Meet Stephannie

Hello! My name is Stephannie “Steph” Beman, and I’m a book loving, coffee drinking writer, book cover designer, and handcraft artist. I love to create and tell stories that inspire people to be better. I love to design and craft works of art that warm the heart and tickle the soul. I love what I do.

In 2018, I decided it was time refocus my life and create a place that better reflects who I am. A place that wasn’t limited to one subject. Life is full of all the little things I love to do and I wanted this website to reflect that.

Who Am I?

I was once a city girl who decided an adventure in the country would be loads of fun. I planned to stay a week, maybe two, and never left.

…a Writer who decided as a child that I wanted to be a witch or a shaman when I grew up (thank you mom for the book, “The Little Witch and the Riddle” by Bruce Degen, and the movie “Sheena”). As I got older, I decided that I would rather be a writer, and use the fascinating information I’d gleaned over the years about the supernatural, criminology, and psychology in my writing. So I started creating worlds populated by monsters, ghosts, witches, and everyday people who sometimes find themselves sucked into distant times, exotic lands, ancient myths, and the deep of space. Always did love the idea of aliens in the vastness of space thanks to the line in Contact about “if it was just us…seems like an awful waste of space”.

Looking for books to add a few to your reading list? *hint, hint* Explore my worlds under the names Stephannie Beman or Steph Beman (YA Fiction).

…I’m a Book Cover Designer who decided several years ago to offer the skills I learned from my artistic mother, art and art history classes, and study into book cover creation, photo-manipulation, and photo-blending to create affordable, eye-catching book cover designs for indie authors/publishers because I know how hard it is staring out in this business. I create book covers for both fiction and non-fiction, aNow, my design work is not everyone’s cup-of-tea, and that’s fine, but I do promise to do my best to help the authors who come looking for advice on  and protect those who come to me  now and in the future.

If you are looking for a Book Cover Designer? We might be a good fit, check out my Cover Design Services to learn more.

…I’m a Handmade Artist which is a fancy way of saying I create craft items to sell. I started my creative path young, cutting and sewing bits of fabric handed to me my mother and telling stories. I loved learning new crafts and added knitting, crocheting, wood working, jewelry making, cross-stitching, and the list goes on. Recently, my children and home have been my biggest inspiration to create things we love, but it is only so big and there are so many things to create. Which is why I decided to share some of my creations with the world.

Want something handcrafted for yourself or to give your loved ones for the holidays? Visit my Handcrafted Shop for ideas.

...I’m a Book Reader and Movie/TV Geek. While I love reading romance novels about forbidden love and dark secrets that threaten worlds, sexy heroes who may or may not be warriors or assassins or spies, adventures in space, knights in shining armor wielding swords, magical quests, monsters who aren’t always so monstrous, and strong heroines who don’t always need the hero to save them and might even save the hero’s life; I prefer to watch Paranormal, Action, Horror, Sci-Fi, and Thriller TV shows and movies like Doctor Who, Firefly (Serenity), Star Trek, Castle, Bones, The Walking Dead, Underworld, Supernatural, James Bond, Batman,  and a few low-budget TV shows I’m too ashamed to admit watching. Sometimes I dream of having Netflix so I could watch all the interesting shows I’m missing, like Outlander and Games of Thrones, but alas my Internet bandwidth is so sad that it’s not possible.  Although that might be a blessing in disguise as I would spend far too much time watching shows and never reading that To-Be-Read pile that is taller than my dear hubby or writing any of the numerous projects lurking on my To-Write-List.

Want to know what I’m reading for ideas of books to add to your TBR Pile? Check out The Reading List.

I was a City Girl whose life threw her an unexpected twist when my path collided with a sexy rancher. Now I pretend to be a hermit, which I pretty much fail at since I share my coveted solitude with a sexy hubby, two rambunctious daughters, a herd of escape-artist cows, an assortment of stray kitties, and the dog we inherited.

I’m a Wife of a very understanding and loving rancher who chuckles at my random geekiness and tries his hardest to keep an interested smile on his face as I ramble on about my latest thoughts on the book I’m writing or reading, peppered with a few random thoughts roaming through my head and sprinkled with a pinch of the inappropriate just to see if he’s listening. Sometimes I even manage to shock a laugh out of him.

…And I’m a Mother of 2 rambunctious girls, which is a very important job and not as easy as it might sound. I was always told that girls were easy to rise until they became teens. Well, those people never met my daughters. They are ingenious, mischief makers who are extremely entertaining to watch and who can land into trouble faster than any boy I’ve met. They also have a backyard that is over 100 acres in which they are bound and determined to explore and get lost in.

I believe my daughters were playing school at the time this picture was taken. They wanted me to play with them, but only if they got to shoot me with the new Nerf guns they got from their Grandma for Christmas the year before. LOL

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