Story Notes: Keeping Mhari

I’ve always loved the story of Atlantis. The technologically advanced race. The beautiful sprawling city with red pillars that sunk into the sea. A city and a people who captured the attention of every archeologist whose ever gone looking for it and thought they’ve found it.

So I had to put it in a story.

Keeping MhairiKeepingMhairi started with two questions, “Did anyone survive the sinking of Atlantis? And what happened to their descendants?”

When I wrote the rough draft Atlantis was on Earth and the survivors were dragged from the sea by a Tribe of wildmen. Later I moved Atlantis into space, to a world called Gatlantis. The major city being, you guessed it, Atlantis.

Because of the destruction on their home planet, some of the people fled into space and they survivors of Atlantis crashed on Earth. Their story survived.

Mhairi is a child of Gatlantis, a mutation in the genetic code, and slave to the Planetary Alliance, although the Council who rules the eleven planets refused to call her and those like her a slave. So starts the story.