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Hello, my name is Stephannie. I’m a coffee lover with an addiction to books. I love to read them, write them, and design them. I would love to design yours.

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I charge $195 for eBook Cover Design,
$295 for Print & eBook Cover Design

What my clients have to say about my work?

“Stephannie Beman was professional, responsive, and she created a beautiful cover for my book. I plan to hire her for my next book cover today!” Jennifer Anne Flemming

Author Jennifer Fleming

“I had an excellent experience. I’m amazed at how spot on you were the first time around with very little information. All of your responses were timely. Turn around time for my changes were quick. Thank you for a wonderful job!” Author Sarah Schartz

Author Sarah Schartz

“Stephannie is a rock star! First, she is very talented. Perhaps more importantly, she does what she says she will do… every time. I’ve worked with her on both fiction and non-fiction projects for print and e-book versions and in each case the results are great. She’s my go-to source for awesome. And heads up … Continue reading Author Tim Toterhi

Author Tim Toterhi

“Thank you Stephannie for your outstanding customer service, timeliness, and creativity. You made my first journey into creating a cover for my book a most pleasant experience. I hope to use your skills in the future.”

Author Thomas A. Timmes

“Stephannie took the idea in my head and made it a reality. She incorporated everything I requested, made all my ‘demanding’ changes and did it all with a great sense of humor. She was a pleasure to work with and would definitely recommend her work to anyone.”

Author Michelle Bryan

“Stephannie was a pleasure to work with and the final design was a complete success and looks simply fantastic. “Stephannie was professional and courteous but friendly and informal at the same time, she always responded quickly and was always there to answer any questions and alleviate any doubts. I am looking forward to working with … Continue reading Author Jan Colombini

Author Jan Colombini

“I chose Stephannie from a list of cover designers on the website as the book covers on her portfolio appealed to me. I wanted her to create a cover for my children’s book. I had struggled to choose one that I was happy with and that looked good from my own design of the … Continue reading Author Jackie Small

Author Jackie Small

“Stephannie Beman does an excellent job of creating beautiful banners, business cards, and covers.  I’ve had all of these done and have been impressed with the quality of her work and how prompt she is in emailing me with any questions I have.  I definitely recommend her services. I will probably use my banners and … Continue reading Author Ruth Ann Nordin

Author Ruth Ann Nordin

“Stephannie took the e-book cover I created in Word, and transformed it into the type of files I needed for Smashwords, Amazon, etc. Not only did she do a beautiful job, she was easy to work with, and the price was very reasonable. I will use her again!” Rosie Sorenson’s Smashwords Profile

Author Rosie Sorenson

“I am very grateful for Stephannie Beman’s professionalism, creativity and insight.  Not only did she complete the cover art for my book God’s Instant in a timely manner, she also formatted the manuscript for both Smashwords and CreateSpace. She then walked me through the self-publishing process. Stephannie Beman is a pro, and I look forward … Continue reading Author Bruce Blizard

Author Bruce Blizard

*All reviews are posted with permission from clients.
(Page last updated June 2015)

You’re my IDEAL CLIENT &
I’m you’re IDEAL DESIGNER if…

You want a quality cover design that is unique and eye-catching. I’m a firm believer in simplicity. The best way to sell books is the create a cover that invokes an emotional response, not recreate a particular scene from the book. You have two seconds to catch the attention of a potential reader with a thumbnail sized picture, and if all they see of your incredibly detailed scene is a blotch, they will move on.

You’ll work with me on the process. Just as I will listen to you about your book, I need you to listen to me about your cover design. It doesn’t matter how amazing your storytelling talents are, the skills involved in transforming those words into a single image that will convince a potential reader to pick your book aren’t the same. Please consider the needs of your target audience over your personal preferences.

You are open to advice and willing to let me do the job you hired me for. I will listen to your suggestions, but I’m no longer willing to compromise my design standards. If you hire me to design your book cover, you must give me the freedom to give you my best work.

You’re not in a rush. While I tend to be pretty responsive to emails, we’ll get along much better if you understand I can’t always get back to you immediately. My schedule can be crazy due to having a family, helping to run a ranch, writing my own books, and client work. I work within an established business schedule and due to the increase in my workload, I suggest scheduling your project 1-3 months in advanced of your deadline. I’m not going to rush a cover design or put in a late night because you didn’t plan ahead.

You are respectful of my time as I am of yours. I will do everything in my power to finish your cover in a timely manner. When I finish a project earlier than planned, I start on the next project on my list, so please be respectful to me and others and have everything ready ahead of time, otherwise, I will bump your project down my list and work on the next project that is ready to go.

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