{Writing Journal} Day 39: What I’m Writing & Reading

This is more a weekly update then a daily one because I’ve had a few things that I’ve needed to take care of this week.

~ reading & writing the rebel’s bride ~

I’ve had a really hard time restarting my writing on The Rebel’s Bride last week so I decided that uploading the manuscript to my kindle would be the easiest way for me to read through it. I needed a reminder of where I left off writing The Rebel’s Bride and get back into the swing of writing it after being away from it for two months.

Sunday I upload the manuscript I had to my Kindle. The formatting his horrible but it’s readable. For the past week I’ve been bringing it with me when I start the truck to feed the cows or when I have to feed the bum calf that we have here now (it’s nice that he’s drinking his meal out of a bucket instead of a bottle now). It gives me a few minutes to read while the truck is warming up or the calf is drinking (can’t leave the calf there because the dog will try to drink his milk. Bad dog!).

What I didn’t expect, was it to be so interesting in what I was reading that I have a hard time putting it down. Good thing that I have self-control or this would be a bad thing. 😀

~ other work related business ~

Book Cover Designs for others: I’m committed to work on a few more book designs this year, mostly for a writer friend that I really enjoy working with. Over the week I’ve been working on two of her covers for the same series. One was the complete print, as I only start with the ebook cover, and the other was the ebook cover for the book she’ll be finished with soon.

My Book Redesigns: I’ve put the finishing touches on the new covers for the Children of Khaos Series. I finished inputting the revisions for My Lord Hades, mostly typos and grammar. It will soon be heading off to a new proofreader for another go over. The others in the series will be getting the same treatment as I can get to them.

Canceling Website Hosting: I mentioned that I was switching my hosting site for both my author names. So I had to go through the fun of cancelling my website hosting to cancel and fill out a form. Then I ended up talking to my current website host for an hour to figure out why something wasn’t working properly with stephanniebeman.com. It’s all fixed now. Yipee!

Total Word Count for the Week: 2120


Disclaimer: These snippets are unedited and might be entirely different in the final version.

Mina glanced around at the twenty-odd faces staring at her and felt the panic. What did she want?

“Seems clear that she likes her choice of consort and that she doesn’t want to marry you,” Ismona said, coming to Mina’s aid. “Though why she would give up such a catch as you for Cynel I’ll never know.”

The laughter around the cavern broke the tension.

“Could be that she’s under a Nyfeli spell?” Teran joked, looking at Cynel. “I hear those pesky Nyfeli are really good with magic.”

Mina gazed at Cynel, finding pride in her mate. He was finally showing his closest friends his true face. They accepted him as easily in this skin and as the glamor. She scanned the faces of the others and realized that these men and women were the closest to family that she had. If they fought in the coming rebellion, she would lose a few of them, and she didn’t want that. She didn’t want people dying to place her on a throne.

“Why is so important for me to sit on the throne?” she asked them.

Silence met her question.