The Writer’s Journal, 12/20/2016

Woke up at 6 am to wake the girls for school. I usually help them as needed, get their breakfast, and keep them on track so they won’t be late for the bus. This morning they decided that they wanted cottage cheese and fruit rather than pancakes, so it was a quick meal,

We were out to the bus on time and I was back to the house before 7 am. I debated whether I should keep to my morning routine or get to writing. Some mornings it’s a toss up. I started my morning routine around October for the beneficial mental and health reasons, but there are days that I just don’t want to bother.

Today was one of those days. I jumped into writing as soon as I got into the house and my coat put away. The plan was to start the next scene that I wanted to add to The Warlord’s Daughter novel, however, only a second of looking at my notes made me realize why my writer instincts were tingling and I was so reluctant to write it. I don’t like the idea of the scene because it gives away too much information too soon.

So after deleting it, I moved to the next scene in The Warlord’s Daughter. Now this is one that was already written but due to a plot hole it needed some editing. After cutting out entire sentences (they go in my extra words folder encase I find a use for them) and added more to the current scene, the word count ended up being about 800 words more then what I started with. Since that I’m rewriting a scene that needed heavy editing that’s not too bad.

Sexy Hubby informed me that it was time to head out to feed the cows and I hope I have the time to return to my writing later today. Going to leave around the same time hubby heads out for work to get some errands done in town and pick up Christmas packages from the post office.

I did get back from shopping in town and package pick up but it was far to late to start writing. I decided to work on the covers for The Queen’s Rebellion Series so I can add them to the posts.