Baby Beanie Yarn (Let the Fun Begin)

Two weeks ago I mentioned raiding the yarn store, and yes, I’m still imagining smelly, fur clad Vikings parking their longboats outside the doors of the craft store and rushing through the store with their swords and axes drawn, and all the customers screaming terror. I just hope they don’t set the place on fire before they leave. I’m kinda a fan of Herrschners and Joann’s (outside links). I’d hate not to have either because of a bunch of pillaging Vikings. LOL

Anyways, last week the box of yarn for the infant beanies arrived in the mail. Eeekk!

yarn for baby beanies

Aren’t they beautiful colors for baby hats? The only colors missing are the light and medium mauve yarn Miss T has taken for the girl hats she wanted to make, and the mango and gold yarn Miss K took to make some hats of her own.

Sorry, for those who don’t understand my excitement. Just imagine getting a box of things you really like. It could be books, clothes, stationary, shoes, etc. For me, I’ve always gotten excited when I receive books, crafts, office supplies, or a new laptop in the mail. I know it sounds weird, and possibly some of you are thinking “How sad”, but these are things I buy that take me to my happy place, but they aren’t the only way I get there.  😀

Yes, I just went there. Sorry. 😦 Not! 🙂

Anyhoo, going back to why I just splurged on a ton of yarn. My eldest daughter, Miss T, has a community project assignment for school coming up, and she decided she either  wanted to donate baby beanies for the hospital or sell beanies to earn money for the food bank. Now, while I love her ambition, doing both is a big job so I had to curb her just a tiny bit and told her to choose one project. And if she still feels like doing the other later I would be more than happy to let her.

She decided to make baby beanies for the hospital, which was probably inspired by the birth of her niece, Miss N, a few months back, and told me that she had a few stipulations to go along with that choice. Alright, let the negotiations begin! Mwhahaha….

Stipulation #1: I was in no way allowed to help her with the project. She had to do it herself, because if I helped it would be cheating.

No cheating? Hey, I can respect that! Stipulation accepted.

Stipulation #2: She wanted to use my  Boye Knitting Looms (outside link) they bought me for Christmas rather then use her limited skills at crocheting because it would be easier and she could make more hats.

I’m sure the hospital will not turn down more hats for babies. I also agree that using the loom knit would be easier than crocheting beanies, because loom knitting is far easier for her to work in the round then if I taught her to crochet in the round with her limited knowledge. She’s still a beginner. Stipulation accepted.

Boye Knitting Looms

These are the knitting looms I’m using.

Stipulation #3: She wanted to pay for the yarn herself. She would do extra chores to help pay for it sooner.

More chores? Cleaner house? I have no problem with that. Stipulation accepted!

Stipulation #4: She did not want that scratchy yarn I use (She’s talking about the Super Saver Red Heart Yarn I used for some lap blankets.), because she didn’t think that babies would like it against their skin. She wanted the soft yarn I used for the Heart Scarf and her Beanies.

I whole heartedly agree! And this is the reason that I had to get more yarn. The yarn I have is already slotted for other projects and some of it–like the Lion Brand Treasures Yarn I used for the Ocean Waves Scarf which is a blend of 70% acrylic and 30% wool–is not suitable for baby beanies. Stipulation accepted.

Negotiation ended.

Well, dammit. I was really looking forward to debating the merits of her taking full responsibility for her community service project, but since I agreed to all her stipulations, I guess I don’t have to. Oh well, maybe on her next  great idea I’ll have the chance to work on my negating skills, until then I better get back to work on my next crocheting project. I think you guys are going to love it. 😀

Wishing you all the best,

Stephannie Beman

4 thoughts on “Baby Beanie Yarn (Let the Fun Begin)

    • I love that she choose this project. Being roughly 30 minutes from the small town with any real volunteering opportunities makes it a pain for travelling. As much as I love living in a small ranching community where my nearest neighbors are 3+ miles away, sometimes I really hate how far away we are from other things. LOL

      How’s your mom doing?


      • I kind of live out in the boonies, too, but I’m twenty minutes from town, and it’s a medium size, about 30,000 people.

        Mom has been pretty good the past couple of days, especially mentally. But she has another type of bacteria in her ankle now, and she has to be on intravenous antibiotics for six weeks. The poor thing can’t win. But she’s doing better with eating and her hands have stopped shaking like they were. She seems better except for her ankle.

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        • Guessing on this, but I think the nearest group of towns have a combined population of 10,000, and that’s about a 20 minute drive from us. The closet cities are about a hour to 1 1/2 hours from use and has a population of about 15,000-30,000. I believe there are more cattle then people in this part of the country. LOL

          I’m glad to hear that your mother is doing better mentally. I hope they can get rid of the infection in her ankle and she can get back to normal life. It’s hard being out of commission for long periods of time. I wish her the best on her recovery.


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