The Stagecoach Bride is Available For A Limited Time (So Grab Your Copy Now If You Want To Read It)

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Over on Facebook, there were some people who said they never read The Stagecoach Bride.  Long story short, I handed over the rights to this book to Stephannie Beman.  She has graciously agreed to put the book back up for sale so you can get the original version now.  Remember, I am rewriting this book.  I bought the rights to the characters and the world, but I did not buy the original version.

Here is the original book:

The Stagecoach Bride ebook cover

The original version is going to be available until April 24, so make sure to grab your copy  now if you want to read it.  After this, it will be taken down permanently.

(Since some people were surprised by the heat level in this book, it is spicier than what I typically do.  Just a warning so people are prepared.)

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Amazon UK

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I’m going to change the title…

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