Making Changes…Yes, Again

Hey, my friends! I’m glad to see you back here for another one of my “what the Hell is Stephannie doing?” posts. LOL

I feel like these posts are coming too frequently the last two years, but that could just be me worrying that I’m annoying you all with that “I’m doing this! No wait. I’m going to do this. No, sorry, I changed my mind again. I’m going to do this.” and then deciding to do something completely different a few days later. I swear, I never have this much trouble picking out an outfit to wear to a party, but then that could be because I have two choice: formal or casual.

I do want to make a special shout out to my good writing friend, Ruth, who deserves some kind of award or at least recognition for listening to my indecision everyday and helping me decide what I should do.

Anyhoo,  to get back to the point of this post. I’m changing my mind again.

Seems every time I make a few decisions, live with them for a few weeks before announcing the shift, and then move forward with my choices, life throws me a little quirk.

In April, I decided that I would make my Stephannie name into a writer of YA. This was at the request from my lovely little daughter who wants to write books with her mom and didn’t like the idea of putting a pen name on the book with hers. I would do anything for my daughters, unless it’s dangerous and then we’d have to have a long talk about how hospital visits are not considered family fun time.

So I agreed to her request to change my writing course, waited some time before announcing the change, and then started to make talk a reality. However, after I went through the process of unpublishing all my old books, I noticed something that I hadn’t thought about when I decided to make the change to writing for a younger audience. The print books aren’t going to go away.  If I follow through with my plans I will have romances sitting on the digital bookshelf alongside my YA books. After some research, I found out that those print books will forever be there because Amazon won’t remove them.

And this causes a problem for me.

One of the main reasons I decided to divide my young adult fiction writing from my adult writing is that I’m uncomfortable selling books to children and having books with more erotic elements under the same name. Now, I’m aware that there are authors out there that write for both teens and adults under one name and it’s not a huge deal to them. Might not be for the parents either. But I don’t want a child to pick out my steamier romances thinking it would be a fun read. I would hope that parents would supervise their children’s reading books better, but I know from personal, childhood experience that  that isn’t always the case. My mom would be horrified at some of the books I read as a kid because an author wrote for both young and adult audiences.

So I’m going to be making some more changes, or change back what I had started to change in the first place, which is kinda annoying to me and possibly to you. Sorry about that. 😦

Anyhoo, the changes I’ll be making are to:

  1. This website. Until I get everything straightened out in my head, I’m going to be stripping this website to the bones, and then start redoing it. As I’m not sure how I want to handle the pen names and website(s), I’m not going to be doing much to it for a while. As I figure it out, you’ll start to see pages return.
  2. My Stephannie Beman author name. I won’t be writing Young Adult fiction under Stephannie Beman. This name will be returned to my more adult fiction that I was writing before I decided a change would be good.
  3. Pen Name for YA. After much discussion with my daughter, we decided that it will be okay if I create a pen name to go with her name on the covers of the YA series  we’re in the process of writing.
  4. Other Pen Name(s). When I thought I was going to be writing YA under Stephannie, I decided to create pen name for my Urban Fantasy and a pen name for my romances. I might or might not still do a pen name for my romances, I haven’t quite decided.
  5. My old books. Since I have all my old books unpublished already. I’ve decided to go ahead and rewrite, add some scenes to, or have them edited by the best Editor and Proofreader I’ve found to date before redoing the covers, blurbs, and in some cases re-titling them. This could take me awhile as summer as it is the busiest time of the year for me and I still want to write new books.

Sadly, many of my older books reflect my bad grammar and some of the editors I have hired in the past had worse grammar than I do.  Not only have I’ve been working on improving my grammar for a few years now,  but my Proofreader Lauralynn Elliott is really good about pointing out my grammar mistakes and why they are mistakes. If you’re looking to hire editors, proofreaders, or even  book formatting, check out The Forge, their work is impressive and affordable.

And now, before I return to writing, if anyone still wants to know what my pen names will be, please sign up for my pen name newsletter. I’ll only send it out when I’m sure what my pen names will be, and that I won’t be changing my mind on it. I promise. 🙂

Wishing you all the very best,

9 thoughts on “Making Changes…Yes, Again

  1. “I’m doing this! No wait. I’m going to do this. No, sorry, I changed my mind again. I’m going to do this.” This sounds like what I do when picking out what books to write. I have gotten better, but I still have some books I said I would write that have yet to be written (even years later). 😦 I usually end up with another story idea that interests me a lot more.

    I’m happy to help any time you need it. You help me out a lot, too. I figure I owe you. 🙂

    Yes on Lauralynn being an excellent proofreader! I’d recommend her in a heartbeat.

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  2. Thank you so much for the mention! I’m glad you found my work up to par. 🙂

    Pen names are so hard to keep up with, anyway. But when you are doing it for the reasons you are and THEN discover what you did about the print books, it gets even more confusing. It’s hard to know what to do. I know you’ll get it all worked out, and things will fall into place.

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    • Lauralynn, you have no idea the trouble I’ve had finding a decent editor, let alone a great one. Going over the edits for My Lord Hades that you did last year made me realize just how screwed up some of my older books might have been. Since grammar isn’t my strong suit, in many ways I just trust the editors I hired to know what they were talking about, and it has bit me in the ass more times then I would like to admit. Working with you has been the deciding factor for me to clean up my older books and then send them to you for editing. 😀

      I agree about pen names. They can be confusing and dealing with one name is hard without adding another. I started published under other a few years back and after a few stories I started to wonder why I was doing it. I had decided to merge everything when my daughter started in on wanting me to write books with her and I realized that a pen name is the only way I’ll be comfortable doing it. So I hope I can get everything figured out in a way that I’m comfortable with and that won’t make it more difficult to do. 😀

      As you deal with pen names, do you have any suggestions that might help?


      • With pen names, just try to keep them separate. I kind of feel like a totally different person with each pen name. I know that sounds a little weird, but it’s true. One is a darker side of me, and one is a lighter side. And if you have Facebook profiles for all of them, make sure you remember which one you’re posting on. I was actually on my Lauralynn FB, which is mostly fellow authors, readers, etc. But my family members are also friends on that profile. My daughter-in-law posted a picture of my granddaughter, and forgetting which profile I was on, I mentioned “my beautiful granddaughter”. I immediately deleted that comment, but someone could have seen it. So make sure you take off one hat and put on the other, then remember which one you have on! LOL

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