Stephannie Beman, Writer

Once upon a time there was a girl who traveled through dangerous lands, distant times, and the dark of space. She stumbled her way through magical quests, joined a few deadly missions, battled some nasty villains, stumbled into the center of more than a few dark secret that threaten worlds, struggled with some inner demons, and even defeated an evil overlord or two.

Later in life, she settled down with her husband in a little house tucked away in the haunted woods to write about the worlds she explored and the adventures she had, even if most of them are only in her head. Stephannie Beman is a writer who spends far too much time weaving tales about characters who plunge head-first into adventure, mayhem, and love. And while romance sometimes finds its way into these stories, they are first and foremost Urban Fantasy, Fantasy, and Science Fiction (although light on the science).

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