The Rancher’s Wife

Author: Stephannie Beman
Wild Hearts
Length: Novel
Genre: Historical Western Romance


Dressed as a boy, Abigail Nichols is on the run with her three-year-old nephew Lloyd in tow. She has no idea if the rest of her family is safe and she can’t return home until she knows for sure. Her only choice is to go to the Jackson Ranch and hope that her brother’s old war friend Randolph Jackson will take them in. She never expected to find Thayne there. If he learns who she is, the men she’s hiding from aren’t the only ones she’ll need to worry about.

Thayne Jackson never expected to find two sacred boys hiding in his barn, but the second he sees them he offers them a place to stay and food. It isn’t long before he learns that the oldest boy isn’t a boy at all but Abby Nichols, a woman wanted throughout the territory and his lost wife. Thayne finds himself facing a problem he didn’t expect and drawn into a battle not his own to save the woman he never stopped loving.