{Writing Journal} Day 37: Returning to Writing & Started a New Story

Bad lama!

I know I shouldn’t do things like this, it’s far too distracting to start a new story before finishing the old ones, and I already have far too many unfinished stories on my hard drive. I promise I’ll get back to working on The Rebel’s Bride.

I spent the early morning after the kids headed to school working. Even though the plan was to work on The Rebel’s Bride another story has been on my mind lately. Furia: The Accidental Guardian (the working title until I find something better) that will be published under Anne Johanson and is about human colonists crashing on an alien planet.

This is one of those story ideas that took hold during my break and won’t let go. I wrote over 7,500 words the first day just to get the idea out of my head. The second day clocked in at about 6,000. By day three I had a good idea where this story was going and after writing over 4, 000 words I then went through my collection of deleted scenes and another 20,000 words to the manuscript.

My word count today was lower than I would have liked but that’s okay because I needed to move some scenes around and revise a few others to work into the story.

After writing, I returned to restoring my website, making the needed changes, and posting April’s Author News for Stephannie and then one for Anne. Hoping I’ll be back to writing and posting regularly next week.

Total Word Count for the Day: 977

Don’t have a cover for this book yet. Hope to make one soon.

Disclaimer: These snippets are unedited and might be entirely different in the final version. I’d post more but the scenes I worked on have too many spoilers.

Irei hated Earth. A few thousand years ago it had been a lush paradise and the inhabitants an interesting diversion from the rest of the Universe. Its natural beauty ruined for the sake of advancement. Now it was an overpopulated, smoggy, cosmopolitan of crime and depravity.

He’d give the humans another century or two before they completed their cycle of evolution and brought their society to its knees. He’d seen this race nearly destroy themselves time and time again. Sometimes it was on a lager scale, like in World Wars and Atlantis. Other times it was smaller, such as a village massacred or the fall of the Roman Empire. As in the past, the survivors would continue on. Humans were surprisingly resilient.

The same couldn’t be said of their creations.

Moving through the garbage filled streets of the disintegrating city, he noticed signs of reclamation. Patches of greenery in the vast sea of metallic buildings. Some were carefully placed, such as parks and gardens. Others were more wild, vegetation growing through the cracks, the land striving to return to its natural state. Maybe in a few hundred years, Earth would once more be a green world where few humans lived as their colonies on the various Moons in their system, Venus, and Mars thrived. At least on the colonies the people appeared to have learned from their mistakes on Earth.

Stepping over a stinking pile of humanity stretched out in the street, Irei followed the wandering spark of power through the busy maze of crumpling buildings to the outskirts of the city. He could have hailed a cab to take him where he wished. He could have walked unnoticed through the streets with no one the wiser of his visit, but as always he traveled as a mortal. His steps echoing hollowly in the nearly empty streets.

He stopped at the mouth of a dank, stinking alley, cringing at the idea of anyone being there. What possible business did his charge have to be in the worst part of the city? And should he intervene?