly overview of your writing progress. Over the years I’ve given myself a lot of grief for not writing more, but it wasn’t until I used the writing tracker that I realized how many days I wrote. It was awesome to see a visual of my writing year!
  • There are three Extra Trackers for you to track other things such as exercise, blogging, or business. It’s up to you on how you want to use them.

2017 Calendar Section:

This section gives you tools to plan and track your year, month, and days in advance (I think that is my only real complaint about the bullet journal system, planning days and months in advanced.):

  • The Birthday and Anniversaries gives you a place to record birthdays and anniversaries you wish to remember.
  • The Gift Lists is where you can write down those great gifts you run into for yourself, friends, and family, plus any information related to them.
  • 2017-At-A-Glance is a yearly overview calendar where you can write down birthdays and anniversaries you need to remember, record deadlines, schedule a book launch, or set aside a week to work on your big writing project’s tasks. By knowing what is coming up and when, you can more easily schedule your days to meet your obligations. When you track your deadlines, you will be better able to avoid scheduling tasks that aren’t so urgent in the same time-frame.
  • The Monthly Planner has a place for morning, afternoon, and all day commitments and appointments. For example, since I use my planner for both business and personal, I will write down the days my kids are out of school in the all day section. There is also a column for monthly goals & projects where you can list out all the things you want to accomplish that month.
  • The Weekly Planner is a two page spread that is broken down into four sections:
    • This Week’s Projects & Goals is where you can write down the projects, goals, and weekly to-do list for things you need to do that have no specific time or day when it needs to get it done but that needs to be done that week.
    • This Week’s Task Tracker can be used to track specifics task that you want to do daily for the week.
    • The Day Planner works in two ways. First, there is a horizontal Time Tracker to help you track what you’ve done that day or to help you plan the day. I like using symbols from my key on my time tracker such as an email icon when I check email, or color codes such as green for business work, red for writing, orange for family, or blank for unscheduled time. Second, it has a place to add specific tasks and to-dos for that day.
    • The Notes section for you to write down any reminders or ideas for that week or to improve next week’s plans.
  • Schedule for Next Year is where you can record any reminders, events, tasks, and anything else you want to do next year. I use small sticky notes in this area so I can move them around as my plans solidify.

Use the 2017-at-a-Glance calendar to plan your year, set your deadlines, or track your work flow.


Not your usual monthly spread with boxes, this monthly calendar is based on the bullet journal style with space to record all day, AM, and PM appointments and events.


This weekly spread has a way for you to track your time and create a daily to-do list.

Project Planner Section

  • My Projects for this Year gives you a place to list all the projects you want to work on during the year and so that you can see what you want to accomplish and decide on the best time and date for those projects before imputing them into your planner.
  • The Project Planner & Notes is provided for you to plan out the project you wish to work on this year. There are six Project planner areas provided. They can be used for writing projects, website redesigns, blogging, or home improvement.
  • My Projects To-Do Next Year is where you can write down anything you want to remember to do next year.

Both My Projects for This Year and My Projects To-Do Next Year are a two page spread where you can plan out your projects in advanced. I use sticky notes until my plans are solidified.

Lists, Notes, & Inspiration

  • Online Tools can help you keep track of websites, usernames, and passwords for all you online stuff. Although, I feel safer using abbreviations and hints to jog my memory for much of this.
  • Waiting On sheets gives you a place to track what has been ordered but is pending fulfillment and delivery, that email you sent and are waiting for a response from, support from services, letters from pen pals, contests, blog comments, or anything else you can think of.
  • Notes & Ideas is lined paper for brainstorming and writing down reminders about ideas you might have.
  • Mindmapping & Sketches is a blank paper for sketching pictures or brainstorming ideas.


  • Contacts is for the names, addresses, phone numbers, email addresses, and notes about the people you contact.

The 228 page, 2017 Writer’s Notebook Planner can be Purchase at Lulu for $14.99

(I won’t be offering the 2017 Writer’s Notebook Planner as a FREE printable on this site this year; however, if you want to make a request for a PDF to do your own printing, please email me and I’ll send you a FREE copy.)

Wishing y’all the very best today!