New In my Shops!

In January, I announced my intention to continue adding items to my Etsy shop when I had the time while creating a web shop here. Well, as usual, that plan I had for the web shop had to be modified within the first month because it wasn’t working the way I had hoped.

Stephannie Beman's Shop, Shop Banner, Vintage and Handcrafted lovelies from my Homestead to yours!

After a few tries and longer than I would have liked, I finally decided to make this easy for me and started revamping what I had. As of this week, the final touches have been added and both my web shop page and my Etsy shop have been updated to my satisfaction.

I do have some small changes that I will be working on for my web shop but they won’t be implemented until I have more items to added.

Now my web shop page has everything I sell listed there with a link to where they may be purchased. The only exception is the books as they are widely distributed and the various links can be found on their pages. And some time in the future, some items on my Etsy shop will only be found in my web shop.

Some New Items in my Shop!

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is craftjournalcoverpic.jpg
Craft Journal for Makers & Designers: the letter-sized PDF is $4.00 at Etsy or the printed A5 spiral bound journal $16.00 at LULU
This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is vn709-sb_mantelclockfrontcover.jpg
Vintage Porcelain Mantel Clock $75.00 at Etsy
This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is hh201-sb_springplacemat.jpg
Spring Table Placemat (several color options available)| MADE TO ORDER $33.00 at Etsy
This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is ab301-sb_hexagonafghancover.jpg
Hexagon Full-Sized Blanket Afghan | Ready to Ship $250 at Etsy
Let the Sun Shine In! Vintage Cross-Stitch Pattern Book $6.00 at Etsy

✤ Until March 25, 2020, various items in my Etsy shop will be on sale. This will be the last time that some of these items will be on sale or even on the shelf. So take advantage of the 15% off while it lasts! ✤

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