Yarn Raids & Beanie Maddness

Just typing that title makes me think if Vikings raiding a village. Only without the awesome longboats, swords and axes, screaming terror of the villagers, or pretty fire. Damn! Where’s all the fun in raiding without all that? LOL

Anywhoo, today I raided the my favorite Online craft store (outside link), in order to take advantage of their sales price and my 10% off coupon. Only after did I realize that at the rate I’m going lately, I will soon be that Lady. Not the crazy cat lady, although I’ve been working on that one for years. My barn cats just don’t stick around long enough to become a large herd. I’m talking about the crazy yarn lady.

Not sure if you ever met one, but you would remember if you had. She’s the one with yarn squeezed into every nook and cranny of her home. She’s the one who has to pull out her yarn stash anytime someone compliments her on her latest project and tell the unsuspecting victim…er, guest about all the other projects she has planned. She’s one whose yarn stash fill an entire room (outside link) and whose kids can be found napping on it. She’s the one who has it displayed in some creative way, like in a hutch with glass doors (outside link).

So I haven’t quite earned the Crazy Yarn Lady title, but I’m working on it, and today’s raid brings me one step closer. Mwhahahaha!

Here’s my current yarn stash dumped into a pile on the bed. Isn’t it beautiful?

Really though, today’s raid on the craft store had little to do with me or my crafting obsession of late. Actually, very little of what I bought will go toward any of my future projects.

Has anyone else noticed how complicated school has gotten compared to when we were in school, or is it just me? I know someone out there is wondering how buying yarn and school relate? Stick with me for a minute and this whole post will make perfect sense. I think?

I’ve noticed that as my oldest daughter moves up the grades, I find myself running more and more to the store for things like gym clothes and shoes with white soles, notebooks, school supplies I didn’t have to buy before, tri-fold presentation boards (twice, because the first one was too small), nice clothes for choir/band that she will never wear again, the occasional poster board, and today it was yarn.

I bought a massive amount of yarn in all these beautiful colors because my eldest has to do some service project for her community (more details are supposed to be coming my way soon from the teacher) and the project my daughter decided would be the best to do was…. *drum roll* loom knitted baby beanies for the local hospital.

After speaking with her teacher yesterday to make sure she was good with the project, I bought enough yarn to keep my daughters and me busy for a few months at least. 😀

So what inspired my daughter to create beanies?

Well it all started when I pulled out the knitting loom they bought me for Christmas and decided to practice the different knitting stitches in the book they got me. I choose the simplest item I could think of to create, the beanie.

I used some leftover yarn from projects that were done in the past and tried out each size loom. These were my first tries. My favorite stitch is the red one.

Small Child Beanie, Baby Beanie, and Adult Beanie

Small Child (top left), Baby (bottom left), and Adult (right)

My daughter loved them so much that she had me make her one in her school colors and then decided that she wanted to learn how to make them. As much as she has been enjoying crocheting things lately, I think she finds Loom Knitting easier and I don’t blame her one bit. It is easy.

My Eldest Daughter wanted to show off the loom knitted hat I made her. I don’t believe she’s taken it off since Monday.

The yarn should arrive next week and I’ll post pictures of all the lovely colors we picked for the babies when it gets here.

Wishing you all the very Best!

Stephannie Beman

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