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Currently, I am writing in four fictional worlds: the Children of Khaos SeriesThe Sharli Series, The Shaa’Madr Series, and Wild Hearts Series (co-authored with Ruth Ann Nordin).

Children of Khaos Series

A loose collection of standalone and interconnected fantasy and romance stories based on the Greek, Roman, and Etruscan mythologies.

AnAngelinTartarusbyStephannieBeman My Lord Hades LoveisBlindbyStephannieBeman LovingtheGoddessofLovebyStephannieBeman Death'sLoverbyStephannie Beman

The Sharli Series

A Fantasy, Sci-Fi, and Erotic Fiction set on the world of Gatlantis.


The Shaa’Madr Series

A Fantasy, Sci-Fi, and Erotic Fiction set on the planet of Helmyr.


Wild Hearts Series

A co-authored series of historical western romance written by Ruth Ann Nordin and Stephannie Beman.


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