Show & Tell: A few Scarves

I love scarves in the winter. I love designing them. I love making them. I love giving them as gifts to people I think would appreciate them. And when the situation calls for it, I to love to wear them.

Sadly, the situation to wear my crocheted and knitted scarves doesn’t come around very often. As warm as they are to use when I feed the cows here on the Ranch, I’m not a fan of having the hay stalks and seeds in the yarn. It’s far too scratchy and hard to get the hay out of the fibers. But when I thought I might open a Handmade Shop to support my crafting hobby, I went out to buy some lovely yarn to make some beautiful scarves out of and created a Pinterest board of Crochet Stitches that I loved and wanted to use in some projects.

I’ve been really busy learning some new crochet stitches for the past few weeks and I thought I would share some of the projects I used them on and the finishing touches I’ve done to some of the projects I’ve been working on.

Lacy Pink Scarf/Wrap

This project was inspired by the Coraline in Miden Cozy oversized Cowl Wrap (you can find the Free Pattern at And while I loved the chunkiness of their yarn choice, I decided to go with a soft yarn I had lying around.

Crocheted Lacy Pink Infinity Cowl

I wanted something light and airy for those cool days and this works so well for that. Another difference between my design and the one at is that I didn’t want this to be just an infinity scarf. I wanted something that could work beautifully as a wrap/shawl and this worked perfectly for my needs. The black ribbon adds a nice touch to a simple scarf/wrap.


My Heart Infinity Scarf

Those who read my first post of 2018 might recognize my next finished project. For this lovely bright pink yarn, I knew that I wanted a heart design worked into the scarf. I tried a few but in the long run My Heart Infinity Scarf was inspired by a design that I think might be a curtain (outside link).

Ocean Waves Infinity Scarf

I  bought several skeins of gorgeous yarn on sale a couple of weeks ago that I thought would work up beautifully into scarves. This was the first time that I worked with an acrylic/wool yarn blend and I found that I love the drape and warmth of this scarf.

Ocean Waves Infinity Scarf

I knew from the moment that I saw this yarn that it reminded me of the ocean and I wanted to do some thing that looked like waves. I had more than a dozen false starts with different patterns and probably drove my hubby crazy each time I pulled out the stitches. I finally chose the stitch pattern that I found here and just modified it to suit my needs. I’m really happy with the end results even if it took me three weeks to figure out and finish. 😀

I’m really proud of how these three scarves turned out and looking forward to making some more later this season.

Wishing you all the very best in 2018!

Stephannie Beman

7 thoughts on “Show & Tell: A few Scarves

  1. I love that first soft pink scarf! The color and pattern are beautiful, and that black ribbon just sets it off. Is that one for sale?

    Also, you’ve inspired me to try my hand at crocheting again. I haven’t done it in about 25 years! Maybe longer….

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    • I love it too! I’m glad I went with the black ribbon instead of the floral one I almost used. I wish I had places to wear it because I would definitely keep it. Since I don’t, it will most likely be placed on sale.

      😀 I’m glad that my few projects have inspired you to crochet again. Once you get the hang of it, you’ll find it very relaxing and productive. LOL


  2. I also love that first one. And I agree with Lauralynn. The ribbon really makes it “pop”. I was also going to ask if it was for sale. LOL Maybe you should do a couple more of those. 🙂

    I’d say your persistence paid off for the Ocean Waves scarf. It turned out really well!

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    • Thanks. That light pink scarf turned out better then I thought it would. I love the drape of it, but I have no where to wear it so I’ll probably sell it. I’ve been thinking about doing more, but I’ll probably use a chunkier yarn because it is long and wide enough to be used as a shawl that it takes a lot of time and yarn.

      I also love the Ocean Waves Scarf. The pattern was different then I usually use so it was fun to try. I’m looking forward to trying something different with the other yarns I got from the same brand. One reminds me of falling leaves and I’m still trying to figure out the third one. It’s a gorgeous variegated purple with hints of gold in it.


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    • Thank you, Chelsea! Those are actually my first attempts at scarves. Figured after all the years crocheting and frogging my work I should try my hand at making something more useful with the knowledge I’ve gained. They weren’t as hard as I thought they would be, but then I used patterns that weren’t difficult to repeat over and over again. I wish you happy crocheting. 😀

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