Working & Hancrafting

With the start of haying season, my productivity has gone way down. At least where handcrafting personal projects is invovled.

I still have many projects in various stages of completion that I put on the back burner while I worked on orders and packaging.

This month I was able to get the 5 Birthday Bookmarks I still have left and the Cat’s Eyes Bookmarks packaged.

All the bookmarks packaged in their own envelopes.

I’m still working on making the other 7 months of the Birthday Bookmarks again. But they are a lower priority to actual orders.

I added a Custom Order Listing to my shop this month and have already had some takers on it.

I have just finished a series of 4 custom order tea towels that I can’t reveal at this time, but that I show glimpses of the stitching on my Facebook page. I finished the last one this morning and decided to wash them along with several other sets of tea towels that all need to be pressed, photographed, and packaged to head off to their new homes when the time comes.

My next projects over the course of the next couple of weeks will be a custom ordered shirt, a few sets of crochet placemats, 2 embroidered linen placemats, and some crochet wash cloths.

If it was okay with the customers, I will show some pictures of the projects in the coming weeks.

Wishing you all the best this summer,

2 thoughts on “Working & Hancrafting

    • Glad to hear someone likes the pictures. Wasn’t so sure anyone wanted to see them. 😁

      I love the clothesline too. This one is much bigger than my last one. I’ve only really filled it completely twice.

      Thanks for permission to show your stuff. I was going to ask you if I could show it as they progressed.


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