Series Reading Order

Currently, I am writing in four fictional series: the Children of Khaos SeriesThe Sharli Series, The Shaa’Madr Series, and Wild Hearts Series (co-authored with Ruth Ann Nordin). The reading order of each series is listed below and include the genre and short series summary. This page includes books that have been released and upcoming books.

Children of Khaos Universe

The Children of Khaos is a romantic and erotic fantasy series that follows the lives of the gods, the demons, and the hapless humans that get in their way. This is a loose series of books in the same world with some of the same characters and overlapping events.

#1 – An Angel in Tartarus
#6 – My Lord Hades
#7 – Love is Blind
#8 – Loving the Goddess of Love
#9 – Death’s Lover

The Shaa’Madr Series

The Shaa’Madr Series is a Fantasy/Sci-Fi Erotic Romance that follows the conflicts between the Helmyri and the survivors of Edyn, following the return of the Helmyri Queen Khyrsolia.

#1 – Loving Khyrsolia
#2 – Claiming Kanra (Upcoming)
#3 – Taking Jalia (Upcoming)

The Sharli Series

The Sharli Series is a Sci-Fi Erotic Romance set on a mostly dead planet that trades in one, well-paying commodity: Sharli consorts.

#1 – Keeping Mhairi
#2 – Saving Nyala (Upcoming)
#3 – Taking Rhia (Upcoming)

Wild Hearts Series with Ruth Ann Nordin

The Wild Hearts Series is a Historical Western Romance set in Wyoming during the range wars.

#1 – The Stagecoach Bride
#2 – The Rancher’s Wife (Upcoming)
#3 – The Outlaw’s Woman (Upcoming)

Escaping Hell with Inna Don

Note: This Series has been discontinued. I do plan to take the series idea back to the planning stages and rewrite the series under my own name.

#1 – Forbidden Angel
#2 – Forbidden Alliances

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