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Once upon a time, Stephannie Beman believed she would a Law Enforcement Professional and protect the public from bad guys. Then reality kicked in and she realized that she wasn’t all that good at the science she would need to be a Forensics Scientist, getting into the heads of criminals needed to be a Criminal Profiler meant going down a very dark path, she’s never been able to lie worth a damn so being an undercover agent was out, her asthma would make it impossible to chase bad guys and she would probably be shot in a gun fight, and while she’s a descent shot she needed far more range time to perfect her aim and get over her dislike of loud noises. All in all, being a writer sounded like a safer route. The plus side is she could still use all the information she gleaned over the years to crafting dark, sometimes sexy, character-driven stories. While love stories and romance sometimes happen, Stephannie’s books are, first and foremost, Urban Fantasy, Fantasy, and Science Fiction.

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