Stephannie Beman, Handmade Designer & Crafter

Hey Sweet Peas! My name is Stephannie Beman, and I’m an coffee-loving, handmade artist, which is a fancy way of saying I design and create handmade lovelies that warm the heart and tickle the soul. I can’t remember a time in my life when I haven’t been designing and creating something out of fabric, thread, paper, metal, wood, yarn, clay, or any other medium you could imagine. I blame this creative desire on my mom who placed a piece of cloth,  a needle, and a pair of scissors into the hands of my three year old self and taught me how to sew.

Over the years, my desire to create has grown as I learned new skills and tried new crafting mediums to my list, such as knitting, crocheting, cross-stitching, weaving, spinning, embroidery, wood working, jewelry-making, painting, and the list goes on. Some skills I’ve done excellent with, others not so much. Lately, my favorites have been crocheting and loom knitting, cross-stitching, embroidering, and carving wooden jewelry which often entails me wandering around the woods looking for the perfect piece of wood to use while chasing my rambunctious girls around.

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Want to see what I offer? Visit Stephannie Beman’s Handmade Shop or my shop on Etsy!

Interested in a product not in my Shop or wanting a custom order (for example: wanting a different color or a pattern in a different fiber)? I sometimes take custom orders if I have the space in my schedule and I would love to discuss your request with you. Contact me through either email me or use the contact form below.

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