Inside the Writer’s Mind

I may look like I’m doing absolute nothing, but there is a myriad of shit happening in my head. I’m observing and cataloging anything that catches my attention. I’m creating worlds and destroying them. I’m giving birth to new characters and killing them. I’m watching the maelstrom of ideas swirling around inside my brain, plucking out the ideas that will work for my current project and tossing in the ideas for future stories. I’m trying to catch the gentle whispers of the muse telling me to take this twist or that turn in the story. I’m trying to ignore the niggling voice of that critic  who told me that I’m doing it wrong, that I’m not good enough, or that no one will like what I’m creating. I’m holding tightly to the joys and excitement of telling the story while trying to ignore the doubts and fears. I’m celebrating the moment that everything clicks into place and I know where the characters are taking me.

And that is just the writing related stuff in my head. Once you add the ranch, the girls, hubby, extended family, friends, and any other personal stuff, it’s a little crowded in there. 😀


I’m working hard not to let the every distraction, big and small, derail me from the story I was born to tell. Reading, TV, hubby, and the girls are my top four distractions. But how can you say no to that? LOL

It’s hardly surprising, with all that happening inside my brain at any given time, that it sometimes takes me a bit to realize what my writer’s intuition is telling me. It usually comes down to that burning desire to write the next part of the story and totally freezing up when I sit down to it. As if my writer’s intuition refuses to let me go any farther until I pay attention to it.