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Death's Lover, book #2 in the Chilren of Khaos: The Originals
Death’s Lover
My Lord Hades, author Stephannie Beman, book #1 in the Children of Khaos: The Originals series
My Lord Hades

Book News

In late 2017, many of my stories were unpublished and as of 2019 are slotted in to be worked on and republished. Please subscribe to my blog to be kept updated on release dates.

  • It’s been brought to my attention by my daughter that it’s been nearly a month since my last blog post and that she believes that […]
  • Living on a ranch is so very different from living in a city. It’s more than just the wide open meadow, the forest of trees […]
  • Yippeee! It’s time for another update on what the Hell I’m doing, because most of the time I’m not sure and neither are you! Besides, you […]
  • Book #2 of the Children of Khaos: The Originals, Death’s Lover is finally back in digital! Now for those who just want to read your copy, […]
  • I started the process of republishing My Lord Hades and after it went live on Amazon, I thought little more about it. After, I announced […]

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