What I’m Working On in 2017

This is where I am in my writing related goals for 2017. Updated 01/30/2017

Finish writing The Queen’s Rebellion Series

  1. The Warlord’s Daughter by February 1st (completed 01/5/2017)
  2. The Scout’s Captive by April 1st (in-progress)
  3. The Lost Heir by June 1st
  4. The Empty Throne by September 1st
  5. The Rebel Queen by December 31st

300,000 new words in 2017

  • Jan 1: 943 words
  • Jan 2: 1,269 words
  • Jan 3: 0 words

Read 50 fiction & 5 non-fiction books this year.

  • January 2017 Reading List (4 fiction books)

1 writing craft related ecourse or workshop before the end of the year (haven’t picked a course yet)

Create an inspiring work space (slideshow of inspiration is in-progress) 

Keeping a work journal (merged this goal with the planners)

Use my planners to track what I did that day, plan what I want to get done, set my writing goals at the beginning of every month, and review my goals weekly to see where I can make improvements.

Be a healthy writer through daily exercise, making healthier meal choices, drink more water, maintain my meditation and affirmation practice.

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