May 2016 Author News

Hope you all had a great April!

Mine was busy with cover design, editing My Lord Hades and working on the redesign, my eldest turning 10, calving here on the Ranch, writing The Rebel’s Bride, and planning the Hell’s Gate Series. Some of the things I mentioned doing last month have had to be shift around as I’ve gotten a clearer overall picture of where things are going and what I can accomplish. So here’s what’s new this month.

~ The Writing Journal Experiment is at an End~

In December 2015, I started a blog experiment to see if readers would be interested in seeing the writing process and read an excerpt from that days writing. I found this was one thing that I loved reading from authors that I enjoy.

After 39 days of The Writing Journal Experiment, I’ve decided to end it. First, because only a handful of people glanced at the blog entries during that time and most website views come from the pages. Second, because it takes away from my writing time and I’m sure you would all like to read the next book rather than a blog post about writing and read a small example of the first draft.

For awhile, I figured the journal writing experiment was a failure, but the longer I’ve had to look at it, the more I think of it as a learning experience. I’ve learned one more thing that doesn’t work, now it’s time to try something new and see how it goes.

~ Currently Writing: The Rebel’s Bride ~
by Stephannie Beman

The writing of The Rebel’s Bride is going great, even with the few bumps. Sadly, I haven’t met my daily writing goal of 2,000 words very often, mostly because I’ve gotten tripped up on a few scenes.

The_Rebels_Bride_2_webimageI ended up deleting two scenes from the outline (it was nice that I hadn’t gotten around to writing them yet), merged three others (which improved the story by making weaker scenes stronger and more interesting), rewrote one scene twice (Mina wasn’t sure if she wanted to attempt escape or stay and wait until she had a better opportunity. Darton made the final decision. And no I’m not going to tell you which one he choose.), and I moved one scene to a little later in the outline when it made more sense.

As of today, I’ve just stumbled over the midpoint of the book and I’m onto the last stretch to the end of the book. If nothing else gets in the way, I should be done this month.

~ Currently Rewriting: Escaping Hell ~
by Anne Johanson

This month I’m starting the rewrite of Escaping Hell. Usually I don’t do this but Escaping Hell started out as short stories I was writing with my co-author  Inna Don but because of our current book obligations we weren’t able to finish the series. However, we both agreed that we should take the ideas and write our own stories.


While in the process of deciding what to keep and what to lose the rest of the series started to fall into place, including a related series that I’ve wanted to write for years. Things might change in this series and the related ones later but at least I’ll have a base to start from. 🙂

I’m about 45,000 words into Escaping Hell and I’m really looking forward to telling Cayn and Kat’s stories. I hope you guys will like the Hell’s Gate Series as much as I love writing them.

Wishing you all the best this May,

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