{Behind the Scenes} Pen Names, Branding,

Man! Last month was a mental month. As in “I spent way too much time in my head overthinking things” and not as in “I’m writing this from a padded cell because they overlooked my cell phone and there is awesome Wi-Fi in here!”

First off, I dropped the idea of having a pen name. Not going to happen. I don’t need the hassle of juggling both websites/blogs, the headache of keeping both names afloat, or the pressure of writing under two names. What I write is what you get, don’t like it, don’t buy it.

Wow! That kinda sounds bitchy when written out. Maybe I should take my kids advice about the vlogging seriously so that you can hear me say it. Way, way less bitchy and there was a big smile with it.

Anyhoo, my second change of the month was more about branding and genre. You see, the books I want to write, and the reason I’ve been going back and forth on the pen name, don’t fit the brand I’ve created for myself here. But I’ve decided to write the book, brand the look, and let the readers figure it out. If I’ve done a good job with the look of the cover and the blurb then it should be easy to know if the book I publish is one you want to read.