What I’ve Been Doing Since March

Welcome back! It’s been awhile. Yes, I know that most of that is my fault and I can only use the same exhausting excuse that I’ve been busy. But it has been a busy 5 months.

Want to know what happened? Keep reading! If you don’t, that’s ok, I plan to be back soon with another post.

In November last year, I started helping hubby’s oldest daughter, my step-daughter, through her 1st drug relapse. She was sober for 2 years and due to some circumstances that I won’t go into, she fell out of the moving car (I would say fell off the wagon, but most people don’t drive wagons around anymore. lol). Since she had no vehicle and I’m not about to let her use mine (I’m selfish that way), I did a lot of driving around to take her to doctor appointments and to her outpatient drug rehab classes around the end of March.

This put a severe damper on my work schedule. Every M-F I had to wake up at 6 am to get our girls ready for school and on the bus before heading out at 7 am for her drug rehab class. The drive is about an hour and 30 minutes one way and the class is 4 hours long. I could have come home after dropping her off but then I would only be home for an hour before going to pick her up. I decided to stick around and create some digital downloads on my laptop while I waited.

That was an instant flop! I made the patients nervous, got dirty looks from the receptionist, and very little done. After that first week, I gave up. It was easier and less troublesome to work on products for my Etsy shop during those 4 hours in the lobby.

One day a week, she had meetings that she had to be at in the afternoon and evening, so we had to stick around town and I didn’t get home until sometime around 10 pm. Hubby and the girls were on their own for dinner and bed time in the evenings that day. I bought quick meals or if I had the chance premade dinner the day before for them.

April until June is usually a busy time of the year for us on the Ranch because we are still feeding cows and starting out Spring work (fencing, ditching, picking sticks out of the hay meadows, dragging, etc.). Because of hubby’s buggered up knee, a lot of this work fell to me and the girls to do.

So between traveling every week day, ranch work throughout the week and into the weekend, catching up on house work, and juggling showers with laundry. That might sound weird, but we have a septic tank that really needed to be pumped (and which we had done in the Spring) and it’s not recommended that you do more than 2 loads of laundry a day. So with 5 people needing to do their laundry and take showers (1 who wanted to do it everyday and has a tendency to take long showers), I needed to make sure we didn’t over tax the system by doing too much in one day.

To add to my absence, sometime in May, I had to back up all my files from my old laptop to transfer to my new laptop. Bad choice on my part to do this with everything going on because somewhere along the way I lost most of my shop files and photos. The thought of redoing most of that work was too much at the time and so my blog and Etsy shop languished in the background.

I can tell you that I was glad when my step-daughter could finally afford a car to take herself to her rehab meetings and doctor appointments because the last 8 months has not only been a drain on my energy levels–sometimes being a introvert sucks– but it has also a setback for my shop. The momentum I was gaining in sales has dropped, and I’m going to have to work hard to rebuild some of that, starting with recreating some much needed files and taking pictures of some new listings.

I’m looking forward to finally get back to work!

For those who stuck with me until the end of this post, you might be interested in the 15% off sale going on at my shop right now. It won’t last long.

Thank you for being part of my story! You guys are Awesome! Wishing you the very best!

Stephannie Beman

Mother’s Days Gift Ideas from my Shop!

I always find it hard to pick a gift for my mom for Mother’s Day. I never know if I should do something practical or a little more whimsical. For me, I like a little of both, something practical I can use that is also a little whimsical. Today, I thought I would share a small selection of my favorite gift ideas from my shop for Mother’s Day!

Why am I doing this now when Mother’s Day isn’t until May 9th? Well it is for those who would like custom order or personalize an order. There are several products that I carry in the shop that can be made-to-order or personalized, and some of those items take some time to get the materials and create.

Click the links at the end of each category to see even more items in that category, or just hop over to my shop to see everything.

Bookmarks for the mom who loves to read

Click to see even more bookmarks in my shop!

Clothing & Jewelry

I’m a big fan of shawls, shrugs, scarves, hats / hoods, and embroidered jewelry, and my shop is starting to show this obsession.

Click to see even more hats, scarves, and shawls in my shop!
Or contact me for a custom order to fit your mom’s taste!

Home Décor

Click to see even more home décor in my shop!

Tea Towels

Hand embroidered tea towels are one of my mom’s favorites. She likes the cute pictures in the corners that make a dish drying towel more fun. This was one of those things that I learned from hubby’s grandma when I first moved to Wyoming and something that I still love doing.

Click to see even more tea towels in my shop!
Or contact me for a custom order to fit your mom’s décor!

Patterns for the do-it-herself mom

Click to see even more sewing, crochet, and cross stitch patterns in my shop!

Happy Shopping!

Stephannie Beman

For the Crafters: Destashing my Craft Books into my Shop

Unlike with January, where it is seen by many as the beginning of the new year and a time to make resolutions for the year, since moving to the ranch over 16 years ago now, my new year has shifted to calving season. There is just something about seeing baby calves born and running around the meadow that just inspires and motivates me to create and stick to resolutions for the year. I think it has something to do with all that young energy.

With the drop of that first calf, I found myself in the mood to declutter some of the “junk” around here. I decided to start with my craft stash and went through my craft corner, closet, drawers, and suitcases. Yes, this crafting junk has found its way into every  nook and cranny of our home.

I think some of this decision was based on my Etsy shop and what items did I want to create for it as I am still searching for my “niche” products. So while going through my library of crafting books, I found several that I had purchased over the years that I will never use again or will not be doing. Many of these are finding their way into my shop right now. Many more of them will be added as I make a final decision on them.

So here is the list for the interested:

For the Crafter

I made the Craft Journal for Makers & Designers for the crafter that wants a detailed records of their projects. They come in a hardbound, spiral bound, and printable versions. They were created to be versatile with plenty of space for all types of craft projects, including sewing, crocheting, knitting, woodworking, jewelry, beading, embroidery, or any other types of crafts you do.

For the Crocheter: Crochet Patterns

I have several of my own crochet patterns waiting in the wings for me to type up and place in my Etsy shop. I hope to have that done by the end of this year. Crossing my fingers.

For the Cross Stitcher: Cross Stitch Patterns

These are the few that are left as many were grabbed shortly after their release into my shop. There will be more cross stitch patterns added to my shop as I have a ton of them that I’ve collected in my 30 years of cross stitching. Many of them I still haven’t convinced myself to part with, but I’m getting close. 😀

For the Handmade Card & Journal Crafter

During my “I want to create handmade cards, journals, and scrapbook because they look awesome” phase in life, I bought these lovely books. Only later did I realize I had no real desire to spend my time making handmade cards, creating journals I would never use, or scrapbooking a photo book I would never look at. Although recently I did find some awesome information in these books for my artist daughter, including some valuable information on art journaling Journal Revolution and creating an art journal that she loves in the Making Journals by Hand.

For the Sewist: Sewing Patterns

I bought several sewing pattern before I had kids with the intention of sewing my own clothes or quilts. Only I had kids and some of the patterns that I bought no longer fit me. So it’s time to find some sewist whose interested in them. Neither of the clothing patterns have ever been used. And for the interested, yes, I am sewing my own clothes. I just use different patterns. 😀

For the DIY Organic Cosmetics Creator

I bought these with the intention of creating my own beauty products. Great idea, huh. Not really in my case. I don’t use face creams, body lotions, or hair rinses. Not that that is all that is in these books. They have so much great information and awesome recipes for those interested in skin and hair care.

I hope you crafters found something that you like, but if not, that’s ok. I will be adding more patterns to my shop. Also, I’m working my way through my stash of crafting goods. Some of that stash will find it’s way into my shop as I decide what I will be using, what I won’t be using, and what I’m ready to part with. I really want these items that I love to go to someone who will love and use them. 😀

Wishing you all the very best!

Stephannie Beman

What I’ve Been Doing

Fall is one of the busiest times of the year for us. It’s the time when we hurry to finish the last of our ranch work for the year and send calves off to market during the bouts of bad weather and hubby’s schedule changes. As that is all done, I thought it was about time to share about what I’ve been doing lately.

Graphic & Book Designs

Just a few of the items I’ve worked on.

The last few months, I’ve been working on some client work, which included an Etsy shop banner with matching banners for YouTube and Audiobooks, some series covers for western romance, typography for a series of premade covers, a cover change and book formatting for historical fiction for an author who got the rights to her books back from her publisher, and a cover and book formatting for a fiction.

Writing The Lost Heir Series

Over the last few months, I’ve been working on The Lost Heir Series. This has been one of those writing projects that I work on for a few weeks and then abandon for a few months because I’m indecisive about something. As of November, I have 4 short novels completed in the series with several more to go.

I decided from the beginning of this series that I wouldn’t publish any of them until I was done with the series. I’m doing this because I have this tendency to realize too late that I wrote myself into a corner and that I have to tweak a few things in the earlier books to fix the problem before I can move on. I would feel weird about doing this if the books were published.

Last month, I started questioning my format decisions for the books and started to wonder if I should combine some of them into longer novels that are more common of the fantasy genre.

The Etsy Shop

While the Etsy shop isn’t doing horrible for a new shop, it isn’t doing that great either. I know that part of that is my fault as I haven’t given my shop the attention it needs.

I know that I need to find my passion and focus on that niche, but like everything else in life I have a few of them. I’m having a hard time picking a focus for my shop.

Lately, I’ve been focusing where the money is and, for the moment, that has been with graphic design jobs and writing. What I’ve made from the several jobs I accepted this year should cover the costs of business, but freelance jobs have never been that consistent, especially with more authors learning to format and create book covers.

I’m debated the possibility of closing my Etsy Shop at the end of this year and I really wish I didn’t have to.

Working on Loving the Goddess of Love

The new cover for the book.

Since my momentum for The Lost Heir Series started to lag in October, I decided it was probably time to redo Loving the Goddess of Love. There are some scenes in the book that I knew need some work to make it better and one scene that I might have to rewrite altogether.

I’m at the half way mark of the book and looking forward to the wedding of Aphrodite and Hephaestus. This is one of the books that I wanted to have republished years ago, but I don’t think I was ready to go over it until this year. Once it is ready, I’ll also be publishing the short story that went with it, An Angel in Tartarus.

Working on Christmas Gifts & Handmade Projects

Especially this blanket. Miss Kiara is demanding her afghan. LOL

My main focus for November and December has been to finish all the partial handmade projects I have around here, starting with the Christmas gifts I’m working on for family and friends. This includes the afghan above, a pair of wool socks, a pair of wool-free socks, a round wash cloth, a blanket shawl, tea towels, a crochet loofah, three shawls, and framing finished cross stitch.

Wishing you all the best this holiday season!

Stephannie Beman

In the Shop! Planners & Trackers

As the new year quickly approaches, I always have this urge to start creating better planners and trackers to help me in my business and life. For the last few years I’ve created a writing planner, this year I’ve added more than just writing planners and trackers to my arsenal of printed and printable planners.

To start, here is the 2021 Writer’s Planner: I’d Rather Be Writing. You can buy the printable planner from my Etsy Shop or the coil-bound planner from Lulu.

Many of the pages from 2020’s model made it into the 2021 planner, but some things didn’t, like the project planner. For 2021, I added a Big-Projects-At-A-Glance tracker to help track big book projects, Writing Log for Clients for the Freelancer Writer, a Monthly Word Tracker and Graph among the Yearly, Monthly, and Weekly planning pages, Online Order Tracker, Notes & Ideas, and Mind Mapping & Sketches pages.

The next planner for 2021 was designed for Handmade Business and happily named the 2021 Planner: I’d Rather Be Crafting. You can purchase the printable planner from my Etsy shop or the coil-bound printed planner from Lulu.

This planner was based on the same design as the Writer’s planner but with a more Handmade business focus. It includes Plan Ahead and Plan for Next Year pages; 2021-At-A-Glance Overview; Big Projects-At-A-Glance (which is gantt chart); a Monthly Calendar; a Weekly planner with schedule, projects and goals, and habit & task tracker; an Order Work Log; My Purchase Tracker; Notes & Ideas and Mind Mapping & Sketches.

The rest of these planners and trackers are only available in my Etsy Shop.

Yesterday, I added the printable 2021 Yearly Planner to my Etsy Shop. This printer-friendly planner has 4 different planning pages that can added to any planner. It was designed to help you plan your business projects, streamline your home projects, and design the life you love.

This next planner is a printable, undated Weekly Planner Insert with space for Project & Goal, and Task & Time Tracker. For the moment, the 2-page spread comes only in half-size for half-sized planners.

This printable Undated Weekly Planner is based on my writer’s planner weekly planning pages and comes in 4 sizes: Letter, Half, A5, and A4.

These are my first stand alone trackers and come from my Writer’s planner. The printable Monthly Word Count Tracker, Graph, and Book Progress sheets help create a visual map of your progress through all your writing projects or just one. These sheets were created to help you track your word count goals and daily word count for each book or story project during the month and the minimalistic designs allow you to see the growth of your word count distraction free.

While I took the Project Planner out of my planners, I didn’t toss it. The printable Project Planner is now in my Etsy Shop. There are 7 pages with lots of room to help you plan any type of project. Designed with the minimalist in mind, each page gives you plenty of room to write, brainstorm, or sketch out a plan for your current and upcoming projects. They are perfect for planning home improvement projects, website redesigns, blogging, writing projects, and craft projects, or home improvement.

We’re almost to the end now.

Next up, is the printable Order Tracker for Online & Mail Order Purchases Planner Insert in Letter, Half, A5, and A4 sizes. I find this tracker particularly handly during the holiday seasons as it is easy to lose track of items I’ve purchased online or through the mail, where I bought them from, and if I actually got them, especially during the Christmas season.

Kinda like that art set that I bought my daughter that never arrived and that I almost forgot about until she asked me why she didn’t get an art set for Christmas. I had to look back to find that I had ordered it 2 months before. I created this tracker shortly after so I could see at a glance what I bought, where I purchased it from, how much I spent, and then check it off when they arrived.

Last on the list is the Printable Website & Email Username & Password Tracker. I actually have a small book that I keep this information in, but I created this tracker for my dad before he passed away to help him keep track of all those pesky websites with the usernames and passwords that went with them.

And that is the end of the planners and trackers that I have in my shop at the moment, but I have several more planned.

Does any one have a suggestion for a planner or tracker that they would love to see me create?

Wishing you all the very best this September!

Stephannie Beman

Embroidered Jewelry & Graphic Design Work

At the age of 3, my mom taught me to use a needle and thread to sew cloth. Those first dozen or more attempts to create something probably ended in complete failure, but that wasn’t the point of teaching me. It was to keep her curious child busy doing “grown up work” while she was sewing clothing, quilts, and curtains. It also taught me to be careful with sharp objects. I don’t loose them or leave them laying around.

Everything I learned in those first years have come in handy over the decades of crafting. First, with cross stitch that I fell in love with when I was 10. Then with embroidery that I learned to do at 16 after my crafty mom decided to create a crazy quilt from all her scrap fabric. We never got to create that quilt as she decided that she didn’t like how it looked, but I did learn a lot about different embroidery stitches that helped me later when I created my snowman quilt and was introduced to embroidering on tea towels by hubby’s grandma.

Since then, I’ve embroidered on all types of things, including a pillow cases, a night cap that I used to keep my fly away hairs from tickling hubby while we slept (sadly it was a fail that I gave way to someone that really enjoyed it), and even clothing. My latest embroidered obsession has been embroidered jewelry.

Sometime around Spring of this year I decided to buy a kit of four necklaces to see how it was done and try it out before investing in the jewelry supplies to create more. I finished them in four days but had to wait another month before I got some better glue to fix the pieces onto the pendants.

I took these this morning on a piece of wood that I found during a walk down the lane. I’ve been thinking of using it as a photo prop as I really like the look it gives the jewelry.

I found that I loved doing them so much that I want to try my had at other designs. But rather than buy kits, which are mostly flowers, I want to create my own designs. So I bought these Bezel Pendant Trays with glass cabochon from Amazon.

I liked that they were round, different colored, and simple in design. I didn’t want something that would take away from the designs I wanted to put in them.

For my first design, I created constellation in the night sky with a forest below it. It is based on the zodiac constellations that I’ve seen others do, but with a scenic element I haven’t seen yet. It didn’t work out quite how I had imaged. I’m already contemplating how I could redo it to see if it would work better because this is something I would really like to add to my shop.

The constellation in the night sky with a forest below still in the hoop.

I’ll also be trying another scenic design of a mountain and forest to see if the lighter colors will make a difference. But I’m coming to think that what I want to do is just too small and detailed for the 1 inch size. If that is the case, then I’ll work on my other ideas and purchase some larger pendants to use with the scenic embroidered jewelry.

I’ll let you guys know how they turned out when they are done.

As for my graphic design work….

This week I’ve been working through my long list of graphic designs I want to create for my shop. These have included: small and large seed packets (finished & waiting for photos), a garden journal (still working on), 2021 Crafter’s Planner: I’d Rather Be Crafting (finished & copy ordered & soon to be in my shop), hard cover version of my Craft Journal for Creators & Designers (finished & copy ordered), and the 2021 Writer’s Planner: I’d Rather Be Writing (finished & in my shop now).

For those interested, the 2021 Writing Planner: I’d Rather Be Writing is available as a printable download at Etsy or as spiral bound printed planner at Lulu.

I’ve also been designing banners, book covers, and a logo work for a long time client. Now, I wish I had some pictures to show you but they are still in my queue of stuff that I need to print off and set up for pictures.

Once I have the pictures ready, I’ll show you some of the items that will be entering my shop soon. I also plan on creating a post to share some of the design work I’ve been doing for my client if it is ok with her. I’m pretty sure it will be, but it never hurts to ask first. 😀

Wishing you all the very best!

Stephannie Beman

New in the Shop! Hats, Scarves, & Shawls

As Fall is approaching, it’s the start of our haying season here on the Ranch. And while not yet cold, the nights are becoming a tad bit chilly. So it seemed like a great time to pull out the hats, scarves, and shawls I’ve made and place them in my shop. This will be their last hoorah before I discontinue the line of my handcrafted winter wear. I’m looking at focusing more on home and office decor, printables, planners, and patterns.

Hats & Hoods

Most of my hats and hoods are for Adults, but I have 2 that fit my 5 year-old grandbaby and my teenage daughter. If you don’t like any of the colors, size, or fiber types for any of of the hats and would like me to custom make you one, just drop me an email.

Scarves & Shawls

I’m a big fan of scarves and shawls and this is just a few of the ones I have designed over the years. I have a few more that I will be adding as soon as I can get my model to show them off. If you don’t like any of the color, size, or fiber type of any of the scarves or shawls, but would like me to make you one, just drop me an email.


And for those who want to create your own Shawls, I have 2 patterns in the shop at the moment with more on the way.

Now I better get back to haying. I hope you all have an awesome weekend!

Wishing everyone the very best,

Stephannie Beman